An introduction for beginners: why you need a tie

Any fashionable men’s wardrobe has at least one such thing, even if it has been worn for a long time. A businessman has several such accessories — for daily wear, for a business suit and for special occasions. Not everyone can boast of a large collection, and tying skills are limited to three knots. But this piece of clothing is considered almost the only way to decorate a suit, and modern dress codes have not yet come up with other ways to give the appearance of individual features.

How did the tie come about?

The word «tie» owes its origin to the German language, in which it meant «neckerchief».

Scarves (focales) worn by the legionnaires of Rome under battle armor and protecting the skin from abrasions are considered its prototype. Since the middle of the XX century, the occurrence of such a thing becomes known in European countries. True, in comparison with the usual version, it looks different, in terms of the material of manufacture it looks more like a scarf tied with a bow.

But the history of the tie was just beginning, and in the XX century, the British had a prototype of the modern version, long and narrow, well suited to the turn-down collar, which had just come into fashion. They were tied in a knot, the ends hung down freely. The British paid special attention to this accessory, and disrespectful words about it were considered an insult.

In 1924, another important event occurs: the entrepreneur Jesse Langsdorf patented the «perfect tie». They begin to sew it from three elements with an oblique cut.

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The era of rock and roll is marked by another event: people protest the official style. Things of non-standard shapes appear, narrow or wide, unimaginable color shades are used.

People in style clothes
Brightness of colors added to the tie, the movement «dandy».

Now, about how the tie appeared in Russia. Peter I, who took a lot from the Europeans, introduced the fashion to him. True, during the years of the revolution, the tie was declared a relic of the bourgeoisie, which somewhat shaken his position, but in the mid-20s he again took up legal positions.

For several decades, the element of clothing has remained not very noticeable, but an obligatory accessory for a costume, the peak of its stardom comes in the 50s, when the movement of dandies comes into force.

Today, ties for men are a part of business style, everyone independently decides whether to wear them daily.

What you need to know first

It is not enough to know how to tie a tie. There are many more factors that are important for this fashion accessory.

In order to properly organize the maintenance and storage of a tie, it is necessary to understand the features of the materials used for its sewing.

It will not be superfluous to find out which tie clip to use, how to wear it correctly.

Man in suit, tie with clip
Tie clip attaches between 3 and 4 buttons.

Before choosing a tie for clothes, it is recommended to understand its shape. Wide you will emphasize the sense of style, hide the features of the figure. Use a narrow model to emphasize the vertical of the suit and your own individuality.

The classic model is worn exclusively with a jacket, but the traditional uniform must be in a cage and worn with a strict suit.

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Today is considered a period of conservatism and elegance. This means that a man must know how long his tie should be, whether it can be tucked into the belt if the end is below the belt buckle. There is another important point here — how to shorten the tie correctly so that it looks beautiful.

Before you sew a tie, you need to decide on its color.

The combination of a suit, shirt and tie
Suit, shirt and tie options.

Knowing how to wear a tie correctly, it remains to study the fashionable prints today.

Fashion Trends 

A man with a fashionable wardrobe is always noticeable, looks elegant and a little aristocratic. It is for such gentlemen that designers develop new collections every year. A few words should be said about which ties are considered fashionable this year.

Men in ties
To choose the shape of an accessory, you require deciding where and with what you will wear it.

The fashion show once again confirms that elegance and conservatism do not tolerate pretentious colors and shapes. The main thesis of fashion was the «golden mean». The dominant position is occupied by classic specimens, the width and length of which are in the range of average values.

Ties are still relevant this year. Butterflies are popular. Stylists suggest forgetting that such options were used only in a festive atmosphere, they recommend wearing them daily. The butterfly gives the official look a sense of lightness and fun, but business partners do not always correctly assess such insolence. That is why they continue to be wary of this trend.

Men in bow tie
Bow tie looks stylish in everyday looks.

Preference is given to classic tones — blue, green or black. No less fashionable are emerald, neon, aquamarine shades and a color reminiscent of sea waves. Lovers of the classics choose beige, black and white options.

Let’s tell you what prints for ties are in fashion now:

  • Strip. Lines of different width are allowed, their location is allowed at any angle. A fashion accessory may not be completely covered with stripes, but only partially;
  • speck. If you do not know which ties will favorably emphasize your individuality, suit plain suits or check jackets, pay attention to this option;
  • geometric ornament. With a similar print, a fashionable wardrobe will not attract attention, but the male image will complement it harmoniously;
  • cell. It is worn by self-confident people seeking to be in the spotlight. Perfectly complements a striped jacket.
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From materials in fashion:

  • Silk. It produces high-quality and beautiful things used in a business style;
  • cashmere. Many underestimate it, although this option is fashionable for autumn, it looks elegant, pleasant to the touch;
  • cotton. A practical solution perfect for summer. Not recommended for a formal suit;
  • twisted silk. The main difference between such a thing is the square tip. It is a fashionable solution for adherents of the classics;
  • linen. Another summer option, combined with a light shirt.

The nuances of a wedding dress

At a wedding, any detail of clothing has its own meaning. One thing can be said about the groom — it is the wedding tie that can improve the image or completely ruin it, so that the choice of such a fashionable thing is approached with all responsibility.

When choosing a tie for the groom, take into account the style of the fashion accessory, the material used for the manufacture, the shade. If you are planning your appearance at a gala event in a tuxedo, a fashionable wardrobe item, in principle, will not work, only a butterfly is needed here.

Wedding tuxedo
The groom’s wedding tie should be slightly lighter than the suit and slightly darker than the shirt.

The tie chosen for the groom should match the suit in color and slightly shade it. In other words, there are two or three tones of difference between the shades of a suit and a fashion accessory. In addition, it is recommended to consider a few more points:

  • a classic example of a tie for a wedding — it is slightly lighter than a suit and slightly darker than a shirt;
  • when the shirt is dark, the color of the fashionable item of clothing should be combined with the suit;
  • for a light shirt with a pattern, a monochromatic accessory is selected;
  • you can tie a light accessory with a dark-colored outfit;
  • if the suit is light and the shirt is striped, the fashion item should be dark and monochromatic;
  • a single-color accessory is chosen for a checkered or striped suit.

Before tying a tie for a wedding, the groom needs to understand some nuances. The fashion accessory should extend to the middle of the belt. A chubby or short guy should choose a bright color with small ornaments and a vertical stripe. A tall and thin groom is better suited for a product in a horizontally located strip, with a large pattern. The width should correspond to the same size of the lapel of the jacket and be 8 — 11 cm. For a full man, a model 1 — 2 cm wider is allowed.

Different types of tie
The type of tie is selected depending on the event you want to attend.

Having dealt with all the features of a fashionable tie, it remains to tie it correctly and beautifully. If you are not proficient in this art, search the Internet for instructions that tell you step by step how to perform such an action. Using such a spectacular addition to your clothes, you can make your own look attractive and unique.

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