Men’s scarf

A scarf has become an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe, a stylish element is worn under a shirt or pullover. It harmoniously combines with the classic style, and is also chosen by fans of comfortable casual. You can complement the festive set, it is also relevant for the everyday look.

What is a scarf

The fashionable accessory has been known since time immemorial; even the ancient Roman warriors wore a scarf to protect them from wind and cold. For the first time, they began to use for decorating an outfit at the court of the French king Louis XIV.

A scarf is a square-shaped piece of fabric that is tied in the manner of a tie or bandana. Thanks to various types of fabrics and color solutions, it can complement a solemn image, and is also relevant for street style. If a few years ago men wore exclusively ties or scarves, today they are increasingly choosing various neckerchiefs that emphasize the individuality of the image. This is not an option for an office set; it is inappropriate to use an accessory when going to a business meeting. A harmonious combination with a suit at special events, will complement the bright accent and everyday set of a stylish, confident man.

Varieties, materials and colors

The neckerchief has become one of the most popular accessories for wedding sets, replacing traditional ties and scarves. Fashion trends allow you to include original models in a casual, relaxed look. There are several types of men’s scarves, differing in size and materials used:

  1. Ascot — this is the most common option, the best choice for social events, it allows you to create an elegant image. Relevant, and for loved ones by true gentlemen, golf and horse racing. It has a fairly simple cut — it is a strip of fabric cut diagonally. Tied so that the main part looks out from under the shirt, fixed with a clip or pin. For sewing, they choose expensive glossy fabrics of deep saturated shades.
  2. Foulard — a piece of fabric 10 cm wide, 100 cm long. The flowing material allows you to create a lush, textured knot. A feature of the fabric is a glossy front side and a rough seamy side, thanks to which the accessory does not slip and retains its shape. It is this kind of neckerchief that is called a tie.
  3. Plastron — a suitable accessory for the off-season, the scarf covers the neck and chest. Made of dense material, it is used as a scarf over outerwear, if sewn from light fabric, an accessory is tied under a shirt. The plastron narrows in the middle, and expands towards the bases. The most popular type today is the wedding plastron, fixed with a pin or brooch at the base of the neck.
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Most often, silk is used for sewing scarves, the fabric lays down beautifully, the drapery emphasizes the elegance of the image. Natural material is breathable, does not cause allergies and skin irritation. Scarves made of viscose and cotton look no less luxurious, the addition of synthetic materials increases the properties of wear resistance. For the fall-winter season, designers recommend choosing accessories that include cotton and wool.

Men with scarves
A scarf can be worn by men at any age.

Among the color solutions of scarves, the classic remains relevant for men. White, sand, silver is considered a win-win option for special occasions, these shades can transform any image. At the peak of popularity, the palette of red, burgundy, blue, emerald. Scarves with various patterns, forestry, oriental motifs, geometric prints do not lose ground, allowing to emphasize the individuality of the style.

How to choose and match with clothes

It is important to choose the right scarf so that it looks harmonious with the set. A win-win option is to choose an accessory in basic shades of beige, gray, coffee. If you want to create a bright look, you can use a variety of prints in combination with a plain shirt.

Men in neckerchiefs
A scarf will easily transform a set in a business or casual style, creating a bright individual look.

How to wear:

  1. A tandem with a white shirt is considered a universal option. You can choose between plain scarves or patterns with patterns. Fans of the classics are better off choosing men’s shawls in pastel shades.
  2. For a daily set, you can use cotton products, they go well not only with a shirt, but look harmoniously with a T-shirt in a relaxed casual. Suitable for a denim jacket, linen jacket or sports bomber jacket.
  3. Dark clothes require accessories in rich, deep shades of emerald, wine, blue. You can use contrasting patterns, experiment with the texture of the material, trying on silk models.
  4. Monophonic men’s scarves are combined with a checkered or striped shirt, the color should duplicate one of the shades of the suit. When using the layering effect — a shirt, vest, jacket or coat, a scarf is better to match the tone of the outerwear.
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How to tie a scarf

There are several ways to form a knot, depending on the style and mood. Ascot refers to the classic options, gentlemen tied a scarf around their neck on special occasions, in everyday life it was inappropriate to wear an accessory.

How to tie an ascot neckerchief:

  1. You need to unfasten the top two buttons, the neckerchief is tied under the shirt, the collar will cover it.
  2. Place around the neck so that the right side is longer than the left.
  3. Place the right cut overlapping the left.
  4. Without letting go of the right side, you require threading it through the hole formed on the neck.
  5. Pull the fabric down to tie a knot.
  6. Hide loose folds under the shirt, straighten the knot, giving it texture and volume.

You can tie a foulard-type men’s scarf according to the ascot scheme. But after aligning the ends, the right cut is connected to the loop and passed under the bottom. Then it is pulled into the resulting hole, as a result, a volumetric knot is formed, the short tip can be fixed with a clip or hidden under a shirt.

How to tie an ascot
How to tie a scarf with an ascot knot.

Today, men’s scarf is a fashionable accent of smart casual sets, as well as wedding looks. Instead of a tie, you can tie a silk scarf using the classic knot:

  1. Place the scarf over the shirt around the neck so that the loose sections are the same length.
  2. Throw the right side onto the left, cross again to form a loop.
  3. Then thread the right cut into the hole formed, pull it out and tighten it well.
  4. Wrap the loose folds on the left side, thread the right cut through the loop.
  5. Form a knot, adjust the drapery, secure with a clip.
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A topical option for special occasions is a plastron neck scarf; the Scrunchie knot is often used. An accessory for special occasions is chosen from Glossy materials — silk, viscose, taffeta.

Plastron - tying scheme
Plastron — tying scheme.

How to tie a plastron with a loop:

  1. Hang the scarf around your neck over the top of your shirt so that the right end is longer than the left.
  2. Place the right cut over the left overlap.
  3. Wrap the left side from the inside, moving the right slice from left to right.
  4. It will perform a turn again, but from the front side in the direction from right to left.
  5. Pull the right cut through the hole.
  6. Then you need to thread the free right end into the resulting roll of fabric.
  7. Straighten the scarf, tuck the loose tails.

Stylish images

Easily transform a set in a business or casual style, creating a bright, individual look. The tandem of a light shirt, jeans and a cozy tweed jacket will perfectly complement a bright accessory.

A scarf can be worn by men at any age, it looks harmonious with a suit, you can choose playful options with original patterns for monochrome classics. Uniform men’s scarves in basic shades of gray, beige, chocolate are suitable for jackets in an extravagant cage or strip.

Men in neckerchiefs
The neckerchief will add a bright accent to the everyday set of a stylish, confident man.

To create a brutal look, you can wear linen accessories with a pullover, a leather bomber jacket or an aviator jacket. To make the set look complete, the color of the men’s scarf should duplicate the shade of the sweater or outerwear.

Combining organically with a trench coat or coat, will emphasize elegance and impeccable taste. It is recommended to choose scarves from fairly dense materials of warm, saturated colors. The male accessory is often chosen by extraordinary personalities, attentive to details. You can complement the set with a wide-brimmed hat with glasses with colored lenses or massive rings.

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