How to wear a man’s belt: stylists’ recommendations

If you imagine the image of a man — a suit, a shirt, but without a belt, immediately there is a feeling of incompleteness. A belt is considered an additional element of any men’s bow, as it is worn with trousers, jeans, and even shorts. Therefore, it is important to know the basic rules of how to choose an accessory, as well as how to wear a man’s belt for different clothing options and according to the norms of etiquette.

Today, a man needs to wear a belt not so much to maintain his pants as to demonstrate a sense of taste, style and status. After a man has decided on the choice of a belt, it is significant to decide on the direction in which he should go, how many holes the buckle should anchor, what width and length should be, and much more. In fact, any modern man should know how to wear a man’s belt correctly.

What is a man’s belt worn with?

Today, stylists and designers offer 3 types of men’s belts, each variety suggests a certain style in the choice of clothing. Most often, men prefer the classic look of the belt, with a restrained fashionable look. Accordingly, they wear it with a business classic look — a suit, shirt and tie.

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If we consider the second version of the belt — informal, here the man is given complete freedom of choice. These can be accessories of different lengths and widths, any colors and shapes. But still, for a man, stylists advise adhering to minimalism and restraint, experimenting only with the forms and types of buckles. The third type is a sports belt, which is worn with T-shirts and sportswear, but must be covered with clothing.

How to dress properly?

To look fashionable and modern, you will need to pay attention to the questions of how to wear a man’s belt according to the rules of etiquette. The width of the belt should be within 3-3,5 cm, if for trousers, but for jeans, a width greater than the specified norm is permissible. When wearing a belt, you should pay attention to which way it is directed, which hole it is fastened to, which side of the belt buckle for men, etc.

How is it fastened?

The first thing you need to know in regard to the question of how to properly wear a belt for men, how the accessory should be fastened. Most often, the belt is equipped with a buckle and an anchor, as well as holes on the second edge. In this case, you need to fasten the belt on the third hole in the tail, which should be medium. After the anchor has been threaded into this hole, the remaining tail of the belt is threaded through the loop.

Advice! If a man’s belt turned out to be larger than it should be, you should not fasten it to the fourth hole, as this is bad form. It is better to move the buckle while controlling the optimal length of the accessory.

When fastening a belt, a man should pay attention to the fact that its end should not gradually delaminate during further wear. For this, a man needs to give preference to high-quality accessories that are stitched with a thread, and not just glued. As a last resort, you can contact a specialist to repair a damaged strap.

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Which side should the buckle be on?

The next important question concerns which side the men’s belt is fastened to during wear. According to the norms of etiquette, men wear an accessory with a buckle on the left side and a loose tail on the right side. In the case of women, the opposite principle works — the free end is located on the left, and the buckle is directed to the right.

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In the classic version, the belt buckle should be rectangular, the anchor of which has a rounded shape so as not to damage the clothes. If we are talking about an informal style, there is no fundamental difference on which side of the belt buckle in men. The belt can be of different colors with all kinds of buckle shapes on the left or right side. It is only significant that the belt «echoes» the man’s shoes.

How to cut a man’s belt?

Most often, men wear a belt under a strict classic suit or trousers, although other clothing options require such an accessory to be worn, since, according to etiquette, a belt is the final link of a harmonious bow. The subtleties and tips on how to properly wear a belt on jeans do not differ from the points indicated above. But with such a piece of clothing, you can deviate from the classic norms and break the rules.

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And what should a man do if his belt is too long and leaves an elongated tail when fastening, which is considered bad form. The cardinal solution to the problem is pruning, which is done in a very specific way. First, try on the belt to make marks where the center hole and buckle will be. Next, near the located buckle, unscrew the clamp. The new required length of the belt is measured from the upper part where the buckle was previously attached.

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Now, from the location of the buckle, take away that segment of the belt, which will be the distance to the tail of the belt. Using this technique, a second mark is obtained. Using sharp scissors, carefully cut off the excess length, then collecting the belt in the reverse order. Where the screw will be attached, a hot awl is threaded, and then the screw is screwed in. The belt is now ready to wear, and its length matches the size of the man’s waist.

In order not to incline to drastic measures to modify the belt, it is important for men to carefully and responsibly approach the choice of such an accessory. If we consider the rules of etiquette, how to wear a belt, in which direction to direct and in which hole to fasten, all norms must be observed in the case of a strict classic look. For an informal style, casual or sports, errors are permissible, since such styles accept freedom of choice and self-expression.

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