Extraordinary Trinity Tie Knot

Most successful men have more than one tie in their wardrobe, but a dozen or more accessories. This allows you to choose the appropriate option for each specific case. Among them there are classic options suitable for a strict business suit worn at formal events. There are also casual models that are combined with straight jeans and become an addition to shocking cut shirts.

In addition to the variety of ties, there are various techniques for tying this attribute of suits. According to experts, the formation of a knot directly affects the creation of a male image. And the more complex it is, the more attractive its owner. Among other techniques, the Trinity knot pattern stands out with not the simplest tying technique. But in finished form it looks beautiful.

What Trinity knot looks like

There are the most common tricks in the world on how to tie a tie:

The Trinity knot scheme was introduced into fashion relatively recently — about 10 years ago, exactly like the Eldridge variety. Most of the stronger sex, who prefer a stylish male image in accordance with modern fashion trends, choose Trinity.

In appearance, Trinity has the maximum similarity with the religious symbol Trikvetr — a regular hexagon of three equal parts. Its original form attracts the eyes of others, which allows you to distinguish the owner of a tie with an entertaining ornament from the crowd. At the same time, the shape of the knot has a slight asymmetry, which does not spoil the appearance at all.

The tie is interesting in that a thin end is used in the tying scheme, after which the structure is tightened at the final stage. If necessary, the knot itself can be tightened tightly or worn loose.

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With what is combined

Trinity is gaining momentum with its extravagant knot pattern and spectacular look. However, it should be borne in mind that it is necessary to select appropriate clothes for such a form. A casual outfit is definitely not suitable — a man will look ridiculous. Therefore, it is worth considering a number of rules.

The very shape of the knot looks unusual and therefore does not fit the everyday office style. A tie tied in this manner will become a successful and harmonious completion of the image for some informal celebration.

Trinity knot
The color of the tie material for such a knot should be chosen in the same tone or with thin diagonal stripes.

A good option is a festive men’s three-piece suit that suits people of short stature, making them visually taller than they are. A single-colored shirt with a pointed collar will help to focus on such an unusual accessory. But other collared shirts will work as well.

The color of the tie material for such a knot should be chosen in the same tone or with thin diagonal stripes. The performance of peas or other extravagant types is undesirable, since they will shift the emphasis from the knot to themselves.

How to tie Trinity

A long tie is suitable for such a knot, and as already mentioned — preferably a solid one. The step-by-step scheme for tying is as follows:

  1. The tie is tied with the inside and under the collar so that the seams are facing down. Its wide end should be on the left and reach down to the belt. Only the narrow part of the tie is used for work.
  2. Now put the right ponytail on top of a wide cross-on-cross.
  3. Next, pull the narrow end to the neck, and then thread it into the resulting ring.
  4. Having made one turn of the collar of the tie with a narrow tail, you need to pull it to the left.
  5. Wrap the widest part of the tie from left to right.
  6. Pull the working tail to the neck again, threading it again into the ring.
  7. Wrap the collar of the tie, bringing the narrow part of it to the left.
  8. Form the front of the knot by shifting the working end from left to right (horizontally) and threading it through the collar.
  9. In the previous step, a loop is obtained, where you should now thread the narrow end in the downward direction.
  10. Wrap the wide part of the tie again from left to right without pulling tight.
  11. The working end is pulled into a loop, which was formed in stage 9, and then slightly tighten the knot.
  12. Slip the narrow end of the tie under the collar on the left side.
  13. Adjust tie or knot and tighten if necessary.
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If you follow the diagram, you get a shape that will resemble the appearance of a triangle or a wheel with teeth protruding from the middle.

Instruction in pictures

Instructions written in words do not always give a clear idea of ​​how and what to do. Therefore, below is the image.

Trinity knot tying scheme
As you can see, the figure exactly repeats the sequence of operations. All instructions (with a picture) have numbered steps, which allows for clarity and understanding.

Trinity actually looks attractive. But to tie it, you will have to make a lot of effort and effort. You won’t be able to master the scheme the first time, which is no wonder. Therefore, it is advisable to practice in front of a mirror using a regular strip of fabric. Otherwise, an important event will simply fail due to being late, because without experience, such a complex operation will take a lot of time.

Even those men who independently know how to cope with standard knots should learn to tie such an extravagant uniform. Over time, even such complex operations will be carried out with ease and speed. The main thing, pick up a tie, suitable length and color.

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