Head bandana — ways to wear for men

The bandana is a stylish accessory. This is nothing more than a small piece of fabric that allows you to experiment with the image. This garment perfectly protects from the wind and the scorching sun, and also provides a harmonious style.

Important! The bandana is worn by both sexes, but it is more commonly found on men. Many fashionistas who want to keep up with the times want to know how to choose and wear this attribute.

Below, we will talk about these points and how to tie a bandana on a man’s head.

Features of the accessory

The accessory is incredibly stylish and brutal. He is able to make the image of every gentleman complete, as well as to give self-confidence. Despite the apparent simplicity, the product looks advantageous with almost any outfit. Plus, it can be used almost all year round.

History of occurrence

If you dive into the history of this accessory, you can understand that its purpose was different, not the same as today. It was worn around the neck and sometimes worn over the face to keep out dust. For obvious reasons, cowboys used this attribute most often. The exact information about when the bandana appeared is not contained anywhere.

Riders from Central Asia began to wear a bandana as a hat. And in the world of Islam, women used ordinary headscarves in this way, despite the fact that the hijab was widespread.

At present, the bandana has begun to be used among the masses, it is worn in the East and in the Western world, and not only on the head. Women began to use the accessory as a swimsuit and even decorate their handbags by tying them in a beautiful knot.

In the modern world, bandanas are presented in a wide variety. More and more often, you can find products with some thematic symbols and logos of famous brands. If you read fiction, in the works you can find many references to pirates who wore this accessory. Actually, this is how the famous pirate appeared.

Men in bandanas
Varieties of bandanas.


As a rule, the following materials are used to make bandanas:

  • silk — can be of natural and artificial origin, in the first case, the cost is much higher, quite pleasant to the touch, lasts a long time, does not lose its appearance even with prolonged use;
  • chintz — the material is quite thin and has a low weight, it is made from cotton fibers, an allergic reaction is excluded, besides, the fabric copes well with air passage;
  • leather is an expensive material, which is most often used by bikers and men who prefer a brutal style of clothing, looks stylish, but requires proper care;
  • linen is a natural, highly breathable type of fabric that is affordable and lasts for a long period of time.
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These are by no means all the materials, but they are the ones that are most frequently used in practice.

Bandana: how to choose and what to wear

Before choosing and buying a bandana, you need to determine for yourself the most important criteria for its acquisition.

  • The form. These can be triangular, square and rectangular scarves. Of course, they differ in the way they are donned, and the time spent on this process.
  • Manufacturing material. It determines the degree of comfort in the process of wearing the product, the convenience of caring for it, its service life, and its appearance over time.
  • Color. There are classic solutions for conservative men. It is red, black, white, gray, blue, brown, green. There are bright and extraordinary variations — yellow, orange, light green, blue, etc.

Of course, you should pay attention to the bandana manufacturer and its final cost.

This product is worn as an accessory that enhances the main look. Most of all, it suits the casual style, which includes jeans, denim shorts, plaid shirts, T-shirts. From shoes — sneakers and sneakers. Many representatives of the stronger sex wear a bandana as a scarf around their neck or a bandage on their arm.

In any case, it looks original and emphasizes masculine strength, gives self-confidence.

A man in a bandana
Man in a stylish bandana.

How to tie a bandana on your head — various options

Now you can consider several ways how to wear a bandana for a man.

Classic square

You need to fold the square-shaped scarf in an even triangle, and then throw it over your head so that the corner is turned back. The central part is pressed against the lower part of the forehead, the ends go beyond the crown and are tied in the back of the head. The knot should be tight enough, but it is important that the bandana does not squeeze the temples. The top of the triangle ends up under the knot. The folds are aligned. You can slide the product over your ears or tuck in for them, it all depends on personal preference. This option is used by bikers.

Pirate knot

With this method, the bandana is tied according to the same principle as that of Jack Sparrow. It resembles the first option, that is, the actions are performed with a triangle, but it folds again until a tissue strip is formed without a pronounced angle. The kerchief is thrown over the head, the central part is applied to the forehead, and the ends are wound back. You need to tie a strong knot and straighten everything. A bandana tied in this way will fit perfectly into the military style.

Pirate style bandana/

In the form of a bandage

You require making a bandage out of a square, folding it diagonally several times. The final thickness of the strip should not exceed 4 cm. Then it is applied to the center of the forehead, and the ends, after being inserted back, are tied into a thin knot. This option is ideal for a rapper, sporty look.

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Gangsta rapper

In the 90s, rappers used this method of tying bandanas, but it remains fashionable today. This is the same way as the previous one. The only difference is that the knot in this case is located in the front, in the center of the forehead, while in the case of the bandage, it is in the back.

Biker style headband

Not all bikers choose this method, but the stereotype is such that it is associated with motorcycle lovers. You need to tousle the stripes, fold the bandana into a medium strip up to 6 cm and wrap it around the back of the head. The knot is tied precisely on the forehead. It is worth noting that to create a true biker look, it is worth choosing a black or red headdress.

Sports-style armband

The essence of this method is that the knot is not visible, that is, it hides under a bandage behind the head. That is, the bandana is tied in the usual way, but its ends do not stick out, but are tucked in. Before tying them, you can overlap 1-2 turns to make the result look more neat.

Other options for tying a bandana

There are several other ways to tie a bandana on a man’s head.

  1. Retro style. This solution is ideal for stylish and romantic representatives of the stronger sex. After all, the option is universal and will ideally fit into any look — from an everyday leisurely walk to a date with your soul mate. The procedure is quite simple. First, you need to make an equilateral triangle from the scarf, and then fold it again until you get a wide strip. It is its central part that should be applied to the forehead, and the «tails» should be tied in the back of the head. The scarf is turned over so that in the end the knot remains in front.
  2. Western style. The main task that was set before this method of tying initially was to ensure the protection of long hair from the desert wind. First you require making a triangle out of an ordinary scarf, and then fix it on the neck, creating a bend in the middle. It should fall like a collar. The tails cross each other and are brought out to the chin. It is important to carefully spread the base to make the knot invisible.
  3. Hollywood way. You need to take a triangle made of fabric, it should be large enough, and then make a head cover out of it, covering the entire parietal zone and part of the back of the head with it. The tips are neatly tied on the tail and hidden under the main fabric. Some young men do not hide them and wear them in plain sight, which looks slightly careless, but very extravagant.
  4. The military way. He suggests that the bandana will be tied around the head in a moderately thick strip to protect short hair from the negative external influences that are often found in the «field» conditions.
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These are far from all the ways how you can tie a bandana on a man’s head, but they are the ones that are popular due to their simplicity and versatility.

Men in bandanas
Fashionable way to tie a military bandana.

Unusual use cases

Considering the question of how you can tie a bandana to a man, it is worth considering several non-standard options for her socks. Tying methods change every year, but these options are timeless classics:

  • for women, the option of wearing a headscarf on the hips is relevant, men rarely use it, but some representatives of the strong half tuck it into their pants instead of a belt, which looks very beautiful;
  • you can knit a scarf around your neck, which will make the overall style unique and allow its happy owner to stand out from the crowd;
  • some men weave a ribbon in the ponytail if they have long hair, sometimes they make a pigtail;
  • a bandana tied around the wrist looks stylish;
  • ladies often tie such a fabric on their chest, using it instead of the top of a swimsuit on the beach, however, this method is not relevant for men;
  • some guys love the option of pairing bandana socks, using the same headscarf with their girlfriend;
  • Recently, it is fashionable to wear a bandage in the area of ​​the mouth and lips instead of a protective mask, one of the ends goes to the neck or below, and the knot is tied behind the ears.
Bandana wearing options
Bandana wearing options.

As you can see, you can knit a bandana in different ways, the main options are presented in this step-by-step instruction diagram. Such a scarf makes the face more contoured, giving its owner self-confidence and courage. A knot on a men’s bandana can be made back and forth, and a scarf can be worn to suit any style, the main thing is to choose the right details and follow all the steps described in the article.

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