Methods of hair transplantation on the head in men

Baldness is a problem that is familiar to many men in their 30s and 40s; such a change can cause self-doubt and psychological discomfort. According to statistics, about 35% of the stronger sex suffer from pathological hair loss on the head. Male pattern baldness, in other words «androgenic alopecia», is most often caused by a genetic predisposition and exposure to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone.

The mechanism of loss is as follows: the hormone has a detrimental effect on hair follicles and prevents their reproduction, as a result, the vegetation on the forehead and crown becomes thinner, and bald patches are formed. The patient needs aesthetic correction of external data. The most effective way to restore the former head of hair is a hair transplant on the head of men.

Man before and after head hair transplant

What are the methods and prices

Some time ago, the occurrence of bald patches was considered an irreversible process. The first attempts to return the lost strands on a man’s head belong to surgical doctors. In the 30s of the XX century, Soji Okuda performed a hair transplant procedure. Later, the experience of a specialist was repeated by Norman Orientreich. Today, transplantation allows you to forget about baldness forever. Let’s take a look at what methods exist and how they differ from each other.

The International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) officially recognizes only two transplant options — seamless FUE and patchwork FUT. Moreover, ISHRS does not mention the presence of any other miraculous techniques. The use of marketing and the desire of medical centers to make money is often hidden under the guise of progressive technologies. This may sound surprising to many patients, but HFE is a type of FUE. With FUE, donor material is obtained without incisions, and the bulbs are inserted into the skin by surgery.

Hair transplant methods
Seamless and patchwork hair transplant techniques

The essence of FUT is that the graft is inserted and removed using incisions. A flap of skin is taken from the back of the head, it is cut and divided into parts (grafts) containing a small group (from one to four) hair follicles. After that, they are implanted into the problem area of ​​the head.

With HFE, single follicles or small clusters of follicles are selected and transplanted using a special microtube. In this case, no cuts are made.

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The cost of hair transplant for men depends on the region and the technology chosen. The price for services using the FUE and FUT methodology can be calculated based on the cost per graft. The number of grafts for each client is determined individually.

Where to get hair

For the transplant procedure, only the hair from the head of the patient who applied for the service is used. Transplantation of someone else’s donor material is impossible (such work will not be crowned with success). It is possible that hair taken from one egg twin will do, but there is no official confirmation of this information yet. Nature is designed so that foreign cells will be rejected during transplantation.

As for the part of the body from where the hair is transplanted, the location of the fence is not so important. Usually, specialists prefer the occipital region of the head, but this option is possible only if the necessary volume and normal quality of hair is available. At the time of taking the material, health workers act with great caution. Grafts are taken one at a time. The staff removes every fifth of them; such thinning does not harm or affect the overall aesthetic picture.

Where do you get your hair for transplantation?
Typically, specialists prefer the occipital region of the head.

You should not rely on the fact that the resources of the donor area are endless, therefore it is recommended to choose a doctor with good practice in transplanting hair on a man’s head and use the method of transplantation that is optimal for a particular patient.

Without any damage, about 3,5-4 thousand grafts can be taken from the back of the head. Only a qualified employee of the clinic can assess whether the specified volume is enough for the procedure.

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If the problem area is too extensive, then the material can be removed from other areas, the transplanted bulb will soon get used to the changed conditions. Its structure will undergo changes, and the hair will become softer. True, rapid growth in this case should not be expected, most likely, the length will remain small.

Post-procedure service

If a man’s hair transplant was performed using the FUT or FUE technique, then during the rehabilitation period it is necessary to wear a special bandage for 5 days. The stitches applied during the operation are removed after 14 days. The formed crusts should not be removed by yourself, this will avoid infectious contamination. After several days, the crusts will pass without any intervention.

HFE makes the transformation painless. Only the presence of redness, which disappears in 3-5 days, reminds of the manipulation.

Whichever transplant method is used, it is important to avoid shampooing for the next three days. Avoiding water treatments will help protect vulnerable follicles from possible damage.

After the intervention, the first hair washing procedure must be entrusted to the clinic staff. The medical staff will carry out hygiene with extreme care, using products that promote rapid recovery. Independent use of any cosmetic and medicinal products is prohibited. For a man after hair transplant, the grooming products will be chosen by his doctor.

Attention! For some time after the procedure, the transplanted hair will remain sensitive to any external influences.

Before and after photos

The results of hair transplantation, captured in the photo before and after the procedure, are a confirmation of the successful work of surgeons and trichologists, as well as a call to stop being ashamed of your appearance and change your life for the better.

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