Basic rules for wearing a men’s tie

Is it possible to look stylish, expensive in any situation? How to match a business dress code at work during the day and then create an informal look? It all depends on how to wear a tie and combine a stylish accessory with a jacket, jeans, vest, shirt, trousers. Modern men prefer to create spectacular sets with suits, jumpers, pullovers, sweaters. According to etiquette, business events require wearing a three-piece suit with a tie. Is it possible to collect creative images in other informal styles, observing the rules of color harmony, supporting the main trends of fashion?

General rules of wearing

When choosing a bright wardrobe detail, give preference to heavy, weighty accessories that consist of six to seven layers of silk, three stripes with an inner insert of draped fabric wrapped in woolen or satin fabric. In order for the knot to be convex, to maintain a volume, a wide shape, it is necessary to buy multi-layered neck elements of the suit.

A tie of a loose structure is sewn from grenadine — a special weave silk. With a tweed jacket, it goes well with a printed pattern of natural dyes on gum Arabic silk. The stripe on the fabric, running from the right shoulder to the left — the American business format, looks great with a herringbone suit or a solid color blazer.

  1. A tightly tied small knot fits a narrow collar of clothes with a sleeve, a wide model will ruin the appearance.
  2. The size of the floor of the fashionable element of the set corresponds to the width of the lapel of the jacket. If the size of a wide flap is not enough, turn-down lapels look bulky.
  3. The contrast between the background fabric of the shirt with sleeves and the accessory is observed. The best combination is a light shirt and a dark tie. The pattern of the neck model is selected more saturated than the fabric of the shirt. The main detail of the suit repeats the geometry of the material in a darker and enlarged version so that the patterns do not merge into one whole. You can wear a tie with a dark-colored shirt and long sleeves — a combination with light options suits a casual style.
  4. You cannot select stylish wardrobe details of the same shade with a pocket square. Clothing models should differ in geometry or color. A white shawl wrapped over a pocket in a narrow strip in the «presidential» style is considered universal.
  5. The knot must match the shape of the face. The convex version suits a rounded outline, with a prominent forehead, lush cheeks. Protruding cheekbones and a well-defined jawline require strict knot edging, linearity and other geometry. The knot should mirror the oval of the face, then harmony will be felt in the image.
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Features of wearing different types of ties

There is no narrow etiquette on how to wear suits and ties. There are many knots, but the most popular are Shelby, Simple Knot, Half Windsor, Windsor. Do you know how many types of neck accessories there are:

  1. Classic forms — regattas, regular, Windsor.
  2. Butterfly or bow option.
  3. Models for weddings, theaters, awards — ascot, plastron, sharpei.
  4. Bolo style is a braided cord connected with a metal brooch. The jewelry is made not only of metal, but of bone, wood, chiseled stone. The ends of the leather lace are effectively complemented with amulets, stones or imitation of an animal’s fang. This model under a shirt with sleeves is preferred by musicians, admirers of country style.
Different types of tie
The type of tie is selected depending on the event you want to attend.

How to wear without a jacket

Can a tie be worn without a jacket? The question interests many men, since the upper part of the wardrobe gives form to the image, in the summer it is hot and heavy in it. A shirt without a jacket with sleeves is worn in an extremely informal setting. You can look fashionable in any clothes, provided you wear an accessory, observing the following rules:

  1. The long end of the tie should overlap the belt buckle on the trousers. Are there any exceptions that allow narrow neck strips of any length to be worn? Young guys who prefer casual looks use tight neck accessories and clothes with sleeves.
  2. Would a narrow strip of fabric look good on a plain shirt? For a complete look, wear a model with a wide end to the top of the fabric.
  3. Solid color with sleeves is suitable for creating a background when using a suit. To wear a shirt without a jacket, you must use a vest from the English three with a back and a transverse strap at the back, with a chunky knit sleeveless jacket.
  4. Can a shirt with a sleeve and a neck accessory be worn without other clothing? It is possible, but the shirt should correspond to the casual style. An informal image requires a loose fit, any pattern is allowed — geometry (cage, strip), flowers, Indian cucumber and other branded patterns of brands.
Tie with shirt
A shirt with a tie without a jacket is worn only in an informal setting.

With vest

To avoid looking like a penguin or a waiter, pay attention to wearing a tie correctly:

  1. Closed model of the Fullback type of closed cut on the back gives the figure a slenderness, structuring the image of a man.
  2. The vest and tie make the suit look collected and complete.
  3. In color, the element of the suit should be two or three shades darker than the shirt and one shade of the vest.
  4. The texture of the fabric of the garment can be matte, and a glossy surface is selected for the neck accessory.
  5. If the vest and shirt are solid colors, there may be patterns on the fabric of the bright suit.
Men in suit and tie
The color of the tie should be two or three tones darker than the shirt and one tone of the vest.

With jeans

Do you think a tie is worn with a casual shirt and jeans? This wearing format is preferred by young guys under 25 years old.

  1. For a set with denim, an embossed version of wool is suitable.
  2. Printed in a Scottish style, the model looks massive and heavy, like jeans, so it forms a successful combination.
  3. The matte surface of jeans does not accept gloss on clothes or accessories.
Men in jeans and tie
The combination of jeans and a tie is suitable for an informal style.

Choosing the right shirt

Is the tie worn with a short sleeve shirt? An interesting question, since everything is clear with a long version, but a shirt with a short solution does not always suit business style. Having a short sleeve doesn’t always go well with a tie according to etiquette, but modern fashion is tolerant and suggests rolling up long sleeves to look stylish.

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A shirt with sleeves is chosen in accordance with the following rules:

  1. The length of the shirt with sleeves allows the shirt to be tucked into the trousers. With raised arms, it should not stretch.
  2. Pay attention to the collar, cuffs, stitching quality.
  3. Most shirts with sleeves for men come in cold shades, so you can choose blue, pink, light green, gray — a tie for such shirts is selected in accordance with the specified style rules.
  4. Is a tie worn with a crinkled shirt? According to stylists, this combination is unacceptable, as well as shirts with stripes and shoulder straps. Summer branded guayabera does not accept the style when you want to wear a neck accessory — ordinary, ascot, plastron or Windsor.
Man in shirt and tie
Modern fashion is tolerant and suggests rolling up long sleeves to look stylish.

When in doubt about choosing the right tie, suit, vest, trousers or jeans, stick to a neutral color scheme to avoid mistakes. They do not combine bright prints, prefer plain shirts with sleeves, matte jacket colors. This will allow you to purchase versatile wardrobe items that are combined during training as you purchase new clothing models.

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