On which fingers do men wear rings and rings — what do they mean

Having learned how to process metals, people began to create rings from them, which they wore as jewelry, used as amulets. Jewelry on fingers made of noble materials indicated belonging to high society, evidence of marriage. In ancient Rome, papers were fastened with a ring; in the Middle Ages, poisonous powder was stored in the cavity of elegant jewelry, which was poured into a glass of wine to enemies.

Craftsmen create jewelry for men from precious metals — gold, platinum, alloys, ceramics, refractory tungsten. They look laconic, add expressiveness to the owner’s image of a seal made of steel, silver, titanium, the glare of which shimmers with the colors of the rainbow.

Types and shape of men’s rings, wearing features

Massive rings with inserts of precious stones — diamonds, emeralds, diamonds, the common people did not wear, the thin fingers of noble and prosperous people adorned expensive rings and served as a symbol of wealth.

Men’s rings differ not only in inlay, but also in shape:

  1. Square models, on which coats of arms were embossed for lords and earls, remain the most popular finger decorations.
  2. Rectangular products look more modest, but they are appropriate in a work environment, suitable for special occasions.
  3. Rings made in the form of an animal’s head, a card figure, which are cast from silver, tungsten, are more often chosen by guys.
  4. Oval rings are complemented not by a gemstone insert, but by engraving.

    Attention! The seal, which denotes the wealth and status of the owner, differs from the ring in the absence of inlay, complemented by a polished insert, carving

Rectangular male ring
Men’s rings with precious and semi-precious inserts look advantageous.

The wedding rings, which are exchanged on the day of the wedding ceremony, the couple tried not to take off, so as not to destroy family ties. If earlier jewelry for newlyweds was made in the form of thin rims, now wide and narrow rings with a relief pattern, with stones are created.

For men, masters offer designer models with original design, which surprise with pretentiousness, a combination of different materials. Jewelry plays the role of an amulet, is used as talismans, but it is not so easy to figure out which finger to wear a ring on in order to protect oneself from deception, to gain recognition. A collection of rules on this topic has not been written, but there are unspoken recommendations.

Movie stars, famous personalities, players who want to show that they have achieved their goals thanks to their mind, willpower, desire, put a signet on the little finger of their right hand.

A massive gold ring on a man’s thumb is striking and means that the owner cannot boast of taste. So that the representative of the stronger sex is not accused of bad taste, aggressive behavior, you should not put a ring made of noble metal on your index finger, rings of any shape are worn on the middle, and wedding rings are on the ring finger.

Compatibility of materials

When creating jewelry, jewelers often use more than one metal, but combine 2 or 3 types. The originality of tungsten carbide products is given by inserts with steel and sterling silver.

Reference! Titanium, which attracts with its rich brilliance, is combined in rings with white and yellow gold, inlaid with diamonds

Designers delight men that they like to experiment with seals, in which there are two or even three shades. Cartier jewelry house creates wedding rings consisting of 3 bands of white, pink and yellow, and the Italian craftsmen adorn them with black diamonds.

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The rings are complemented with inserts of rubies, sapphires, amber. Men’s rings look advantageous:

  • with blue topaz;
  • with purple amethyst;
  • with red pomegranate.

White, green, rose gold is used as a frame for onyx. Titanium rings with reindeer antlers and other exotic materials are considered a fashionable trend.

Male ring
Signet ring with black agate.

How many rings are better to wear

Three or five jewelry to wear, each person decides for himself. Bright and catchy rings look elegant on graceful girlish fingers, but look ridiculous on rough male hands. Although the Goths and other representatives of informal movements cling to many rings, it is better for the stronger sex to limit themselves to a ring and a signet, and to add a symbol of fidelity to those who are married. If a guy likes to wear several rings on one finger, no one forbids this, but there should be a measure in everything, the rules of etiquette are not canceled.

What can you learn about the owner of the ring

Psychologists are sure that determining the character traits of a man helps not only the films he watches, haircuts, what he chooses, but also by which finger he puts the ring on.

On the little finger, seals are worn by creative individuals, people who naturally suffer from indecision and shyness. Men with a strong but simple character who do not tolerate insincerity in a relationship prefer to wear a ring on their middle finger.

Male hand with rings
Creative personalities wear signet on the little finger.

Note! Ambitious and self-confident personalities who attract others with amazing charisma, easily adapt to different situations, wear a ring on the index finger

Guys who know how to forgive mistakes and do not seek to make people different and amaze with devotion, love of life, passion in love, wear the ring on the ring finger.

Restrained men who are resistant to provocations, who are critical of themselves and who adore the measured pace of life, love to wear a ring on their thumb.

The left hand is decorated with a signet or a signet ring of a personality that surprises:

  • punctuality;
  • amazing logic;
  • sequence;
  • judiciousness.

Jealous and touchy men who do not try to take on everything at once, but believe in intuition and wait for an opportunity, wear jewelry on their right hand.

thumb ring
Ring on the thumb.

Gold rings are adored by leaders and creative personalities, silver ones are chosen by guys who try not to stand out from the environment. Massive jewelry is worn by impulsive men who know how to achieve a goal, small ones — by individuals who avoid getting into conflicts and prove their righteousness with deeds, not words.

On which fingers they wear

Although they argue that there is no big difference in whether to put on a ring on the right or left hand from which metal to choose a signet, however, astrologers believe that it does not interfere with finding out the meaning of the rings on the fingers of men. Wearing jewelry has a certain effect — it enhances or weakens character traits, limits or expands opportunities. It is not advised to disturb the balance of the rings with other jewelry, to load the right hand with a ring, watch, bracelet, and not to wear anything on the left, or vice versa.

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If you study which fingers men wear rings on, and what it means, do not ignore the recommendations, the representatives of the stronger sex manage to achieve good luck, avoid quarrels and conflicts, and find a second half for life.


Gold, associated with the sun, has long been used in jewelry exchanged at a wedding by newlyweds. The ring on the ring finger of the left hand of a man creates affection between the couple, strengthens the marriage.


Associated with Saturn and the silvery metal, it maintains structure and balance as it occupies the central position of the middle finger on the hand. It is worn with family ornaments, discreet rings made of titanium, lead or silver. The ring on his left hand helps a man to cope with the fear of loneliness, to put his thoughts and conscience in order.


The ring on the largest finger, whose gestures indicate interaction, is associated with influence, wealth and power, but the product should not be massive and extravagant. A man who wears a ring on his thumb is distinguished by a persistent and energetic character, a desire to control the situation.


Emperors, kings, military leaders, including Julius Caesar, famous for his military exploits and changing the course of the history of Ancient Rome, loved to wear rings on the index finger. Palmists claim that the decoration on this finger helps men develop courage, perseverance, confidence, and strength.

Little finger

Rings on the smallest finger are put on by adventurers and gamblers, personalities that attract with charisma, quickly conquer women, but easily change, make friends without problems, who are often deceived, abandon partners for money.

Toe rings

To emphasize status, to declare wealth, to belong to a noble family in ancient India, men and women adorned their feet with intricately shaped jewelry. On their feet, they wore rings with floral ornaments, flower patterns, rings inlaid with stones. An original way to declare the presence of a sense of style is chosen in Europe by guys who adore extravagance, creative natures.

Marital status designation

In ancient Rome, the left hand was considered unreliable, in India it was unclean, so married men wore a wedding ring on their right. The Egyptians believed that the nerve that passes through the ring finger connects to the heart. A thin bezel of gold worn on the «vein of love» meant that the owner was not free.

In America, Australia, in many Asian countries and some European countries, they wear a wedding ring on the index finger of a man’s left hand, in Russia — on the right, in Germany, after the official marriage, they take off the left and put on the right to confirm the new status.

Hands with wedding rings
The ring on the ring finger of the left hand of a man, creates affection between the couple, strengthens the marriage.

Traditions of different countries

Recommendations for wearing men’s jewelry for most peoples concern only wedding rings. In Canada, Great Britain, guys give a girl a symbol of loyalty and love during a proposal, and if a woman accepts it, they agree on a wedding, after which they put on paired wedding rings.

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Although most peoples wear jewelry, which has become a symbol of love and fidelity, on the ring finger, Muslims professing Islam — on the index finger, married gypsies — on a chain. In China, a man puts a ring on his left hand and half on his right.

In Spain, Latin America, where it is customary to give an engagement jewelry, after the death, death of one of the spouses, or the end of a marriage by divorce, an engagement ring worn on the right hand is started to be worn on the left.

The signet differs from the ring by the absence of inlay, complemented by a polished insert, carving.

In France, where traditions associated with the family are revered, the front side of the family seal is engraved with the emblem, name or initials. The eldest member of the family is instructed to wear the relic on the ring finger of his right hand, the youngest on the little finger of his left.

Slavic men, professing Orthodoxy, put on silver rings, on which they put the words: «Save and preserve.»

What is the impact of jewelry on fingers on fate and personality?

On the hands of a person there are hundreds of active points that have a connection with organs. Gems and metals from which jewelry is made have an impact on well-being and condition. The silver ring helps to cope with migraines, gold normalizes blood pressure.

The thumb associated with Mars:

  • restrains excessive emotionality;
  • reduces the manifestation of aggression;
  • helps protect dignity;
  • cleanses the body of negative energy.

    Important! Men who prefer to wear a ring on their thumb are advised to choose products not from platinum, but from steel with blue semi-precious stones that eliminate irritation or with green, soothing nerves

The ring on the index finger is endowed with power that stimulates the development of talents in the owner, attracting success. For indecisive men, jewelry made of pewter with turquoise and lapis lazuli increases self-esteem and gives self-confidence.

Turquoise signet
Tin decoration with turquoise, lapis lazuli enhances self-esteem.

Ring on the middle finger, made of lead:

  • strengthens organization and stamina in a person;
  • helps to overcome obstacles;
  • shortens the path to achieving the goal.

    Attention! Men who seek fame and fortune wear a gold ring on their ring finger. Noble metal strengthens the union of lovers, helps to find happiness

Mercury, which endowed the little finger with intellectual capabilities, patronizes business representatives, politicians, speakers. On the smallest finger, it is advised to wear a ring made of platinum, titanium, silver for people who need to establish contacts, to adapt to their environment.

Palmists and astrologers believe that each finger gives a person its own energy, the index one strengthens the will, the middle one increases self-esteem, the nameless one is responsible for sensuality, the little finger endows the owner with talent and abilities.

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