How to determine the size of a man’s belt: the length and width of the accessory

Stylists believe that the wrong choice of even the smallest accessory can completely distort the overall appearance. If we talk about men, not so many accessories have been created for them, most often the following types of accessories should be in the wardrobe of a businessman — a watch, a trouser belt, a wallet. In this regard, the question of how to determine the size of a man’s belt and how to choose the right accessory for the image is relevant.

Modern standards in different countries differ, for example, in America, the size of the belt is calculated in inches and equated to the size of jeans. In Europe, to determine the size of the belt, pay attention to the girth of a man at the waist. In general, any belt size assumes the length of the accessory from the buckle to the hole in the center. The rest of the holes are spare, thanks to which you can adjust the girth individually for each type of figure.


Initially, the belt was a necessary and even an auxiliary accessory, thanks to which the pants were supported at the waist line. Today, however, this piece of clothing acts rather as an adornment and addition to the general style and image of a man. The belt can be wide or thin, leather or fabric, with different shapes and sizes of buckles. Stylists believe that a belt is an indispensable accessory for emphasizing individuality. To choose a belt, you need to know its types!

For reference! According to the norms of etiquette of a business man, it is unacceptable to wear trousers, shorts, jeans without a belt, as this will create the illusion of an unfinished male image. This decorative element of decor is a must-have addition to any look.

Today, designers and stylists offer men two types of belts:

  1. Classic… This accessory must be strict and restrained, brown or black, without any bright details. The material for its manufacture is leather and leatherette, and the main accent is the buckle. It can be small, simple rectangular, from which you cannot deviate, as the formal appearance will be lost.
  2. Informal… Any options and models of belts fall under this category, freedom is observed in the choice of material of manufacture, color, shape, size, length and shape of the buckle. Every man can, based only on personal preferences, decide the style of such an accessory.
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It is necessary to select the type of strap primarily for the general image of a man, clothing items and the type of event. Accordingly, classic options are more suitable for a trouser suit, shirt and tie, informal is worn mainly with jeans, shorts and other sports or casual clothing.

What should be the length and width?

Depending on the type of accessories, there may be different sizes of belts, and if it is not possible to try it on personally, in this case it is important to be able to measure the optimal parameters correctly. First, stylists recommend paying attention to the width of this accessory, since it is significant. Experts note that the older the man, the wider the belt should be.

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So, for example, the optimal width of a belt for jeans should be 2-6 cm, since the standard width of belt loops for a belt is 5 cm. Under trousers, the optimal width of an accessory is 3-4 cm, due to the fact that belt loops are shorter on trousers, and a belt usually the classic style will be thinner than the standard version. Another significant question, how long the belt should be, must be taken into account. The standard length of a man’s belt is measured from the tip of the buckle to the center hole.

How to determine size?

When asked how to find out the size of the belt, men can be offered three options for calculating. The question is actually more than relevant, since this is the most common gift option for men. Therefore, in such situations, it is extremely important to correctly measure the parameters of the belt, since there will be no possibility of fitting.

So, you can measure the size of the belt in the following 3 ways:

  1. Roulette… To measure the size of the belt, you need to take an already used accessory, on which creases and abrasions remain during use. It is from them that you can calculate in what size the owner will be comfortable wearing it. A tape measure is applied to the tip of the buckle and the distance to the creases is measured.
  2. Tailor’s meter… For such a measurement technique, you need to take a tailor’s meter and a man’s trousers, then put his trousers on a straight surface and measure the width of the belt. This figure needs to be doubled, after which the optimal size of the accessory is obtained.
  3. Jeans belt size… As mentioned earlier, the length and width of a men’s jeans belt will differ slightly, since jeans and trousers have different parameters. To measure a belt for jeans, it is enough to find out the size of these pants, and then check it in the table with the size of the belts.

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Thus, a man has 3 different ways to measure the optimal size of an accessory, which simplifies the task of choosing a belt. For trousers, the first two methods of visual measurement are offered according to a template belt or the width of trousers, and for jeans, a plate is offered with the dimensions of trousers and belts under them, respectively.

Men’s belt size chart of different countries

Despite the fact that the belt is an accessory, it is measured according to the same principle as the garments. If there is no possibility of visual fitting on the old version of the strap, you can use the tips of the measurement tables.

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US Belt Sizes: US Chart


European size chart: table

Measurement table: Russia

A step of 10 cm is observed between adjacent dimensions, since errors are permissible in any measurements. Accordingly, when measuring the volume in the waist or hips, a man should take into account an error step of + -3 (cm). For example, the size of a belt for size 52 can be 120-125 cm, for size 54 — 125-130 cm, etc.

Advice! The length of the spare tongue of the accessory should not exceed 15 cm. That is, the total length of the belt is the volume around the man’s waist and 15 spare centimeters.

Features of choice

When choosing a belt, a man must first decide on the manufacturer. Italy is the standard of expensive branded men’s accessories, so men most often prefer its production. Further, it is important for a man to pay attention to the style variety of the accessory, that is, it should be classic or informal according to preferences.

You need to pay attention to the design of the belt, a high-quality accessory must be adjusted and has no creases anywhere. Stylists recommend combining the color and tone of the strap with shoes, and the option of combining with a strap on a wristwatch is also acceptable. The best material for production is natural leather, which guarantees long-term service and preservation of attractive appearance.


A man’s belt is a great gift idea for loved ones and friends, so it is extremely significant to have the skills and knowledge of how to choose a belt without knowing its size. To facilitate the selection process, different countries provide guideline sizing charts. And stylists share significant advice on the optimal length, width of the accessory, the rules for wearing it and combining it with other elements of the image.

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