How does an ascot tie differ from other accessories?

The traditional ascot tie was first knotted in Eastern Europe in the 17th century. Then it differed in shape and size, and it was customary to simply wrap their neck around them to protect themselves from the cold wind. The elegant style, which the Ascot tie allowed to achieve, quickly fell in love with the aristocrats. And by the 18th century, there was no gentleman in high society who would not wear an accessory to receptions and balls. Modern men can also fully appreciate the style and extravagance of outfits, complemented by an ascot, because you can combine it with different things!

What is an ascot, and how is it different from other accessories?

The second name of the ascot tie is a neckerchief. In the straightened state, the ends of the product are much wider than that of a traditional accessory. How to tie an ascot tie? They tie it under the shirt collar, on the skin, and fix the knot with a brooch or decorative pin.

Fact! The name of the product was given in honor of the city of Ascot, where it was first used during horse races.

The modern accessory has become less wide and is often equipped with a loop at one end. This allows you to tie the knot faster and does not require skills.

Materials, shapes and colors

It is possible to distinguish both the classic version of the Ascot knot and several modern versions. A traditional tie is made from natural silk and is expensive. There are simpler models — from satin fabric. It looks and feels like silk, but costs less.

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There are other materials from which the ascot is made:

  • Wool. The ascot tie is made wider and narrower. The first is country-style, rougher and wider. The second is made of delicate cashmere. Rough ties frequently have muted «autumn» shades, which is why they are suitable for the cool season. Delicate cashmere is made in different colors and can be used in any season.
  • Shantung. A material resembling rough silk in quality. Often used to create wedding ascots.
  • Linen. Soft and lightweight material from which the ascot is made for the warm season. They are rough and often complemented by small patterns.
  • Cotton. The most popular material for warm weather. Ascot ties from it are light, soft, smooth.


The plastron has sharp and wide edges, as well as a narrow middle, which is located in a knot under the collar.

The color scheme of modern Ascot ties is very different from that which was adopted in the 18th century. You can tie a monophonic ascot around the neck, as well as with more complex patterns. Popular are things with a thin strip, medium-sized stains and pots.

Important! In addition to the fact that the ascot can be wide or slightly thinner, there is a type of plastron. This is the largest tie that can cover your neck and upper chest.

The plastron has sharp and wide edges, as well as a narrow middle, which is located in a knot under the collar. It is made more frequently from plain silk.

How to put on a tie: instructions

To properly tie an ascot tie around your neck, you need to repeat the classic step-by-step plan several times. Then you can use other techniques that are often used to tie other accessories. Here’s how to tie an ascot:

  1. The tie is wrapped around the neck so that it touches the skin and is under the shirt collar. The ends lie flat on the chest. If you have chosen an ascot tie with a loop, then you can go to step 3.
  2. The end on the left is lowered 15 cm below the right, then put on top of the short one. If you require a stable and tight knot, then the long edge is wrapped twice around the thin one.
  3. Tuck the long section at the base of the neck so that it lies under the short end. Check that the knot is not too tight. You can stick your finger between it and the skin, if it goes easily, then the edges are tied correctly.
  4. After the tie knot is tied, the long edge is pulled out and carefully straightened. It should be located strictly above the short part of the ascot.
  5. The knot of the Ascot tie is located strictly in the center of the chest, and its ends become approximately equal in length.
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How to tie an ascot

If folds have formed on the knot, they are gently smoothed out with your fingers. A pin or brooch is pinned in the center. Tuck the ends of the ascot tie into a vest or under a shirt. The ascot knot looks very beautiful with V-neck jackets.

With what to combine

Men in elegant Ascot ties tied with a classic knot are most often seen in the United States and Southern Europe. The most popular are light linen and cotton, less frequently silk products. They are worn with summer trousers and shirts, light jackets. Ascots became popular among young people at weddings.

Important! You can tie a knot both behind the collar and under it. The first case is more common at ceremonial events, and the second at less formal receptions

When choosing an ascot tie, it is important to take into account the rule: it should be the brightest in the image, its «highlight». Therefore, when buying a product, you should not combine it with bright and patterned jackets and shirts. But it can be in harmony with a vest made of the same material or in the same style.

Options for wearing an ascot tie

You can tie a knot both behind the collar and under it.

Ascot ties with a coat look elegant, but they should not overlap in colors. For a perfect look, do not button the top buttons of your jacket or coat. If an ascot tie is tied under a shirt, then the last 1-2 buttons also need to be unfastened.

Shoes and trousers

Ascot can be worn with trousers and jeans. For a more strict style, choose dark pants, and for a casual look, use frayed or slightly frayed jeans. Light trousers can be worn with an ascot with an unusual pattern.

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The selection of shoes depends on the upcoming event. For a formal event, choose leather black or brown shoes. And for a casual look, they use fabric topsiders, discreet sneakers or other models made of brown leather. You should not try to ensure that the ascot and shoes are the same color.

Men with ascot tie
The main thing is not to overdo it with flowers, and make sure that an elegant product becomes the main «highlight» of the image.

The modern ascot tie is a transformed accessory of the 18th century that has come down to us from aristocratic circles. Courageous men successfully combine it with casual shirts and jackets, vests and coats, choosing light and simple cotton versions of the product. And in the event of an official celebration, you can buy a more refined silk ascot tie and complement it with a formal suit. The main thing is not to overdo it with flowers and to make the elegant product become the main «highlight» of the image.

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