How to choose a belt for a man: basic criteria

Experts believe that a belt is a must-have accessory in the outer image of a modern man. Regardless of whether it is trousers, jeans or shorts, without a belt, the image will look incomplete. Therefore, a belt is an ideal gift option, it remains only to figure out how to choose a belt for a man according to the size grid and from the offered assortment.

A belt is not only a man’s accessory, but also a multifunctional item of a man’s wardrobe. With the help of a belt, today they do not so much support the position of the trousers at the waist as harmoniously place accents in the image. And if it is a high-quality and expensive accessory, thus, the man will emphasize his consistency, status and sense of taste.

Types of men’s belts

For the first time, men began to wear belts in the Ancient World, then this accessory was an indicator of a person’s belonging to a wealthy class, that is, his status and ability to pay. If we talk about knights, the belt personified the valor, conscience and honor of a warrior, and the loss of a belt was equated with a great shame. Today, men use a belt to express their individuality and sense of taste.

For reference! If initially a belt for a man acted as a multifunctional accessory, today it performs more of a decorative function.

Stylists advise being able to distinguish between the types of belts in order to get a harmonious appearance. A total of 3 strap options are offered:

  1. Classical… In this case, the belt is made of leather or leatherette in the style of minimalism, that is, restrained colors without additional details. The buckle for such a belt should be a standard rectangular medium size.
  2. Informal… Here men are given absolute freedom of choice, belts can be of different colors, with decor. Also, the buckle can be of different shapes and sizes, and you can wear this style of the strap for different styles of clothing.
  3. Sports… This type of accessories is made mainly of fabric, rubber, rubber. You can wear a sports belt under sportswear, jeans, but according to the rules of etiquette, you need to hide it under a sweater or T-shirt.
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Classic men’s belts are most often in demand, as they are an indispensable element of a strict style of clothing. Informal belts can be worn under different clothing options, combining colors and prints correctly. But the sports version of the accessory is less popular and in demand in modern male society.

How to determine size?

Not all men know about this, although etiquette requires the correct length and width of the accessory. If, after fastening the strap, an unnecessarily long tail remains, this may be considered bad form. Therefore, before buying, it is important to learn how to choose the right belt for a man; for this, 3 methods are proposed:

  1. A man needs to measure his waist in inches, and then add a two to this figure. For example, if your waist is 34 inches, your belt will be 36 inches. This is an American sizing technique for men who buy accessories online.
  2. If a man needs a leather belt, it is better to visit the store and personally choose the appropriate option. To determine its size, take the waist volume, multiply by 2,54 units, getting centimeters instead of inches. According to the size charts, size 38 is a belt size of 95 cm.
  3. Calculating the tail length of a strap is also a way to determine sizing. Ideally, after trying on a belt, its tail should reach the second belt loops. In the classic version, the tail is the length of a man’s thumb; in casual style, its large length is permissible.

Photo 2

The safest way to size a belt is to equate a new accessory with an old one that is worn out. You can refer to ready-made dimensional tables, equating your indicators to the specified dimensions of the accessory. It is important to take into account the country, since in America, Europe and Russia, the measurement methods and sizes differ.

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What should be a quality belt?

A high-quality men’s belt is made from natural materials, most often it will be leather. When choosing an accessory, it is significant to consider its color and texture. Stylists believe that it should overlap with a man’s shoes, or, in extreme cases, with a wristwatch strap. Particular attention should be paid to the buckle, as it predetermines the style of the belt.

Buckle selection

The male image implies restraint, severity and conservatism, including in the choice of a belt. The ideal classic option is a medium-sized rectangular buckle belt without decor and unnecessary details. Stylists advise sticking to minimalism so as not to overload the image.

Photo 3

Modern belts can have two types of buckles:

  1. Buckle with an anchor on the inside, which is threaded into the holes on the tail of the belt. A good strap will have a rounded anchor.
  2. Buckle with clip, thanks to which the length of the strap is adjustable, and there are no holes in the tail.

Photo 4

Modern belt designs can be sold with interchangeable buckles included in order to transform the belt into different styles. In addition, such a removable element will extend the life of the accessory if handled and stored correctly.

How to choose a good leather belt?

When choosing a belt, stylists recommend paying attention to its materials and quality. Only a high-quality men’s belt can last as long as possible, keeping its shape, integrity and novelty.

Stylists share the main criteria for choosing a good belt:

  • the material of manufacture must be natural, soft and flexible so as not to leave creases and kinks;
  • on a high-quality belt from the inside, when holding a fingernail, a trace should remain, if not, the belt is made of old leather;
  • a good belt will be stitched with threads, but neatly without protruding tails and non-stitched sections;
  • for a high-quality belt, the edges are simply cut off and not processed by anything;
  • a good belt will have a buckle with a rounded anchor to protect clothing from damage;
  • if there are rivets on the holes, you need to carefully bend the belt in order to thereby check whether the material will not crawl out of such accessories.


You can pick up a belt in any store or via the Internet, if you know the rules for measuring the size of an accessory and what a quality accessory should be. Stylists advise adhering to minimalism in choosing the type of belt and its buckle, giving preference to natural materials of manufacture and high-quality tailoring according to the standards. And only a correctly selected option will serve a man faithfully for many years.

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