Top 10 hairstyles for balding men

The topic of baldness can take any man by surprise, but based on the experience of stylists, there are methods that can help give a Hollywood look even with a bald head. The article presents the best haircuts and hairstyles for balding men, as well as tips to help hide this lack of appearance.

What is the essence of hairstyles for balding men

When choosing a hairstyle, the main purpose of which is to mask the bald head, it is better to contact a qualified specialist, since an independent haircut can only aggravate the situation. You can get help at a beauty salon in your city.balding men mistakes

Mistakes that men make when trying to hide imperfections:

  • Combing the regrown curls on the balding part of the head in the absence of hair density;
  • Neglecting a haircut;
  • Using an inferior bald spot spray. Some sprays make hair imperfections even more noticeable;
  • Frequent use of a hair dryer and a hard brush, which leads to trauma to the hair follicles and intense hair loss.

Do not neglect special products for restoring and improving hair condition, as lack of care stimulates further hair loss. There are a huge number of devices that improve the condition of the curls.

What is the fight against baldness

The problem can occur at any age and in varying amounts. It becomes a consequence of certain diseases, as a result of heredity or a lack of trace elements. Initially, you need to visit a doctor to establish the cause and find out if hair growth can be returned.

If it is impossible to resume growth, it is worth turning to other methods: haircuts, styling or sprays. The following facts are worth knowing:Men's haircut hedgehog

  • Short haircuts reduce the difference in length. Therefore, if you cut the curls short, then the lack will not be noticeable;
  • Thinning can help if a man has dark hair with bald patches on his forehead;
  • Tousling your hair with a styling product can mask imperfections. But at the same time, there must be sufficient hair density.

Thanks to modern technology and the development of fashion, everyone can hide flaws. Therefore, do not be upset about the lack of hair.

Bald patches masking rules

There are several effective techniques that mask a receding hairline. Many stylists are doing this, developing new formulas for sprays and other means to mask this flaw. Let's take a closer look:

  • L'Oreal presents bald spot masking spray Magic Retouch (suitable for brown-haired, brunettes and dark blond hair, mainly with bald patches on the crown). The product is suitable for those who do not have a high degree of hair loss. On a large scale, the spray will not help. The action is as follows: the spray contains coloring elements that color the scalp;bald head disguise
  • Creating a successful hairstyle for men with receding hairline… A good hairstyle will make any person more attractive, and dealing with a bald head is not a problem for her;
  • Volume creation… This option is suitable for small areas of hair loss. With the help of mousses, volume is given to the hair and the deficiency is hidden. In this case, it is worth giving preference to quality products that keep the volume for a long time;
  • Using shampoo to add volume and thickness;
  • If the amount of hair that has fallen out is too large, then the best option would be haircut "under zero" (shave your head bald);
  • If the option with a bald haircut is chosen, then the absence of hair on the head should be compensated for with a beautiful beard. The method is popular among artists: actors, singers, artists.
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Can be used vitamin ampoules that will improve the condition of the remaining hair.

In addition, are popular wigs… You can choose a wig of any shade with any hairstyle. The wig is attached to the scalp using a special glue. In this case, you can do without a haircut.

Tips: how to choose the right haircut

When choosing a hairstyle, you should be based on your own preferences, fashion trends and advice from stylists and hairdressers. The master is able to create a hairstyle that will hide all the flaws. In doing so, he is guided by the following rules:

  1. Using the "ladder", that is, different hair lengths. It gives volume;balding men
  2. Using a chaotic styling method… It consists in the fact that the strands are stacked in random order. It looks good only in purposeful chaos, but if this is a usual sloppiness, then the appearance decays much;
  3. Making a short Mohawk… This hairstyle rejuvenates the man and hides the receding hairline;
  4. hair cut bald… The most optimal and convenient option. Combined with a brutal beard, this hairstyle looks great.

These rules are derived from trial and error that the craftsmen performed during their work. When choosing the type of haircut, you should pay attention to the shape of the head, the width of the forehead, the thickness of the hair and its structure. Also, the choice should be based on the location and degree of hair loss. Therefore, you should not choose your hairstyle yourself.

Top 10 hairstyles for a long face

The most common form of a man's face is an oval (elongated face). Therefore, most of the hairstyles are adapted specifically for this shape. What are the best hairstyles for masking baldness in men? Consider the top 10 hairstyles that hide this flaw.

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half box

Men's haircut Half box

The classic and most popular hairstyle. It is simple in execution and perfectly fulfills the function of masking bald patches. The haircut is versatile, since it is possible to change the length, does not require styling.

The essence of the haircut is as follows: the hair at the temples is shortened, from above the hair length reaches a couple of centimeters or less at the discretion of the client, the transition from the upper part to the temples is smooth. Suitable for short hair.

Haircut with sideburns

hairstyles for balding men

It is used when gray hair and baldness occurred at the same time. In this case, the hair is cut short and smoothly turns into sideburns at the temples.

Often men prefer to paint over gray hair with an attractive color. But if you do not want to use paint, then this is not a problem. One of the fashion trends is just the same gray hair color. Many fashionistas and fashionistas dye their hair grey.

Creating a successful styling

hairstyles for balding men

One of the types of hairstyles for balding men is to create styling using professional tools. Stylists use hair dryers and styling products that quickly and reliably mask imperfections.

The master can teach you to do such a styling at home.


haircut hedgehog machine

An equally popular hairstyle. Better for people over fifty years old, gives the image of a brutal man.

Hair is cut evenly over the entire head, the back of the head is clean-shaven. Moreover, the hair length does not exceed three centimeters. For a successful appearance, it is necessary to constantly maintain the length.

Ivy League

hairstyles for balding men

Students of this educational institution have introduced a fashion for a comfortable and attractive haircut. Its essence lies in the fact that it does not emphasize the growth line, but rather hides the receding hairline on the forehead. The hair is combed to the left or right side, but it is not worth ironing it too much.

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retro style

Men's Retro Haircut

Fashion critics are of the opinion that fashion repeats itself, and so is the case with hairstyles.

Retro style returns to our lives again. This type hides flaws - the hair is cut straight with an even parting on the side.


hairstyles for balding men

The hairstyle came from England and has become a part of life. A haircut Undercut (from the English under - under, cut - cut, cut) - the trend of the season. The temples and back of the head are shaved smoothly, but the bangs are kept in length, which hides the receding hairline on the forehead. The bangs are laid from the forehead to the crown. In this case, the use of highlighting or dyeing the hair above in a light shade looks good. A light strand will mask imperfections.

Combing back

Men's combed back hairstyle

This type is perfect if you don't want a short hairstyle. The bangs are combed back with the help of means for volume. Thus, all the shortcomings are hidden.

But this option is suitable only for owners of thick hair, if the hair structure is thin, then this look will look ridiculous.


Men's haircut Caesar

Belong to classic hairstyles. Suitable for owners of an oval, elongated face and a wide forehead. The hair is cut short at the sides to hide any problems. On top, if desired, you can leave the hair longer or also shorten it. Can be done with a combo on one side.


Men's haircut Mohawk

Do not be alarmed - this is not the same hairstyle with a multicolored comb. This refers to the short Mohawk. Hair is shaved off both sides of the head to emphasize the presence of hair on top.

For lovers of variety, various dyes are used.

All the above styles are great for an oval face and hide imperfections. You can choose any type you like.

A problem such as baldness can happen to every man at any age. This is not a rare case. But do not lose heart - modern stylists and hairdressers have come up with a huge number of hairstyles and tools that restore self-confidence. You can choose a trendy haircut or use a dye spray of your choice.

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