Bolo tie in the image of a modern man

The bolo tie is shaped like a lace. This accessory evokes associations with the cowboy style. It goes well with matching hats and silver badges. In addition to cowboys, this detail of the image was used by the Navajo Indians. To this day, this accessory does not lose its popularity. It is chosen by many men to bring an interesting twist to their image.

What is a bolo tie

This accessory is the most popular in America. Its name is translated from English as «lace with a knot or clip». Such products are distinguished by their peculiar appearance and are quite expensive. Moreover, it will be possible to buy a lace tie only in exclusive boutiques. This trendy piece resembles a rope that is tied in a knot or complemented by a decorative brooch.

The rope is made of genuine leather. It may also differ in rope weaving. In this case, the buckles are different. They are often made from wood, metal, or stone. Various combinations of such elements are also possible. To add more decorativeness to the composition, stones, rhinestones, and golden elements are used.

Europeans are wary of this American tie. They prefer to choose traditional models or refuse this accessory altogether. The same applies to Russian men. They are considered conservative and mostly wear traditional ties.

Bolo tie
The lace itself is mainly performed in dark colors — brown, black, gray. Brooches are made from various materials — metal, stone, wood.

To buy a real bolo, you should pay attention to American goods. They are made from quality raw materials using innovative equipment. Chinese products cannot be considered original — they are rather a fake for an American product.

The origin of the men’s bolo tie has 2 versions. One of them begins in ancient times, when the Navajo Indians used amulets in the form of wooden amulets, nails, stones, fangs. Then these accessories fell into the cowboy style.

The second version looks more like a beautiful legend. Under Texas law in the 18th-19th centuries, people who were sentenced to death could be pardoned if they did not die the first time. This law was in effect in the United States before the abolition of the death penalty. If, when trying to hang the criminal, the rope broke, the fraudster was left alive. To prove that they tried to execute him, the offender left a piece of rope around his neck.

Bolo tie
Bolos are characterized by hairpins that depict Indians.

Going into Texas saloons for a drink, the scammers attracted female glances. Since then, cowboys have started wearing lace ties to achieve the same effect.

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However, jeweler Victor Kedastraf is considered the first official inventor of the bolo cowboy tie. In the late forties of the last century, he received a patent for a fastened leather cord, complemented by a movable decorative clip.

Varieties and colors

Ties in the form of a lace do not have a specific division into types. However, at various times, they were popular in the American states in specific circles. Depending on this, the following types of bolos are distinguished:

  1. Cowboy — such ties are considered simple and concise. It doesn’t take a lot of materials to make a cowboy tie like this. To do this, it is recommended to take a braided leather cord and a simple brooch. It is made from wood, bone, or other suitable materials. Patterns or drawings are often applied on top. The surface is decorated with beads or stones.
  2. American — this tie evokes associations with western style. This type of bolo is characterized by hairpins that depict Indians. Black leather and metal decor are also used as decor. Many men choose expensive noose ties that contain gilded details and are inlaid with precious stones.
  3. Texas — This bolo is preferred by residents of Texas and New Mexico. It resembles a cowboy lace. Texas ties blend harmoniously with country or western styles.

The colors of these clamps are different. The lace itself is mainly performed in dark colors — brown, black, gray. However, sometimes there are also light-colored products. Brooches are made from various materials — metal, stone, wood. They usually have natural tones.

How to choose and match with clothes

Today, bolo tie is chosen for creating stylish compositions not only by men, but also by women. This item easily complements different stylistic directions. It can be worn with denim and used to create boho looks. The Texas lace is perfectly combined with cowboy-style shirts made from laconic checkered material.

In this case, it is important to monitor the compatibility of colors. Light-colored items decorated with metal clasps look good with black shirts. At the same time, a black suit with a white shirt will look great with a dark cowboy tie.

This lace can hardly be called business or office. However, it helps men look elegant. This Texas accessory is often chosen by representatives of show business and people who follow fashion. It is popular with everyone who wants to emphasize their individuality.

Men in bolo ties
Texas lace is versatile and fits easily into any style.

A cowboy bolo looks great with denim. It is permissible to wear a tie with any clothing casually — plain or supplemented with prints. The top is frequently complemented with a vest or pullover. It is also allowed to wear a jacket or sweater. To create a versatile look, this lace can be combined even with T-shirts and T-shirts.

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When answering the question of how to wear this wardrobe item, you should monitor the color matching. It is important to take into account that it must have a contrasting shade. This will make the lace visible. The color can correspond to the general palette or be an accent.

The Texas accessory is made from a wide variety of materials. There are no exact requirements or rules. In this case, the following are most often used:

  1. Valuable woods or stones. Brooches are frequently decorated with pieces of marquetry — a wooden mosaic.
  2. Nacre. With its amazing radiance, it looks like moon rock… In this case, the material is golden, pink, white. Black decor with a mother-of-pearl glow looks very impressive.
  3. Different types of beads.
  4. Lampwork Beads.
  5. Buttons and other original details. Designers frequently use badges or corks as decor.
  6. Precious metals and stones, jewelry.
  7. Polymer clay.
  8. Felted wool.

The choice of accessories for such a tie is of no small importance. This Texas wardrobe is suitable for people who are not afraid of daring experiments. Therefore, it is recommended to choose additions to the created composition taking into account the general style.

Bolo tie with shirt
It is important to take into account that the bolo should have a contrasting shade to the clothes.

If you are planning to combine a bolo with denim, it is significant to make sure that the bag and headpiece look good with a tie. It is recommended to use elements for decoration that are similar in shades and texture to a brooch or a cord.

The tie goes well with different decorations. Earrings and rings look organic in compositions with this item. Sometimes they use pendants, amulets, medallions on chains. When combined with a Texas tie, these details help to create an unusual look.

Many men are interested in where to wear such an accessory. In European countries, it is not recommended wearing it to formal or festive events with a strict dress code. It is impossible to fit it into a business style.

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At the same time, the bolo looks great in a free environment. It should be worn at parties or on vacation. This detail can be used to create a composition for a concert or corporate event. This will help you get an unusual and mysterious image.

Men with bolo tie
Bolo tie should be worn at parties or on vacation.

To create a beautiful composition with Texas lace, it is important to remember that it perfectly complements the ethnic direction. To do this, you should wear shirts with Indian, Caribbean, Punjabi patterns. They can be completed with embroidery. Different jackets or folk costumes look great.

A strict green suit can be combined with different types of cowboy ties. In this case, it is worth adding a few free components to the image. A light gray hat is suitable for this. You should also wear steel-colored shoes and a silver shirt.

Women can use lace as a decoration, combining it with light-colored blouses, socks or shirts. This detail looks equally good with T-shirts.

Texan lace looks very stylish in combination with a shirt without a collar. In this case, it will look more like the original suspension. You can also choose a combination of a plain shirt in a masculine style with a bolo. Texas lace is versatile and fits easily into any style.

How to tie a bolo

There are many ways to wear a cowboy rope. In this case, it is permissible to fasten the brooch almost at the collar itself or loosen the lace and lower the bolo. It should be done lightly or almost to the middle of the chest.

Bolo tie
It is permissible to fasten the brooch almost at the collar itself or loosen the lace and lower the bolo, or you can tie the hanging ends with a bow.

The ends of the product are also decorated in different ways:

  • leave to hang freely;
  • tucked under the top of the bar;
  • tied with a bow to accentuate the jewelry that is at the ends of the lace.

In this case, it is permissible to button or unfasten the top button of the shirt. The first option will turn out to be strict, and the second will help you look informal.

The bolo tie is considered a topical accessory that organically complements a variety of compositions. It fits perfectly with the cowboy style and is suitable for parties, relaxation, meeting with friends. To look attractive and get a harmonious look, it is important to think it over to the smallest detail.

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