Top 10 men's haircuts for fine hair

In general, caring for thin and thin hair is more difficult than for thick and coarse hair. However, men now have many opportunities to maintain their hair in perfect condition.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity, who regularly devote time to hair, always look stylish and well-groomed. To do this, you just need to choose the right men's haircut for fine hair, and then do the styling, and not necessarily every day. Then others will not notice that there is a problem, but on the contrary, they will admire the courageous and stylish way.

How to tell if your hair is thin

The thickness of the hairline can be determined by its appearance. Thin male curls are usually straight and difficult to style. As a rule, they do not keep their shape, they do not become salted for a long time. Outwardly refined strands look rare, but this is due to their small thickness. The amount of hair may be normal, but some still show scalp through the hairdo.

Features of cutting thin hair

Scissoring and thinningA good hairdresser will cut and style a man's hair based on the structure of the hairline. They can be thinned due to genetic characteristics or health issues, and both require a different approach. Universal men's haircuts for thin hair are considered short, as they are suitable for most people, but there are exceptions. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at medium and long hairstyles, focusing on age, face type and lifestyle.

2 methods help to hide the lack of hair volume - graduation and thinning. Cascade shearing is also used. All of these methods are based on creating uneven lengths. Bangs are an interesting detail that helps distract attention from the lack of volume of male hair. It can be asymmetrical or torn, less often straight, since this is not the most suitable option for thin strands. It is important not only to get your hair cut correctly, but also to master the wisdom of styling. So, thin curls look well-groomed and stylish if parting is not done in the middle, but on the left or right.

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If the man's hair is very rare, a styling product will help. It is applied from the roots and distributed along the entire length, lifting the strands and shaping them with your hands.

What to avoid when choosing a hairstyle

On owners of rare hair, haircuts with a sharp transition from long strands to shorter ones look bad. You should also avoid long haircuts with hypertrophied smooth edges. Not the best choice for thin hair - medium length combined with straight strands.

Haircuts for fine hair

If the head has a non-standard shape, it is better to choose a not very short version. Owners of bulging ears are more suitable for voluminous haircuts that hide this feature. For those with a high forehead, you need to give up options without bangs. If there are bald patches, there is no need to try to hide them under long thin hair - this makes a miserable impression. Also, you do not need to pass off uncut curls for a stylish hairstyle. Beautiful and neat whiskey and contours are signs by which you can accurately determine whether a person cares for a haircut.

When choosing a suitable design option, you need to focus on the type of person. Self-selection of haircuts for thin hair is unlikely to be successful, so it is better to use the services of a master who is known to be an expert in his field.

Top 10 hairstyles for fine hair

Coming to the hairdresser, you should at least roughly state your wishes. If it's not at all clear what can be done with soft hair, there are several popular options that are great for sparse curls. The wizard will take into account the features of the face and the shape of the head and tell you which of these is more suitable.

half box

Men's haircut for thin hair Half box

Men's hairstyle semi-box for liquid hair is universal: it is equally well combined with a sporty and classic style. On the sides and on the back of the head, the strands are shortened, and on the crown they are of medium length. Thanks to the smooth transition, the haircut looks neat and stylish.

Graduated car

Men's haircut for thin hair Graduated bob

The ends are cut with straight scissors. The length of the hairstyle reaches the chin. The haircut is suitable for men whose hair is soft and slightly curly. Styling options are possible: the strands are combed back or folded to one side, separated by an asymmetrical parting. You do not have to style rare curls, but leave them falling freely.

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Men's haircut for thin hair Polka

This is one of the classic haircuts that has not surrendered its positions for several decades. Polka is recommended for men of considerable age, whose strands on the sides are sparser than on the rest of the head. This man's haircut is perfect for those with thinning hair. The back and temporal parts are made shortened, and a longer length is left on the crown. Polka allows you to mask the irregular structure of the head, early bald patches and gray hair.


Men's haircut for thin hair Cascade

When you need to add extra volume to your hairstyle, masters recommend a cascade for men. Its other name is a ladder. The strands are cut in layers, starting from the crown. The haircut is simple to perform, it looks distinguished on rare curls and hides defects in the structure of the head. Both straight and curly locks are cut in a cascade.


Men's haircut for thin hair Boxing

A good hairstyle for thin, soft hair is boxing. The haircut emphasizes the brutality of the image, masks bald patches and areas where strands are especially rare. The whiskey is shaved with a machine, and the nape area is treated in the same way. At the crown, the hair is cut short. Boxing is the best fit for sports and military style.


Men's haircut for thin hair Canadian

The Canadian is suitable for those with early bald patches and those with naturally sparse hair. The peculiarity of this haircut is the medium length near the forehead. Moving to the back of the head, the hair is shortened, the temples are also made out short. To add volume to the hairstyle, the hair is lifted at the roots and directed back. Another option is side parting and styling to one side.

short bob

Men's haircut for thin hair Short bob

If the hair is not thick, and the strands are thin, soft and long enough, they can be cut to the line of the ears so that the ends are directed towards the face. You will get a short bob hairstyle. Its characteristic differences are an asymmetrical elongated bangs, a neat shape and a voluminous parietal part.

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Men's haircut for thin hair Sagittarius

The highlight of this variant is the original angular edging of the temples. Bangs with ragged edges, directed to the side. Sagittarius is suitable for soft hair. Technique: at the crown of the head, the master leaves strands of medium length, and towards the temples and the back of the head, he gradually shortens the curls.


Men's haircut Elvis

On the head of hair, which lacks volume, the men's retro haircut Elvis looks great. She is chosen by independent men who are close in spirit to the rocker style. In the classic version, the length at the top of the head is 5 cm. The hairstyle can be curled or laid high, put the curls on one side or make a Mohawk out of them. The back of the head and sides are cut short, the bangs are varnished and laid from the forehead to the back of the head.


Men's haircut Caesar

Caesar is suitable for those with an oval or elongated face and sparse hair. The strands on the back of the head are cut short, and the bangs are left of medium length. This option is ideal for athletic men who lead an active lifestyle. Caesar chooses mainly young people, and schoolchildren are also cut in this way so that the head looks neat all day.

Features of care

Haircuts for thin men's hair require minimal maintenance, and this is their main advantage. Care consists in washing regularly with a suitable shampoo. Drying liquid strands with a hairdryer is not recommended; it is better to blot them with a towel. It is recommended to use foam, gel or varnish for styling.

The structure of men's curls directly depends on how this or that haircut will fall. If the strands are soft and sparse, you need to take care of giving extra volume. For this, graduation and thinning are used.

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