Several ways to shorten your tie

A tie is considered an important part of a business look. In order for the composition with this accessory to look harmonious and relevant, it is important to keep track of its length. However, sometimes the product turns out to be too long, and in such a situation the question arises of how to shorten the tie. To do this, you should contact the studio or master new techniques for tying a knot.

What can be done with tie length

Accessories can be tied using different methods. Stylists do not advise focusing on any particular option when buying, since today there are many types of weaving in fashion. Moreover, some of them occupy the main part of the product.

In order not to buy an accessory that is too long, it is recommended to take into account your height:

  1. For men below 178 cm, products with a length of 135-145 cm are suitable.At the same time, their width is 6-9 cm.
  2. If a man’s height is 178-188 cm, a length of 145-150 cm will do.The width of the accessory should be 7-10 cm.
  3. For men over 189 cm, products with a length of 155-165 cm and a width of 7-10 cm are suitable.

In order to choose a suitable model, it is recommended to attach it to yourself. If you place the narrow end of the accessory in the neck area, then the wide one should reach the knees.

Today, there are several options for the length of this wardrobe item in trend. In this case, it is permissible to choose the following:

  • the end of the product covers the belt;
  • located slightly below the belt;
  • slightly misses the belt.
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All of these options are now considered quite acceptable. To make the length of the product look harmonious, it is worth considering the features of the complexion — height and weight. The format of the event is also important.

Men with a narrow and wide tie
To make the length of the product look harmonious, it is worth considering the features of the complexion — height and weight.

In any case, the accessory must not hang significantly below the level of the belt. What if the tie is long? The easiest way is to cut off a piece of the product. At the same time, experts do not advise doing it yourself. To get a neat result, you should contact the atelier.

In this case, the seamstress will adjust the parameters of the product to the individual characteristics of the client. It is significant to take into account that after correcting the length of the accessory, you will not be able to experiment with different types of weaving. Therefore, it is worth choosing the most used type of knot in advance and shortening the tie taking into account this information.

If you don’t want to use such a radical method, you should pay attention to complex types of weaving. Such assemblies use the bulk of the product.

Tie knots
There are many complex knots that can significantly shorten the length of a tie.

Some men try to hide the extra part of the tie in a shirt or under a belt. Stylists advise against doing this. However, if there is no other way out, it is recommended to use a clamp. This will help hold the fabric securely and prevent the tip from sticking out.

Ways to tie a tie

How else to wear a tie if it’s long? The most popular solution to this problem is the correct choice of weaving. At the same time, it is important to take into account the format of the event, the features of the man’s build, the style of the shirt and suit.

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For an informal meeting, the Prince Albert knot is suitable. It has a slightly asymmetrical shape and is easy to build. In this way, it is worth tying narrow ties. This will help you get a neat and beautiful result.

Prince Albert node diagram
Prince Albert node diagram.

To tie an accessory in this way, it is recommended to do the following:

  1. Place the product around your neck. In this case, the wide end should be on the left side and hang 30 cm lower than the narrow one.
  2. Cross the wide part with the narrow one. In this case, the wide edge should be on top. After which it should be held under a narrow one.
  3. Wrap the wide edge around the knot again. It should be in its original place.
  4. Perform another half-turn and place the wide section in the loop.
  5. Pass the wide edge into the eyelet. This is done from top to bottom.

If the tie is too long, tie it in a small knot. This option is simple and resembles the classic weaving method. It is suitable for work and business events. At the same time, tall and slender men can use it.

To tie a small knot, it is recommended that you do the following:

  1. Place the accessory around the neck so that the wide section is lower than the narrow one.
  2. Flip the wide end over to the wrong side.
  3. Thread this section under the narrow edge and wrap around the knot.
  4. Place the wide tip into the loop.
  5. Insert the wider part into the eyelet and tighten.
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This tie is simple and helps keep the tie a bit shorter. In addition, it allows you to get a neat small knot that will go with any shirt or suit.

Another popular option is the universal knot. He is often referred to as a half-windzor. This weaving is versatile and suitable for various events. To tie a tie in this way, you should do the following:

  1. Wrap the accessory around your neck, making the wide end slightly longer than the narrow end.
  2. Wrap the wide end around the narrow end and thread through the main loop.
  3. Duplicate the process again. To do this, wrap the wide part around the narrow one, thread it through the loop and place it in the formed knot.
How to Tie a Tie with a Half Windsor Knot
How to Tie a Tie with a Half Windsor Knot.

When choosing a weaving method, it is important to take into account some recommendations of stylists:

  1. Simple knots are suitable for accessories that differ in original textures and prints. In this case, it is worth focusing on the quality of the fabric.
  2. The length of the product helps to visually adjust the height of its owner. Short men should tie a tie so that its wide part does not reach the belt of 2-3 cm. At the same time, it is permissible for tall men to choose products that fall below.

A tie that is too long does not look very attractive and can spoil the impression of the composition. To adjust the length of the accessory, you should try to pick up a complex knot, tying which will require the main part of the product. If this does not help, it is recommended to contact the atelier.

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