Tie care and storage rules

A tie for modern office workers and other companies is a must-have element of appearance. For those who fall under such a dress code, it will be very important to know how to properly wash a tie, look after and store this important attribute of a working person. And since ties are made of delicate material, they require special attention and knowledge for their care, allowing them to keep their appearance presentable and dignified.

How to wash a tie

Many believe that it is categorically impossible to wash such a wardrobe detail, this deteriorates the quality of the fabric. Giving it to dry cleaning is also a dangerous business, no one is responsible for the safety and the result there. This is such a dilemma, because if you do not wash it and take care of the accessory, even the smallest stains will catch your eye. The question arises, how to wash a tie at home?

There are a number of rules for competently washing a tie made from natural fabrics, mainly silk:

  • use a soapy, warm solution to remove stains;
  • rinse in water of the same temperature;
  • under no circumstances squeeze, it is better to dilute the saline solution (for 1 liter 30 grams of salt) and rinse in it. This method will keep the tie in shape and give it freshness.

How to wash a synthetic tie at home? Beat up the soapy foam, let the product stand for five minutes, gently clean it without using sponges. Then rinse first in warm water and then in cold water. To dry, place the garment on a hanger, carefully spreading the garment with your hands to give it its original shape.

Hand wash your tie
Wash your tie with lukewarm water only.

In the washing machine

All the above cleaning methods take time and effort. Of course, not every hostess has free minutes at her disposal. Many are interested in: can a tie be washed in a washing machine? Washing in a washing machine is dangerous, and manufacturers of some tie models warn about it. But still, there are products among them that will withstand this test with a washing drum. But here, too, one cannot do without certain conditions in the approach to care. How to wash a tie in the washing machine:

  1. Use special products for soft and delicate fabrics;
  2. Buy a bag for washing, in which the tie will not be so strongly exposed to the mechanical impact of the drum;
  3. Set the «delicate» mode and exclude spinning;
  4. In addition to an accessory that will be washed in a bag, try to put more delicate fabrics in the load to fill the volume;
  5. When taking out a clean product, do not squeeze it, but hang it evenly on a hanger.
Washing machine
You can wash a tie in the washing machine only by setting the delicate wash mode.

Get rid of stains

Office workers are characterized by quick lunches or snacks at the workplace. And of course, sometimes the tie suffers from it, taking the food hit from the stains of sauce, drinks or grease. The following methods are effective if you want to remove the stain first and then wash the accessory in the washing machine. If, nevertheless, your tie is not allowed to be washed with an automatic machine, folk remedies and methods will come in handy. When cleaning such contaminants, one must seriously approach the choice of a product.

  1. A favorite for fighting grease stains is dishwashing detergent. Apply a drop to the soiled area and wait a couple of minutes. Then, remove everything with a damp cotton pad. You can also use baby powder (talcum powder) to remove greasy, oily stains. This substance has fat absorption properties.
  2. Ammonia is effective in removing blood stains. To do this, prepare a 50% solution of ammonia with water, moisten a cotton pad with it and rub the stain without pressure. After that, wet a clean disc with warm water and go over this part of the tie again. There will be no trace of the stain.
  3. A long-known way to fight wine stains is salt. This method is suitable for delicate fabrics without harming them. But there is one condition, it is advisable to start reanimating the details of the wardrobe immediately, sprinkling a lot of salt on the dirty place. In literally minutes, the wine is absorbed into the moisture absorber and the grains can be removed with a dry cotton pad or soft brush.
  4. If there are no folk remedies at hand or time does not allow diluting solutions, use a pencil cleaner. But don’t scrub too hard to avoid leaving a white spot from the cleaning agent itself.
  5. Since a tie is the subject of an office dress code, pen stains are not uncommon. Lemon juice comes to the rescue here. Water the stain liberally and watch as it fades. After that, wipe with a damp cotton pad and there is no trace of the stain.
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When getting rid of stains and soaking such a capricious part of a man’s wardrobe, put it only horizontally, so the fabric does not deform and does not form creases. There are a couple of tips to keep in shape:

  1. You will need thick cardboard, which should be wrapped in polyethylene, cling film or non-colored plastic.
  2. Cut a shape along the contour of the product from the material and insert it inside the tie.
  3. Put the resulting part in a soapy solution.
  4. Carry out the manipulation of cleansing with a brush, gently combing the fabric in one direction without pulling the fabric.
  5. Rinse with water at room temperature.
  6. Hang the wet product, drain and dry on a hanger in an upright position.

How to iron a tie properly

The material from which the ties are made is quite diverse and, sometimes, some models require to be ironed. If your model is exactly that, then pay attention to some conditions. How to iron a tie without consequences:

  • carefully check the product for stains before ironing, this is important, since it will be almost impossible to remove the ironed dirt;
  • ironing preferably on a clean ironing board, delicate fabrics are susceptible even to dust;
  • the iron must be heated to a temperature below that indicated on the label;
  • be sure to moisten the product with a light spray;
  • if the iron has a steaming function, it will be optimal to use it. The less contact with the hot surface, the better for the fabric;
  • iron the product through cheesecloth in one motion in one direction from beginning to end.
Iron, tie, hands
Iron preferably on a clean ironing board, delicate fabrics are susceptible even to dust.

Tie storage

Each wardrobe item has its own place in the closet. Shirts are stored on hangers, trousers are on clips, and which corner should be allocated for this wardrobe item? Storing ties implies following the rules:

  1. Lying down… For this, special cases and storage organizers are sold, which can be conveniently placed in the closet. So you can allocate a whole shelf in the closet for such accessories.
  2. On a hanger… This is the best way, so the tie rests. Just do not forget to completely untie it before this, in order to avoid jams and deformation of the fabric. There are special hangers for such accessories with several hooks on the same hanger.
  3. For transportation and trips are best folded into special covers, they, of course, will take a place in the wardrobe, but your appearance will be neat and presentable.
How to store ties
Tie storage options.

Now you know how to wash, how to care for, store and how to iron a tie for such a delicate wardrobe item. Try to follow the advice of professionals, and you will definitely prolong the life of such an interesting and aesthetic accessory in your wardrobe.

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