Purpose of men’s cuff links — varieties, wearing rules

Over the years of its existence, cuff links have changed a lot: they have become more practical and more convenient. They are often worn at social events and business meetings.

Let’s figure out what cuff links are? Cuff links are the forerunners of buttons and pins. They arose much earlier than the world got acquainted with zippers and Velcro. Today, it is not just a decoration, but a way of self-expression: a stylish and practical wardrobe item that complements the image of a man. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

History of occurrence

cuff links, what is this accessory? And how was it created? There is a version that the cuff links were invented by a lover caught unawares. Leaving the place of nocturnal pleasures, he hastily fastened the sleeves with a collar fastener, thanks to which new men’s jewelry appeared.

In history, the origin of cuff links is described differently. The first cuff accessories were created in the XX century. They were made by order of the French king Louis XIV, nicknamed «the sun king». The material for the jewelry was glass, and the design was a combination of buttons and a short chain.

Before, the role of fasteners was played by ribbons, and special laces, with the help of which the lace cuffs of the shirts were tied. This way of tying the sleeves together caused a lot of inconvenience and distraction during palace dinners.

Some time after the birth of cuff links, precious stones began to be used in the manufacture of jewelry. Now clasps became an indicator of luxury and good taste, and only representatives of the nobility could afford jewelry with diamonds.

The nineteenth century has become a new round for the world fashion, cuff links have undergone major changes. New ways of metal processing have emerged, resulting in new design options.

In 1882, American businessman George Kremenets tried to use an automatic device in the production of cuff accessories. The basis of the idea was the method of making cartridges for weapons, and the know-how made the fasteners more accessible. From that moment on, fasteners began to be worn by different segments of the population.

In 1924, the head of the Boyer company introduced a pin clasp that rotates inside a double leg. This is the mechanism most often used today.

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In the second half of the 2nd century, buttons on shirts were rarely used; cuff links began to perform their function. Towards the end of the century, the cuff binding tool was used to highlight the elegance and sophistication of a suit. In the same period, the production of such accessories for the fair sex was launched.

cufflinks, man
Decorations for cuffs add sophistication to the look, amaze with variety, make men’s wardrobe memorable and interesting.

Nowadays, no modern gentleman can do without a traditional male accessory. As before, there are white gold jewelry with diamonds, cubic zirconia, sapphires and rubies. You can purchase an accessory made of brass or steel, plated with rhodium, gold, palladium and decorated with natural stones such as: cat’s eye, amethyst, black onyx.

Cuff fasteners are preferred by men who pay a lot of attention to detail and want to look attractive. They don’t follow fashion, they create it on their own.

What are cuff links, and what are they for?

Cuff links are devices for fastening the cuffs on the sleeves of a shirt. To use the accessory, you need to choose shirts with special cuffs, otherwise you will not be able to fix decorative fasteners. The accessory is threaded through the loops and fastened on the reverse side. In the image of a man, cuff links are as important as a belt or a wristwatch.

The decoration can be worn for a business meeting, celebration or date.

Where to wear cuff links

The jewelry can be worn for a business meeting, celebration or date. Status men — cuff links are simply necessary, because they should always look perfect.

The main misconception regarding the male dress code is that representatives of the stronger sex are not able to demonstrate a sense of style in a formal outfit. The choice of men’s jewelry is really not great, but you can still show individuality and good taste.

When it comes to men’s accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is rings and watches. Decorative fasteners are often undeservedly forgotten, although this element of masculine style was created for the nobility and was inaccessible to ordinary people. Over the years, decorative sleeve fittings have gradually evolved to adapt to the demands of modern life.

What are cuff links for today

Cuff accessories are much more than an elegant alternative to buttons, they are frequently the only male adornment. By wearing cuff links to a suit, you can add color and intrigue.

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How cuff attachments work

How to use cuff links to fasten shirt cuffs?

In order for the decorative fastener to perform its function, it is necessary to pass it through the previously connected holes in the cuff. After that, the accessory is closed or put in a fixed position, which allows you to hold both sides of the cuff together.

In order for the decorative fastener to perform its function, it is necessary to pass it through the previously connected holes in the cuff.

Most often, the fastener contains a large head or «insert» with decor on the front side, a post that radiates from the back of the head, and a hinge switch (toggle switch) that deflects from the post in order to hold the fastener.

To keep the clasp in place, you need to set the switch to the closed position, since there is a straight stand from the bottom of the head.

The stand is pushed through holes on either side of the cuff, and then the lever is pivoted outward so that the stand will not be pulled back.

As a result of the described actions, the accessory is securely fixed on the cuff. In addition, the front surface of the insert, which is a decorative element, is located on the outer part of the cuff.

How to put on an accessory correctly

The edge of the sleeve is always the narrowest and fastens with a button. This part of the product holds well on the hand and attracts the attention of others. Shirts with fasteners look particularly sophisticated, but the accessory can not be used on every shirt. Special cuffs for cuff links are called «French», it consists of two layers of fabric with a lapel.

So, how to use cuff links:

  • Having put on a shirt, you need to fold the cuffs twice and wrap the edges;
  • Before you start attaching the accessory, you require to align the holes on the outermost part of the sleeve;
  • Then thread the accessories through the slots and fasten on the back side;
  • Check if the jewelry on the shirt holds well.

Attention! Not having a certain skill, it is not easy to fix an accessory on a shirt. You can seek help from someone close to you or insert jewelry into the holes of the cuffs before the shirt is on the body.

Use with Italian cuff

How to put cuff links on a man’s shirt with buttons?

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If you don’t have a shirt with French cuffs at hand, a regular shirt may work, although you will have to work on it a little. After all the manipulations, the wardrobe item will only be used with cuff links.

So, there is already one slit on the sleeve — it serves as a buttonhole. The second is just to be done. To do this, you require removing the button and bast a loop where the button was previously located. After finishing work with the needle, you can cut a hole. If the order is out of order, the result may not be very accurate.

Now the shirt can be worn with a sophisticated male accessory.

What are decorative fasteners and how to wear them

Most often, you can find devices for fastening cuffs of 4 types:

  • Jewelry created from 2 identical pieces connected with a chain or pin;
  • Accessories on one pin;
  • Clasp cuff links;
  • cuff links — knots.

The price of double accessories is significantly more expensive. They look nice on both sides of the cuff and fit well.

Sleeve accessories may vary in shape and size, style and material.

Accessories made in English with a swiveling T-pin are in high demand.

Simple jewelry with a fixed clasp does not hold as tightly on the cuffs.

Silk laces are used for making knot cuff links. Such products look a little less advantageous, but at the same time they are weightless and comfortable. These clasps can be purchased as a set.

Cuff links are a bold expression of fashion. Accessories for sleeves may differ in shape and size, style and material, and it is not customary to refer to them exclusively to business style.

Why cuff links for a man

The decorative fasteners can be paired with a variety of wardrobe items, from white shirts to colorful prints. They are worn on shirts with French cuffs and on ordinary shirts with slits instead of buttons.

Important! If a man allows himself to wear cuff links without a jacket, then the attention to jewelry will be much less. The sleeves of the jacket emphasize the accessories favorably.

Tips for choosing and buying cuff links

Here are some tips on how to wear cuff links correctly:

  • When buying your first cuff links, you should give preference to classic models. They can be worn both for festive events and for work;
  • Blue varnished fasteners look good with jeans. For daily wear, there is no need to purchase jewelry made from expensive materials;
  • For respectable men, jewelry made of precious metals is suitable: gold, silver, palladium, platinum. For a celebration, you can choose products with black pearls or diamonds;
  • For those who appreciate shocking, unusual decorative fasteners are made in the form of animals, dice, crowns, etc.

What are these cuff links for a man? These are accessories with which you can demonstrate your delicate taste to those around you.

cufflinks and tie clip
It is desirable that the cuff links are in the same style with other accessories.

Decorations for cuffs add sophistication to the look, amaze with variety, make men’s wardrobe memorable and interesting.

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