Men’s hats — sizes and average

Before buying a hat, baseball cap, cap, beret or hat, it is important to figure out how to determine the size of a headdress for men. This is the main parameter that you should be guided by when buying such a wardrobe item.

Important! Many people mistakenly think that in this case, the size of hats for men is not important. However, all heads are different, even the army offers several different models, not to mention the rather vast modern market.

Types of hats

With the help of a large line of hats, both European and Asian, now everyone can choose the perfect option for weather protection. Certain versions provide warmth, coolness, or cover your hair in rain. In order to figure out how to measure the size of the head for a hat for an adult man, first, you should focus on the type of headdress itself. There are a huge number of male models:

  1. Baseball cap… This is a type of cap that perfectly protects from the sun. In the name itself, the definition for use, it was originally worn by athletes on the field.
  2. Beret… A sophisticated option that can be in a military style or in the form of original notes of the French style.
  3. Hat… This option will help define the style as business, sophisticated or casual. This headpiece immediately makes the image stand out.
  4. Panama… A soft version that perfectly protects from the summer heat and prevents sunstroke. Gives an original look.
  5. Cap… It can be an item from the Russian or US Army. She adds masculinity and helps define some belligerence in the image.
  6. Header… This is a warm option for fall or winter. Helps you feel comfortable in any weather. There are a huge number of models, which should be determined based on the air temperature.
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Of course, every headpiece is worth looking at initially. Everyone decides for himself what the middle price segment will be for him, which design is the most attractive, and it will also be workwear, every day or weekend option.

Taking measurements from the head

To figure out how to determine the size of a hat for men, first, you should take measurements from the head. You can do this quite easily yourself. For a standard measurement, you need a soft centimeter or just a thread, as well as a ruler or tape measure.

Measuring head circumference
Measuring head circumference.

First, it is recommended to find a place where it is worth measuring the circumference. In the front, the tape runs slightly above the eyebrows; in the back, it is important to place it along the most protruding part. The result is the final number.

The resulting result will be the Russian size. In order to determine the size of a headdress from a foreign manufacturer, you should use a special table.

Features of determining the size

The standard size is indicated exactly as an integer. Moreover, in the process of measurements, almost every person receives a fractional value. You require rounding it up. How to do this correctly depends on the headdress that you plan to purchase.

When it comes to knitted hats. It is imperative to strive for less. This is due to the fact that the threads are very easy to stretch, which means that it will be easy to compensate for a few millimeters. In this case, the model fits perfectly to the size of the head. If you round it up, then the cap may one day become too large, and it will slip a little over your eyes.

Attention! In the situation when it comes to panamas, caps or those models that do not stretch at all, it is worth choosing rounding up. Thanks to a small additional headroom, it is easy to comfortably wear the presented headpiece

Knowing the size of the hat is very easy. The head circumference is indicated in centimeters. It is worth noting that there are many models of these types of headwear. It is important to pay attention to how much the material is stretching. Furthermore, it is also worth considering whether the chosen model should be worn loosely or tightly wrapped around the head.

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Note! Finding out the size of the cap is easy enough. However, in most cases they are not simply expressed as a single number, but are offered in a range. This is not a helmet that cannot be adjusted. Each baseball cap has a special fastener, with its help it is quite easy to change the coverage density

A man in a cap
This allows everyone to enjoy the right size choice. In the event that there is a miss by a few millimeters or even a couple of centimeters, you can easily additionally correct.


A hat will be a unique option for any male look. A huge number of a wide variety of models are presented on the modern market. There are those that go with a summer, autumn or winter look. They can be straw or surprisingly thin made of natural breathable materials, as well as thick and warm enough.

Important! It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are practically no restrictions on style, everyone can easily find an option that will completely suit both externally and in terms of its properties. Regarding the size, in this case, it should be determined with increased accuracy. There is no additional adjustment here, and the classic options for the hat material do not stretch at all

Quality men’s hats look great and do their basic functions easily when sizing correctly. To do this, all measurements can be done independently at home. It remains only to take into account all the subtleties and nuances that depend on the size.

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