Tie plastron — an accessory of European origin

An element of an elegant suit — a neatly laid wide-brimmed plastron tie, cannot be found in everyday life. Stylists and designers adhere to the version that a wedding is a successful event for a man’s accessory; that the product is appropriate to wear to a festive event; that an elegant dress code requires it.

In the modern variety of styles, there are exclusive plastron on the representatives of Bohemia — artists, musicians, critics, collectors. People with refined taste lead an aristocratic lifestyle, constantly in contact with cultural values. It turns out that an exclusive piece of clothing with ancient roots will organically look as part of a stylish look.

What is a plastron tie

The translation of the word «plastron» from French means «apron», a shirt-front, freely located on the chest. Previously, people of high society tried to keep their suits clean, which led to the appearance of an overhead garment under the collar. The aristocrats used replacement elements of the set — a plug-in collar, an apron, which protected the shirt while eating. Arriving home, male noble persons took off their tie, other items of clothing, and sent them to the wash. The vest, jacket, jacket, shirt remained clean and neat. In today’s life, the use of plastron is a tribute to ancient traditions, an opportunity to diversify the male style.

Women’s fashion involves a huge number of variations of clothing sets, and men are quite modestly stylized images due to the lack of accessories. In order not to limit wedding sets to standard suits from the office dress code, wedding designers offer a new interpretation of old fashion. Using a colorful and elegant piece of clothing in suits, you can count on the desired variety, a more subtle approach to the stylization of the image.

Varieties and colors

A plastron tie is tied with an elegant knot, fastened or decorated with an elegant pin, which makes a simple product elegant. Solemn occasions for wearing a stylish piece of clothing of French origin indicate that a pattern must be made from natural plain silk or a thin plastic patterned fabric. Silk shiny surface is perfectly combined with velor, patterned jacquard, expensive wool, velvet, which was noticed in the old fashion.

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Color combinations are very different, from black to white. It turns out that the dark colors of the tie are used for evening looks. And light milk is appropriately combined with suits of cold pastel colors, which allows stylists to highlight the following shades among popular colors:

  • Gray;
  • golden;
  • beige;
  • lactic;
  • blue;
  • burgundy;
  • green;
  • the black.
Tie plastron
In most cases, the color combination of the plastron with the vest matches.

How to choose and match with clothes

Depending on the texture of the material, the presence or absence of a pattern, a wide-brimmed tie is selected for clothing. In most cases, the color combination of the plastron with the vest is the same. If the accessory is light, you should not make a deep contrast with a shirt, jacket. If the vest has a printed pattern, a smooth fabric is chosen for the central piece of clothing and vice versa.

Pastel combinations are a sign of aristocracy, so there are no sharp color transitions in the image. A pin with a bead, rhinestones, a brooch repeating the pattern on a thin jacquard are a worthy decor. Consider ready-made kits with a plastron:

  1. The gray color of the suit goes well with a pink waistcoat, cold pink silk tie or printed jacquard.
  2. A black three-piece suit, a neatly wrapped piece of clothing with a black pin, a white shirt is a stylish evening look for attending a theater, concert, premiere, or performance.
  3. Charcoal blazer, matte waistcoat, jacquard tie with floral print.
  4. The outerwear is brown, the vest is a beige shade of gold tint, a plastron tie made of golden silk.
Tie plastron
Pastel combinations are a sign of aristocracy, so there are no sharp color transitions in the image.

Stylists point out that the male image is created from clothes of cold shades — a shirt, a plastron, a vest, a suit.

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How to tie a plastron

The method of tying over the collar is quite simple, which is quickly remembered, since the product consists of three parts. The pattern of the tie provides that the model is convenient to tie:

  • the middle part is a narrow, long ribbon that goes around the man’s neck;
  • the right side is a wide, but shorter end of matter;
  • the left part is an elongated fragment of a French garment, which is wrapped around a knot of a thin ribbon several times.

To tie a plastron tie, you need to stand in front of a mirror, see the relief image of the resulting knot, control the splendor, the laying of matter as the convex beam forms.

  1. We go around the neck with a narrow part so that the short fragment lies on the right side of the chest.
  2. The left half of the accessory is wrapped twice around the right end, forming a relief with wide ribbons, creating an elastic compressed volume.
  3. They bring it under the narrow part of the knot lying on the neck, then stretch it under the transverse line of the previously laid left floor — a lush knot is obtained.
  4. The cross line of the knot is tightened tighter, raised higher, to the neck branch of the tie.
  5. The free floors of the garment are carefully laid one on top of the other, carefully straightened, tucking the free ends under the vest.
  6. The collar is lowered: only the embossed puffy knot remains in sight, contrasting the wide floors of the stylish men’s product protruding from under the vest.
How to tie a plastron tie
How to tie a plastron tie.

Other variants of the assembly do not imply compression, lifting of the transverse part. It turns out that all parts of the item of clothing remain in sight, but the necessary relief is missing. Such nuances are taken into account when drawing up an image for a particular man, when one version of the suit needs wide, «loose» shapes, while the other needs the contrasts of the elasticity of the relief against the background of smooth plastron ribbons.

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Not every store has a stylish piece of clothing of the right color, size, natural silk or expensive jacquard. Today’s craftswomen are ready to make a plastron on their own according to a pattern for their beloved men, to give it on February 23, Valentine’s Day, a birthday. A self-sewn tie is inexpensive, which will allow you to choose the desired shade and size. The pattern for the plastron is simple. In the area of ​​the middle of the back, no connecting seam is made.

  1. To make an accurate pattern, the length of the product is determined at the fitting stage.
  2. The construction of the base mesh begins by setting the horizontal. Next, a straight line is laid at the level of the middle of the back to the left, equal to the Neck Girth (OSH). Adds 3 cm trim, loose fit.
  3. Points are laid from the drawn central line. From there, vertical lines are drawn up, dots are put as indicated in the drawing.
  4. A plastron detail is carefully drawn on the pattern.
  5. In the opposite direction from the base horizontal, the part is copied in a mirror sequence.
    Tie pattern plastron.

This pattern is ready to sew a stylish men’s accessory. Most designer models have tied floors of different lengths, so consider this nuance when you need to make a mirror image on the pattern. Before creating the base pattern mesh, it is advisable to take a piece of fabric, try to tie it like a plastron, which will make sure that the length of the right and left tie is sufficient.

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