Top 10 Reasons Why Men Go Bald

The pathological loss of hair on the head by a man, which leads to their complete or only partial disappearance, is called alopecia. Baldness can be experienced by any representative of the stronger sex. There are many reasons why men go bald. Hair loss on the scalp can occur in both young and mature people. Premature alopecia often indicates serious hormonal disruptions in the body. Baldness can also be associated with immune and other diseases.

genetic predisposition

Heredity is considered the most common cause of scalp hair loss in men. Over 80% of the stronger sex inherit alopecia. In 20% of cases, baldness is transmitted to a man from his father. And the child receives such a gene from the mother in 75% of cases.

why men go bald - genetics and heredity

Hereditary predisposition is the main reason for the development of androgenetic alopecia in a man. It is registered in 95% of the representatives of the strong half of humanity who are faced with the problem of hair loss on the head.

Androgenetic alopecia manifests itself in the form of severe baldness in the region of the crown and forehead. This is due to the excessive production of androgen by the body. The crown of the head is most likely to lose hair. If the ancestors of a young man at least along one line had an excessive production of this hormone, then with a high degree of probability he will begin to go bald early.

Hormonal disruptions

why do men go bald with hormonal disruptions

Alopecia for this reason occurs due to the excessive formation of testosterone in the body. With its excessive production, the growth of hair follicles is inhibited. The result can be a complete destruction of follicles in a young man as early as 25 years old. The hormone itself is converted to dihydrotestosterone. The latter is the strongest androgen. Because of him, a man's hair begins to rapidly fall out on his head, and new ones completely stop growing.

psychological reasons

why do men go bald from stressful situations

Representatives of the stronger sex are more susceptible to stressful situations than women. Against the background of anxiety and depression, they may develop alopecia. Psychosomatic, as a medical field, directly links male pattern baldness with the influence of psychological factors. Due to emotional stress, representatives of the strong half of humanity often have alopecia areata. With it, hair falls out on certain parts of the head.

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Under the influence of psychosomatic factors, hormonal imbalance occurs in the body. It can be accompanied by an overproduction of testosterone and stress hormones. Both lead to the appearance of the scalp hair loss problem.

drug administration

why do men go bald when taking certain medications

Medication is also the cause of alopecia in men. Due to the long-term use of medications, diffuse baldness can develop. With it, the hair falls out strongly and evenly around the entire perimeter of the head. Antipsychotic and antibacterial drugs and antidepressants are frequently the cause of this type of baldness.

The appearance of bald spots on the head in men is frequently associated with prolonged use of hormones. Focal alopecia frequently occurs due to antibiotic treatment. Alopecia can occur against the background of poisoning with poisons.

Immune diseases and infections

Autoimmune disorders are a common cause of baldness. Active hair loss on the head is observed in the stronger sex, suffering from lupus erythematous and chronic thyroiditis (thyroid pathology). Alopecia can occur in men with hyperthyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis.

why do men go bald with immune diseases or infections

Tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, anemia can provoke hair loss both on the entire head and in its individual parts.

A common reason why men go bald is skin infections. Syphilis and ringworm lead to baldness. Dermatophyte fungi can contribute to hair loss on the head. Due to their activity, a skin disease called dermatomycosis develops.

Hair loss in men is often associated with seborrhea. This disease occurs against the background of excessive work of the sebaceous glands. Seborrhea itself is provoked by a hormonal disruption, during which an excess of androgen is observed in the body. It leads to excess production of sebum, which negatively affects the condition of the hair follicles.

Improper diet

why do men go bald with improper diet

One of the causes of early male pattern baldness is eating disorders. In the absence of vitamins and other useful microelement in food, the nutrition of the hair follicles is disrupted. Against this background, they begin to recover worse. With diseases of the stomach and intestines, provoked by improper nutrition, the development of follicles stops.

If a young person frequently eats foods with cholesterol, then against the background of atherosclerosis arising in the future, the supply of oxygen to the hair roots worsens. Also, various diets can provoke baldness. Usually, when they are observed, the intake of nutrients into the body along with vitamins decreases. The follicles are no longer provided with them, their growth slows down.

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physical injury

why do men go bald after physical injuries

Various injuries and chemical burns cause baldness. Due to the physical impact on the head, a wound occurs. Over time, it heals and transforms into a scar. It does not overgrow with hair, since there are no follicles on the damaged area of ​​the head.

Severe burns occur due to chemicals on the scalp. The substance penetrates the hair follicles and provokes their death. A trace is also formed at the site of the burn, which does not overgrow with hair.

Alopecia areata also occurs due to damage to the hair follicles by hot steam or boiling water. High temperatures lead to the death of follicular cells. As a result, the man growing hair on the damaged part stops of the head. A bald patch forms in its place.

Impact of chemotherapy

chemotherapy cause of baldness

In the treatment of cancer, a technique is used in which chemical compounds are introduced into the body that destroy tumor cells. This procedure is called chemotherapy. It uses strong drugs and toxic chemicals. They negatively affect the state of healthy cells. Chemotherapy has a particularly strong effect on hair. They become brittle. The chemicals destroy follicular cells. The result is the cessation of hair growth on the head. First, the patient develops bald patches, after which he has complete alopecia. But this process is reversible. After the termination of chemotherapy and in the process of recovery, the previous state of the human body is restored.

Exposure to radiation

radiation cause of baldness

One of the reasons why hair falls out on a man's head is ionizing radiation. Follicle death can occur due to exposure to radiation. Moreover, their further recovery is often impossible. A man becomes bald for life.

Radiotherapy leads to baldness. It is used in the treatment of cancer. During therapy, the patient develops radiation reactions. One of them is hair loss. The process can be reversible. Hair follicle growth resumes after stopping treatment. But sometimes the process is irreversible. This applies to those cases when a person was exposed to large doses of radiation.

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A receding hairline on the head can appear due to extended exposure to the sun. Its UV rays weaken the scalp's protection. They have a detrimental effect on the condition of the hair. Those become brittle and weak. The result is their active loss.

bad habits

Smoking can be the cause of male pattern baldness at an early age. Nicotine accelerates hair aging. This alkaloid negatively affects the functioning of the thyroid gland. The result is a failure in her work. Since this gland is involved in regulating the growth of body hair, baldness occurs due to the effects of nicotine on it.

why do men go bald from bad habits

Along with the intake of an alkaloid into the body, there is a lack of calcium in it. Due to its deficiency, hair becomes brittle. Tobacco interferes with the absorption of vitamins E and C. Due to their lack, the hair on the head becomes less thick. Nicotine impairs hair nutrition. They begin to turn gray faster. Because of this, men in their 30s may develop baldness.

Alcohol abuse is also the cause of baldness in the stronger sex. Because of it, hair growth is noticeably slowed down. Often, against the background of frequent intake of alcohol, a bald spot begins to form on the top of the head in a man. Alcoholic drinks lead to nutritional deficiencies. Because of them, the blood supply to the scalp worsens.

Alcohol includes toxins. With increased intake of alcoholic beverages, their increased accumulations in the body will occur. The consequence of this process can be severe baldness of a man after 30 years. Alcohol impairs hair qualities such as strength and thickness. Frequently, the use of alcoholic beverages leads to the development of focal baldness.

Representatives of the stronger sex are highly prone to baldness. Even young people experience complete hair loss. At the same time, the main reasons for early baldness lie in a hereditary predisposition and a violation of testosterone production. These factors frequently lead to the fact that a man loses hair on his head at the age of 20. Infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, inappropriate medications, chemotherapy, physical head injuries, bad habits and exposure to radiation are also common causes of baldness. The relationship between alopecia in men and stress has been proven.

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