Men’s head, face or neck bandanas — an overview of options

The range of men’s hats is not too large. The most popular among the stronger sex is the bandana. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only gangsta rappers or rockers that tie the headscarf on the head and neck. Today this stylish little thing is in the wardrobe of athletes, celebrities and ordinary people.

Having decided to make your image brighter with a bandage, it is worth studying the recommendations of fashion houses, this will avoid typical mistakes in the selection of clothes.

What is a bandana

The bandana headdress for men is an accessory with an interesting history. Just a couple of hundred years ago, Wild West cowboys wore a bandage around their necks. Its fabric often served as a respirator, and, if necessary, covered the face of a brutal man from the dust that rose during the herd drive. Also, the bandana served as a disguise for the robbers, who prudently hid behind it.

For the entire period of its existence, the accessory has not undergone any fundamental changes. A bandana from the past and a modern bandage are very similar in appearance. The name «bandhana» from the Hindi language means «to tie». This detail of a man’s wardrobe looks like a square scarf or a triangular scarf, decorated with an unusual print, intricate pattern or ornament.

On the bandana, you can frequently see the traditional symbolism of filibusters: skulls and bones, this is explained by the similarity of the headdress with the scarf of a sea robber.

The main advantages of the product:

  • Versatility. A wardrobe item can be tied around the neck, head, arm.
  • Variety of tying schemes. A black men’s bandana will help you transform into a pirate or tame your hair with a classic headband;
  • Possibility of use by people of different age groups. You can find both a young guy and a mature man in a bandage.
  • Ease of operation. Most often, the item is made from natural fabrics, which makes it easy to care for. Leather models are also quite easy to get rid of dirt.
  • Practicality of use. A man’s bandana, worn around the neck, can be useful for protecting the eyes and respiratory organs, and shelter from the rays of the scorching sun.
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A multifunctional item of a man’s wardrobe, it provides comfort to its owner, thanks to which the popularity of the headscarf is gaining momentum today. The product has no significant flaws and gives the image individuality.

What fabrics are used to sew bandanas for the head, face, neck

Any fabric can serve as a material for the production of a bandage, this makes it possible to create original ensembles and stand out from others.

Bandana can be made from any fabric.


These models are in the greatest demand, in their essence, such products are multifunctional. They are a square piece of dense matter.


Textiles made of artificial material are preferred by people who go in for sports. Polyester products dry quickly and keep their shape well.


A fleece headband will be useful in the cold season. Two-layer products reliably retain heat and protect against freezing.


Leather hats are a favorite accessory for bikers. For the manufacture of such things, thin but durable leather is used. The owners of leather accessories are always reliably protected from cold air and precipitation.

Attention! Before tying a bandana over your head or forehead, pay attention to the length of the garment. Sometimes there is not enough fabric to leave the ends of the desired length

What are the colors and prints

The color scheme of men’s hair bandanas is usually limited to traditional shades. Black monochromatic headbands and products decorated with prints do not go out of fashion. Red and blue hats are equally popular, as well as bright colors like lime green to create an accent. White and gray colors are typically worn when summer is hot.

A man in a bandana
The most fashionable prints have ethnic motives.

Popular prints of men’s bandanas with an elastic band include: camouflage, from sand and khaki to combinations of beige, gray-green, brown and black.

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The most fashionable prints have ethnic motives and can demonstrate state symbols. Aztec and Mexican patterns are also trending. Surf lovers stop at a marine drawing: it can be waves or abstraction, made in suitable colors.

Pirate emblems and biker symbols are the choice of tough and determined men.

How to choose a style of headband

A bandana, like any other accessory, should be chosen with a consistent look and feel.

Actual models

Today, men wear not only classic hats, but also other interesting options for bandanas. Headscarves differ in printed patterns and can be used for different purposes. The task of some is to provide warmth, the goal of others is to decorate the image.

trumpet bandana
The seamless pattern can be used not only as a headband, but also for the neck with the head.

Sports bandana

Men’s forehead bandana works well during sports training. To make the exercises comfortable, the bandage is rolled up in a strip and its central part is applied to the forehead. The free ends of the berry are tied in the lower occipital zone.

A head bandana for men is indispensable for a morning run.


For mountain tourism enthusiasts and skiers, special models are produced. To create them, high-tech fabrics are taken that are breathable and endowed with a high degree of elasticity.

Bandanas for those in a hurry to get up on skis are a scarf or headband. Also, on the sports goods market you can find an advanced model that resembles a hood, the product does not create inconvenience and is put on over the head.

Improved hats are chosen for outdoor activities, they do not slip and hold well on the head. The developers have provided a fleece lining that reliably protects in the winter.

For snowboarding

For snowboarders, it is recommended to choose a special bandana that can withstand wind, snow and frosty air. Sportswear stores offer models that cover the whole face, as well as more open options.

Closed bandanas for men have slots for eyes, mouth and nose. Such hats are usually decorated with an original pattern, for example, you can purchase a headband with a beard image.

Important! It is permissible for snowboard lovers to use a bandana as a comforter. The product will avoid chapping and hypothermia

With logo

Armbands with emblems and symbols that represent the brand look worthy. The logo on the bandana allows you to maintain the corporate spirit and demonstrate the style of the company. Such accessories are most often worn by employees of catering, retail chains and large organizations. Printing or embroidery of a logo does not require large financial costs and is available to any company.

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Seamless products have a clear advantage over classic models. They are made in the form of a pipe, but they do not have lines. Due to the absence of seams, their operation becomes as comfortable as possible. This model can be used not only as a headband, but also for the neck with the head. In the production of seamless products, durable and elastic fabrics are used.

Attention! The bandana on the man’s face is conveniently put on over the head. Most often, the owners of such hats are bikers, tourists and athletes.

How to tie a bandana

To tie a man’s headband as a headband, you must use one of the following methods:

  • Classical. Fold the material diagonally, paying particular attention to the corners, they should lie on top of each other. In the area of ​​the fold, attach the bandana to the forehead, and bring the free edges behind the head and tie in the neck area;
  • pirate. Move the edge of the canvas towards the opposite side. Place the fold zone above the eyebrows, and make a knot from the dangling ends;
  • modern. Buffs resemble a fabric tube. With their appearance, the problem of tying the cloth disappeared. There are more possibilities for creating a comfortable and stylish look.
bandana wearing options
Bandana wearing options.

Quite often, a man’s bandana is tied on the arm — this is a good way to stand out from the crowd, emphasize your versatility and creativity.

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