How to choose a men’s wallet correctly: the main selection criteria

Even with the availability of bank cards, credit cards, virtual wallets and currencies, the need for a wallet has not diminished in any way for both women and men. The actual accessory is not only a necessity, but also an addition to the overall image and image. Therefore, the question of how to choose a man’s purse wallet is being asked today by many men who appreciate impeccability in appearance.

It’s a multifunctional accessory that allows you to store not only financial resources inside numerous compartments and pockets, but also bank cards, business cards, all kinds of coupons, documents and other little things. The question of how to choose the right men’s wallet is relevant, for good reason, since this accessory tends to wear out quickly due to constant use.

Men’s wallet — a stylish accessory

A wallet for the strong half of society is a male purse, which is fundamentally different from the female wallet model. The purse is usually smaller, and besides, it folds in half or even three times, fastening with a “lash” button. A male accessory will certainly differ in design, it is usually strict, monophonic, without decorative elements and ornaments.

A classic purse must meet the following criteria:

  • a product made of leather or a leather substitute;
  • embossed on the skin;
  • the presence of a metal lock;
  • the presence of a sufficient number of departments and pockets;
  • comfortable handle.

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Most often, men’s wallets are made of bovine or pigskin, although high-quality leatherette meets the quality and functional characteristics of a worthy accessory for a man. And the difficulties in matters of how to choose the right men’s wallet lie in the huge variety of models and varieties of men’s wallets.

Purse functions

To understand which wallet to choose for a man, how appropriate such an accessory is, and also how to wear a purse, you need to familiarize yourself with its functions first. Compact and comfortable to wear, the accessory is actually an indispensable organizer that collects the most necessary things for a man. And stylists believe that a purse for a man is another detail in shaping the image.

The accessory has many functions, but 3 tasks are considered the most popular:

  1. Storage of financial assets of a man, sorting of banknotes and protection against mechanical damage.
  2. Access to any bank cards, sorting them into different branches.
  3. Storage of rights, personal documents, important papers, tickets, cards, etc.

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Many men decorate their wallets with photographs of loved ones and any people. Thanks to a compact and neat accessory, you can not only complement the overall style and image, but also always have all the necessary items at hand. You can refuse clothes with pockets, in which personal items form bulges and additional volume.

For reference! Stylists believe that every modern business man should have a fashionable purse. This accessory completes the overall image of a man, emphasizing in him such qualities as attentiveness, organization, accuracy, foresight, etc.

Varieties and their features

It is possible to pick up a purse for a man today if you can distinguish an accessory by variety and functionality. Most often, manufacturers produce 2 types of wallets for the stronger sex — vertical and horizontal double-fold wallets. The horizontal wallet is smaller but thicker due to the double fold type. This accessory is ideal for men if they prefer to carry it in their trouser pocket.

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A vertical purse will be larger, but with less volume in thickness, so it is not suitable for wearing in trousers. His stylists advise men to keep their wallet in the inside pocket of their jacket or jacket. If you wear it in trousers, this will lead to mechanical impact and the loss of novelty and attractive shape of the wallet. The horizontal type is more suitable for young men, and the vertical type is advised for men of mature, respectable age.

The breast pocket wallet is called the Breast Wallet, the horizontal wallet with a button on the “tape” is the Bi-fold wallet. There is also a trifold wallet, we are talking about a multifunctional wallet that is thicker than a vertical purse and more massive. Separately, a Money clip is offered, as well as a Front pocket wallet cardholder exclusively for storing plastic cards.

Which wallet to choose?

To facilitate the process of choosing a man’s purse, experts have created 10 points on which to evaluate the proposed accessory. Thanks to them, you can thoroughly think over the functionality and style of the purse to get the best option for yourself or for a gift.

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So, when choosing a wallet for a man, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the naturalness of the materials of manufacture — the skin has to be felt, the natural one will be warm and soft, the artificial one feels cold and stiff;
  • quality — the purse has to be rubbed with a napkin, if paint remains on it, this is a cheap and low-quality thing;
  • seams — low quality glued wallets, and branded wallets are stitched with threads with even seams;
  • hardness and density — a wallet that is too soft will wear out quickly, and one that is too hard can burst;
  • accessories — for a quality wallet, the accessories should be metal;
  • convenience — a man needs to try out how the wallet will “sit” in his hand and give in to actions;
  • capacity — each department is desirable to check whether cards and money fit in it.
  • — also an important indicator that should be considered when buying.


Thanks to a purse, a man first manages to organize order in his financial resources and personal belongings. Modern models involve storing not only money, but also bank cards, business cards, tickets, coupons, documents and other items. Thanks to the work of specialists and craftsmen, a man will also be able to emphasize his status and image, not forgetting about the little things.

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