Men's haircuts with a slick back

When a guy needs a stylish and trendy haircut, the right decision is to opt for a male hairstyle with a slick back. This is a classic image of the stronger sex, which allows you to quickly create a sophisticated and cool look at the same time. You need to learn how to lay such hair neatly. When it starts to work out, it will not be difficult. This style is considered universal and is used in various hairstyles.

Who is suitable for combed back hairstyles?

Men's combed-back hairstyles went out of fashion more than once, and then returned triumphantly. Until now, some stylists criticize them, claiming that this is a tribute to the past and has long been outdated.

Back combed haircutThere are fashionistas who, on the contrary, believe that men's haircuts with a slick back are a great way for self-expression at any age. This form is considered a successful and bold decision. In addition, the image is radically changing. Sometimes it is enough to grow a bang and put it on top.

Just remember that this haircut is not for everyone. After all, the styling is very specific. Please note that in such a situation, the shape of the face is on full view.

A haircut with a comb back will be relevant for men with a head shape without asymmetry and pronounced imbalance, with ideal facial features. At the same time, it is desirable that the forehead be of medium height, the chin is not very large and not very small, the cheekbones are not clearly expressed. The skin should be free of obvious defects and scars. Otherwise, with such styling, all the shortcomings will immediately catch the eye.

If a man meets these parameters, then he can safely wear his hair back. The main thing is to choose the haircut that suits the best.

Most popular combed back hairstyles

Men's hairstyle with a slick back is recommended for the stronger sex with medium to long hair.

A man will have to choose a quality shampoo that is suitable specifically for his hair. Regularly apply a softening balm and conditioner.

There are several common ways to get a slicked-back haircut for men. In addition to the classical method, there are also special options that adapt to the client's personal preferences and the structure of his hair. Next, let's take a look at some of the most popular men's combed back haircuts.

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Hairstyle with comb back Anderkat

This is an unusual and stylish haircut that is relevant among domestic and Hollywood actors. You can often see the world's soccer stars appear on the pitch with this hairstyle. The name of this haircut was made by Brad Pitt and David Beckham.

Initially, the undercut hairstyle appeared in England over a century ago, but at first it was not very common.

She immediately makes the man noticeable in the crowd. With lush strands at the back of his head and crown and shaved temples, he immediately attracts the attention of others. This is a bold and original look.

There are creative options for undercut haircuts. For example, you can only shave one temple. Long strands are left on the other side of the head, and a tattoo or an original drawing is made on the shaved part so that the image comes out as brutal as possible. The bangs are combed back or to the side.


Combed Back Hairstyle Canadian

This is a common hairstyle for men with back hair. Hairdressers leave the whiskey smooth and short, which then blends into an elongated crown.

This haircut may resemble the image of gangsters from popular Hollywood films. Guys who opt for this hairstyle immediately stand out in a sophisticated way with enduring charm.

There is an option in which medium-length hair is left on the crown. They are then milled. In this case, you can shave both temples and get a haircut, just like the king of rock and roll, Presley.


Punk Back Punk Hairstyle

This is another bold decision when a man decides to combine his hair back. This haircut is still in demand among hairdressers. At the crown and back of the head, the hair is left to its maximum length. From them, if necessary, make a Mohawk.

This hairstyle is chosen by representatives of informal youth associations. First, punks, after whom it got its name.

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Classic hairstyle with an elongated parietal zone

Classic combed back hairstyle

This is another example where hair is worn back. Men's hairstyle should be done using a special technology. Its characteristic differences are soft length transitions. In this case, the line is made both low and high or medium.

The back of the head is very neat. This haircut is a sign of success and respectability. The hairdresser does not shave the whiskey as in the previous versions. On the crown and parietal zone, the hair remains elongated. This is done so that they can be stacked back without any problem. This comb holds well after using the fixing agents.

Men with slicked hair, choosing this haircut, demonstrate to everyone around that they know a lot about style, have a subtle sense of taste.

How to make a styling

Hair Styling

Having decided on a haircut, you have to "teach" your strands to lie down perfectly, as required by the chosen style. In its normal state, the hair tends to fall forward.

If your hair is thick or frizzy, shaping it and then maintaining it throughout the day will be tricky. To solve this issue, it is recommended to use a man's lipstick or special wax. The main thing is that cosmetics have a strong fixation effect.

It is recommended to start combing your hair after you have washed your hair and your hair is still tousled. Then follow a few tips:

  1. When applying conditioner and shampoo, gradually distribute over the entire length. Use a combo if necessary.
  2. Comb up and back just before shampooing.
  3. When you start wringing out your hair, pull the strands firmly towards the back of your head. Try to keep them in this state.
  4. Put the hair dryer on a low temperature. Use a large combo when brushing.

After some time, the hair will get used to this upward styling and adapt to the new haircut.

Styling curly curls

Additional issues can arise when styling highly curly hair. For representatives of the stronger sex with such hair, a haircut with a comb back is one of the best options. Even if the hair is wavy and with large curls.

If the curly hair is combed back, then the man is guaranteed a unique and inimitable style.

Style your curls immediately after shampooing while your hair is wet. Unroll the turns with a comb or brush.

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Hairstyle for curly hair

Apply a quality cosmetic product to damp curls. Do not overdo it, as overdose can negatively affect styling.

Apply lipstick along the entire length with a comb. Dry your hair thoroughly with a hairdryer. Try to pull unruly hair away from your forehead. Choosing to combine diagonally will give your look a brutal look. You can safely throw off a few years.

Brush straight and back to achieve a shiny and smooth look.

For a natural-looking hairstyle, textured styling will do. You do not need to stretch the strands too much. Try not to interfere with the curls from feeling loose.

After adding volume, create an original look with subtle waves left over from curly hair.

Styling products

Means for styling hair

To wear such haircuts, it is recommended to use professional cosmetics. For example, lipstick for men's hair… It is produced on a water and oil basis.

An oil-based product is recommended for those with dry skin. This will give your hair extra shine. Please note that this lipstick is washed off very badly.

The product, made on a water basis, fixes the direction of the strands, is immediately washed off with water without shampoo.

Wax Suitable for all hair types. It is an easy-to-use product. Therefore, it is so popular among the stronger sex. Because of the wax, the volume of your hair will not decrease, it will only fix the shape of the hairstyle, while maintaining a natural look.

Clay used for styling and modeling. It is used by men with oily skin. With its help, it is possible to dry the hair. The haircut takes on a well-groomed and natural look.

In conclusion, we note that such hairstyles always make a man's image bright, stylish and noticeable. The main thing is to take into account the facial features and the shape of the head so that the haircut fits the chosen image.

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