Top popular men's haircuts for a thin face

It is impossible to change the shape of the face, but you can correct its imperfections with a haircut. It can be difficult to choose it correctly. Even a couple of extra centimeters or bangs can completely change the image. The most important thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is the shape of the face. For thin, full, elongated or round types of faces, you need to choose haircuts of different lengths and shapes. By properly styling your hair, you can hide the flaws and highlight the advantages.

How to determine the shape of the face

Most men have a thin face. But it can also have different shapes:

  • slightly elongated oval, rounded chin;
  • rectangular, also elongated vertically, but the width of the forehead and chin are approximately the same;
  • the shape of the heart, when the forehead line is wider than the distance between the cheekbones, and the chin is narrow;
  • triangle - on the contrary, the chin line is wider than the forehead line.

Determining what shape of the face is simple. It is necessary to measure the width of the forehead, the distance between the cheekbones and the chin with a measuring tape, and then compare the results.

What to avoid when choosing a hairstyle

To correct the disadvantages of a lean physique, you need to choose the right haircut. Such men are advised to wear a mustache and beard, to do multi-layered hairstyles. This will add volume to the sides of the head and visually hide imperfections.

Young people with this type need to avoid certain hairstyles. It is undesirable to wear long hair to the shoulders, but too short haircuts with an open back of the head can also ruin the appearance. It is not recommended shaving your temples, open your forehead and ears, raise your hair high or do a straight parting.

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Top 10 men's haircuts for a thin face

It is better to choose such men's haircuts for a thin face, so that they decorate the appearance, emphasize the dignity. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the eyes, the shape of the nose and the bend of the lips, necessarily the age and type of activity. Most men with this type will go with an oblique bang or a slightly elongated haircut. Layering will help hide the angularity of the shape. It is better to complement a business look with classic hairstyling. Of all the haircuts, you can choose the 10 most popular, best suited for this type.



This is the best men's hairstyle for a thin face, characterized by evenly styled locks of medium length. They should be the same, without abrupt transitions. It is better to lay the bangs on the side parting. No mess is allowed. Such hairstyles suit all owners of a thin physique.


canadian curly hair

This is also a classic haircut, suitable for men with a thin, elongated face. It is very easy to make and looks good on any type of hair. It is characterized by "Canadian" with exactly trimmed strands of medium length, without bangs. No special care or styling is required, so many men choose this one.


Men's haircut bob

For an elongated face, men's hairstyles should visually conceal the length. For this purpose, you can make a Bob haircut. Previously, it was popular only with women, but modern young people are increasingly choosing it. "Bob" looks good on any type of hair, but better on straight hair. This hairstyle consists of strands in the upper part of the head of almost the same length, and they are laid flat on the crown from the middle. And straight bangs reach the eyebrows, sometimes closing their eyes.

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Undercut For Curly Hair

For an oval face with an oblong shape, the Undercut haircut is suitable. She is characterized by slightly shaved whiskey and elongated strands on top. The transition between sections of different lengths should be clear, this is how the layering of the hairstyle is ensured. By properly styling your hair, you can hide imperfections. This haircut will make a man stylish and fashionable, and will suit any look, just does not fall on the curls.


Men's barista haircut

This hipster haircut is recommended for those with a triangular face. It goes especially well with the beard. A beard is recommended for those with a narrow chin. The barista is a bit like Undercut, but the whiskey is not shaved and the transition between strands of different lengths is smoother. Care should be taken to ensure that the styling does not look multi-layered and does not create increased volume in the upper part of the head.

asymmetrical hair cut

Men's haircut Asymmetric haircut

For young, long-haired people, an unusual hairstyle is suitable, which helps to create a stylish look. It is characterized on the one hand by elongated strands that cover the ear, and on the other hand - a shaved temple. She looks a bit like "Bob", but has asymmetry.


Men's haircut Beanie

For medium-length hair, the "Cap" haircut, reminiscent of the woman's "Page" hairstyle, is suitable. The strands cover the ears and are approximately the same everywhere. This creates volume on the sides of the head, which obscures its elongated shape. But these men's long face haircut only looks good on thick enough hair.

Graduated car

Men's haircut Graduated square

This hairstyle is well suited for young people. It is characterized by long bangs and an elongated nape, as well as a smooth transition between strands of different lengths. The graduated square looks especially impressive on wavy hair, creating a romantic look.

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Land defence

Men's haircut Bob

This is a versatile haircut suitable for both women and men. But young people more often choose a sports bob—with shortened strands or a double bob, when the top layer of hair is longer.

off center

Men's haircut with an off-center

This is a model haircut, it is done depending on the type of hair and facial features. But its main characteristic is that there is an elongated oblique bangs, and the parting is shifted to the side. This hairstyle is suitable for hair of any length. Some asymmetry makes it more suitable for young people.


Men Hairstyle Curls

This is not a haircut, but rather a styling of medium or long hair. They are curled on curlers or curling iron. After all, curls are the best way to visually make the face more symmetrical. Therefore, thin men with naturally curly hair are lucky.

Choosing the right hairstyle, a man can create his own individual image or emphasize belonging to a certain style. In this way, you can also visually correct appearance flaws.

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