Men's hairstyles with long hair: this year's trends

Masculinity today is manifested not only by a muscular figure, but also by a hairstyle. Men are now reverent about their appearance, like girls. But this does not prevent them from remaining courageous. Men's hairstyles with long and styled hair have come into vogue this year. Their creation takes a lot of time for men, but the finished hairstyle delights those around. If you have a desire to change your style and hairstyle, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends of the coming year.

Fashion for long hair men

A man's hairstyle with long hair today will surprise no one. Although some representatives of the stronger sex consider this to be incorrect and ugly. They are also mistaken about the time of the emergence of fashion — it is believed that styling of elongated hair in men became relevant literally 2-3 years ago. This is far from the case - the fashion for long hairstyles for men began from the very beginning of the birth of mankind. And only 200 years ago, the male half of humanity began to do haircuts.

Hairstyle Male PonytailPreviously, men had long hair, because there was nothing to cut it, and beauty issues were not considered with due attention. Scandinavian Vikings, Musketeers and Indians are men with only long curls. It is noteworthy that everyone, without exception, had elongated haircuts. Men took care of their hair, achieving the necessary thickness and periodically simply shortening the strongly regrown curls.

Today, elongated men's haircuts have acquired a different shape and new "colors". Most men no longer just start the process of natural hair growth, but rather create a stylish look with mandatory styling and appropriate care. If 20-30 years ago, long hair was worn mainly by people of creative professions, today you can find a man in a solid suit and a gathered tail on his head.

Features of long hair care

If it was decided to grow strands in order to make attractive images out of them, then you should familiarize yourself with the features of care. Otherwise, the appearance will be sloppy, and in some cases incomprehensible - the intended styling will not look properly on an unkempt head.

The features and rules for caring for strands include the following:

  • In the fashion of the coming year, unwashed hair and frozen attractive styling. But the greasy effect in a long men's haircut is not achieved by lack of proper grooming. Long hair is always the reason for increased hygiene… Regular treatments improve the styling appearance. For washing curls, special shampoos, foams, masks are used.
  • Choosing the right comb… For men with long hair, standard plastic combs are contraindicated. For combing, massage brushes are chosen that do not rip out curls and do not injure the scalp. Such a tool will only improve blood circulation in the head area, which helps to strengthen the hair follicles.Hair Care
  • Extended strands require careful drying… The drying method depends on the type of curls. If they are normal and healthy, use a hairdryer, otherwise, the hair is left to dry naturally.
  • Combining and additional head massage… In this case, you can use a massage brush, as described above, or special massagers. It is recommended to use the tool once a day to keep the curls thick.
  • Have a regular haircut… You will have to get your hair cut regularly — once a month or one and a half. This is to prevent split ends that can make the hair look painful.
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Long male, like female, hair requires careful maintenance. Long haircuts require high-quality styling, but if the curls look painful, the intended image will not work.

Please note: Men with thin hair are better off not growing long curls. Their styling will look "liquid", but the problem can be solved with an asymmetric haircut. It is recommended to abandon the same venture in the presence of oily and curly curls. Otherwise, you will have to straighten them or make real men's braids. Curly strands, even when assembled, will not help in creating a strictly image.

Fashionable men's hairstyles with long hair

If you plan to recreate a long male hairstyle (growing with subsequent styling), it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the haircuts popular this year.

Classics and symmetry

long hair with a parted part

The elongated men's hairstyle suggests the original version of the classic. It is then that men begin to experiment with images. And for a start, a haircut of a classic image with symmetrical sides is chosen. This means that the same length is adhered to throughout the growth. Also, classic and symmetry implies an even parting. This hairstyle is not for everyone. Who are these hairstyles for? They are suitable for men with a round face and rough features.

Wearing such a man's hairstyle is easy - you just need to regularly comb your hair, correct loose curls. It is important to monitor the length of the strands and regularly contact the barbershop. A haircut below the shoulders is recommended - it is convenient to collect such curls in a low ponytail. You should also fix the styling with varnish so that the hairstyle retains a neat look longer.

With shaved temples

Men's haircut with shaved temples

Fashionable men's hairstyles and haircuts for long hair today allow shaved whiskey. The appearance turns out to be spectacular, even if the man does his styling and puts on a business suit. The most interesting at the moment are undercut (elongated strands on the back of the head with shaved temples), as well as similar quiff and pompadour.

Such haircuts require careful maintenance. It is necessary to visit the barbershop regularly, since the slightest regrowth of curls leads to the loss of the entire appearance. It is important to ensure that the regrown curls do not cover the ears and do not hide the accent. Also, such men's haircuts with long strands and shaved temples require constant styling.

Asymmetrical men's haircuts

Asymmetrical men's haircut

Here, the most unexpected men's hairstyles are distinguished, which include straight hair of different lengths. You can add graduated haircuts to the list, as well as styling involving side parting and curls laid to one side.

Choosing these mens hairstyles creates a slightly casual look. Therefore, the style of men should be appropriate. Moreover, such haircuts require mandatory styling.

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With long hair on top

Haircut Anderkat

This is a spectacular undercut hairstyle for men, which involves a sharp transition from short hair to long hair. The result is an attractive look that requires styling. Often, the hair is simply combed back or to the side. You can make a clearer transition, for this the whiskey is shaved almost completely.

With long hair on one side

Styling long hair to one side

In this case, these are men's hairstyles from long and short hair, where the curls are combed to the side. Do the same with symmetrical haircuts, such as bob or undercut.

To comb the curls to one side, use special clamps - foams, gels and varnishes. Beforehand, it is better to consult with a master who can satisfy the client's desire. He will explain exactly how to make your favorite men's hairstyle and what tools to use.

Styling elements

Hairstyles for long hair require mandatory styling. Even if the curls are simply planned to be collected in a tail, it is necessary to create a small volume, combine the strands and fix them with varnish. If a man's hair length allows him to do a hairstyle, he needs to familiarize himself with some of the options that are popular this year.


Men's braids

The numerous list of hairstyles with long curls can be diluted with braids. The usual pigtails were previously worn not only by girls, but also by men. These are the most ancient men's hairstyles worn by Vikings, American Indians, European citizens at the court of English and French monarchs. In the last century, braids came back into fashion for men who were musicians and played rap music.

This year, men's braids are predominantly African American braids, as well as braids. In the presence of long hair in men of representative professions, it is better to refuse the presented variations. Such braids are suitable for people of creative professions - artists, musicians.

tails and tufts

Man Bun is the name of a man's hairstyle with a bun on his head. A similar idea was invented in the Western press, when trendsetter Brad Pitt appeared with two tails on his head, located one above the other, and a bob haircut. Long curls are easy to gather high on the back of the head. Interesting options with shaved temples, as well as strands of different lengths.

if curly hair

Hairstyle for curly hair

Curly hair for a man is the most troublesome hair structure to style. But at the same time, the hairstyle from such hair looks very attractive. Here you can choose both classics and asymmetry—the curls will look equally well-groomed. But to create a hairstyle, you will need to lay strands on a daily basis, and in some cases even use special invisibility to fix it.

If the hair is thick and curly, but there is a desire to create an extraordinary image, then it is better to choose the classic options. Asymmetry will be difficult to fit. Moreover, no fixative will give an effect for the whole day.

How to style your long hair yourself

Most men do not go to the barbershop every day, so they have to do their styling at home. In the question of how to make your own hairstyle, it is recommended to perform the following sequence of actions:Hair Styling

  1. Shampoo your hair before styling. It is better to leave the strands to dry naturally, as this method will not lead to the formation of excessive volume.
  2. If the curls are wavy, it is recommended to use special men's balms or sprays. They make hair more manageable.
  3. Next, you need to take a hairdryer and a comb, style the strands in accordance with the characteristics of the haircut. Parting carefully - it should be clear, unless the hair is combed back.
  4. Having styled the curls as desired, it is necessary to fix the hairstyle with varnish.

    If the hairstyle is with bangs, then it is recommended to combine it to one side in any haircuts. Male images do not provide for full forehead closure, unlike female ones.

Fashion trends this year in long-haired hairstyles

In this year, the following haircut options are in fashion:

  • Long haircuts suggest the opposite combination, when the curls are shaved from below, and the length is left on top. Such options can diversify the appearance by combining the strands to the side, back and even up. Only for the latter case will you need a good retainer.Men's hairstyle with long hair
  • Sloppy Combover… A haircut involves combing the strands to one side, which is done in a chaotic manner, but necessarily requires the use of a high-quality retainer.
  • Smoothly laid… These hairstyles are suitable for all men — creative individuals and directors of reputable enterprises. An important condition is the constant examination of your image in the mirror. If there are knocked-out strands, they are neatly combed and used in addition to a retainer.
  • Lush volume, shaved whiskey and a haircut to zero from top to bottom… This option is used by men who already have long curls, but are fed up with the classics. The hairstyle requires regular styling with strands combed back.
  • Weaving braids… An interesting haircut option is elongated curls with shaved temples or a short length at the bottom. It turns out that on the crown and in the area above the forehead, the man asks the master to leave the length of the strands, and cut the rest to short ones. In a barbershop, a specialist will clearly distinguish the border of long curls, and everything that remains below must be neatly trimmed. The strands are braided into a "dragon" pigtail with a tail at the back.
  • Large volume… The curls are combed back, previously creating a large volume.
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Each men's hairstyle is unique in its own way and requires careful preparation - both before a haircut and in subsequent styling. A man, going to the step of growing strands, must understand this and be ready for a longer creation of his image in the morning. If there is no time to do this, it is recommended to stay on the classic options with the ability to collect strands in the tail.

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