How to choose the right tie length

The rules of etiquette are considered to be quite strict and conservative. Even a slight deviation from the norm can make an image look messy. Therefore, when creating business compositions, it is recommended to take into account all the details. One of the important nuances of the composition is the length of the tie.

Is it significant to wear the right tie length

Tie size for etiquette is very significant. However, this parameter may differ depending on the event for which you plan to create the image. It is recommended to take into account the following features:

  1. If you put on an accessory that is too short for business negotiations, it will not create a very good impression of a man. Partners will not take such a person seriously or treat them with respect.
  2. For informal events and meetings, classic accessory options are suitable. When creating an image for a nightclub, you should give preference to bright colors. In this case, it is permissible to wear an accessory with an unusual print.

With the right tie length, you can make adjustments to the overall composition. This accessory helps to enhance the man’s appearance. It also helps to hide figure flaws and focus on its merits.

How to choose the length of a tie

How long should a tie be? The rules of etiquette establish these parameters in a tied form. Before choosing a product, it is important to consider that in modern fashion, there are up to 30 variants of knots.

Many brands take into account that when weaving some types of complex knots, most of the length is lost. Therefore, there are different types of accessories:

  • simple — its length is 154 cm;
  • difficult — reaches 173 cm in length;
  • long — reaches 180 cm;
  • knitted — make 154 cm in size;
  • narrow — is the shortest and reaches 145 cm in length.
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According to the rules of etiquette, when tied, the lower end of the accessory should reach the waist of the trousers. Moreover, its length should be 125-147 cm. The wide section should end at the level of the belt plaque.

Men in shirt with tie
Tie the tie to reach the belt buckle.

The rules of etiquette, where the accessory should reach, are considered very vague. They are in the nature of recommendations. This requires taking into account not only the length, but also the width.

A jacket with wide shoulders must be combined with a narrow tie. As a rule, men prefer classic products measuring 9.5 cm. However, massive representatives of the stronger sex should give preference to an accessory 12-13 cm wide.

By the length and style of the shirt

It is recommended to consider the proportions of a tie and a shirt if this item of clothing is planned to be worn outside or without a jacket. In other situations, this parameter is not particularly important.

If you do not plan to wear a jacket, you should give preference to a tight-fitting shirt that you want to wear outside. In this case, the tie should be tied so that its wide part is located between 5-6 buttons.

Short sleeve shirts are usually not combined with a tie. However, some companies do not require a strict dress code. In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to tie a tie over a short-sleeved shirt. This kind of dress code has become a fashion trend. This style is especially popular in hot countries.

Man, city
The composition looks beautiful, which includes a classic-color shirt with rolled up sleeves and a narrow tie.

To get a harmonious composition, it is recommended to choose and combine a shirt with an accessory correctly:

  1. Stylists advise giving preference to ties with an unusual texture. In the absence of clear requirements for shades, it is permissible to afford accessories with a print — checkered or striped. Narrowed models or products of the «herring» shape look beautiful. They can be made in black, blackberry, ink shades.
  2. A fitted shirt of a light shade is well suited for creating office compositions. It can be white or blue. Such a wardrobe item is organically combined with narrow ties. You will get a beautiful bow if you slightly roll up the sleeves of the shirt.
  3. For men who have a tight physique, a shirt with a loose fit is suitable. It should be combined with a wide tie. It is not recommended to wear overly spacious things. Otherwise, the silhouette will appear shapeless. Sleeves should be about mid-shoulder.
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In organizations with a not very strict dress code, it is permissible to wear a shirt outside. At the same time, it is important to choose clothes of a certain length. It should reach the middle of the fly. It is significant that the product has a tight cut. Therefore, such a bow is well suited for slender men.

Since the shirt covers the belt, the length of the tie should be adjusted to the position of the buttons. The wide edge of the accessory should hang between 5-6 buttons. The composition looks beautiful, which includes a classic color shirt with rolled up sleeves and a narrow black tie. Plaid shirts in combination with monophonic narrow accessories are suitable for young fashionistas.

Men in a suit and shirt
For a shirt with a butterfly collar, only a bow tie is worn, for a shirt with a mandarin collar, a tie is not worn.

At the same time, there are models of shirts that cannot be combined with a tie. In this case, it is important to consider the shape of the collar:

  1. The butterfly collar is reminiscent of a stand and features sharp, long edges pointing in different directions. These garments are often paired with tuxedos or tailcoats. They can only be worn with a bow tie. It is also allowed to use a scarf.
  2. The mandarin collar is a dense, narrow stripe-stand. It fits well to the neck. This collar shape is generally devoid of turn-down elements.

Do not combine denim or jersey polo shirts with a tie. In this case, the length of the sleeves does not matter. Also, such accessories are not recommended being combined with things made in a cowboy style.

By type of tie

How long the tie should be depended on the type of accessory. Such products are made from different fabrics — silk, wool, knitted material. The length is different depending on the type of material. Textiles are usually made 145-180 cm, and knitted — 154 cm.

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How to quickly change the length

If the accessory is too long, it should be shortened. To understand how to properly wear a tie, it is recommended that you study the main types of knots. A large knot will help to adjust the size. A suitable option would be weaving, which is called «Prince Albert». If you tie the accessory correctly, it will look neat and will take on an asymmetrical shape.

Prince Albert node diagram
Prince Albert node diagram.

Adherents of a business style in clothes prefer to tie a small knot. This braiding option is perfect for formal meetings. Stylists advise slender, tall men to choose a small knot. In this case, it will look the most impressive.

In the case of choosing elongated accessories, such types of knots as Trinity and Eldridge are suitable. They were invented specifically for such cases. If these methods do not allow you to shorten the accessory, you should give it to the atelier. There, its length will be adjusted according to the wishes of the client. However, after re-stitching, it will no longer be possible to tie different knots.

The length of the tie is considered an important parameter that determines the harmony of the composition. To get the perfect look, it is significant to take into account the style of the accessory itself and the rest of the image.

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