Men's haircut Voyage — a classic with a variety of styling options

Modern trends dictate individuality. Model hairstyles can emphasize the romance of the image, they are also suitable for brutal guys. Men's haircut Voyage is the prerogative of young people. Lightweight, dynamic, allows you to choose bright images. It has corrective properties. Gives volume, creates a general mood.

What a Voyage haircut looks like: options

men's haircut voyage on straight hairFinding out this haircut is quite simple. The voyage assumes a voluminous central part and a short region of the temples and the back of the head. The transition can be smooth, abrupt, stepped, asymmetric. The choice depends on the characteristics of the appearance, the structure of the hair and, of course, the wishes of the client.

The Voyage men's haircut is based on a classic hat. She has retained the characteristic volume of the crown. At the same time, there is no sharp contrast in lengths, as well as an even thick bangs. It is considered a more universal model, the choice of technique depends on the structure of the strands. Hairstyle on straight hair emphasizes the brutality, masculinity of the image. Made on curly curls suits romantic natures.

A step cut is suitable for straight hair. It involves a careful thinning of the central part; the temples and the back of the head are worked out in the same way. Asymmetrical bangs can be styled to one side, combed back. The best option for owners of thick hair, the haircut does not limit the options for styling.

mens haircut voyage on wavy hairFor guys with wavy curls, a multi-layered hairstyle is recommended, including an elongated crown and short strands off the temples, nape. A soft transition smooths out borders, emphasizes a neat shape. Involves an elongated bang that falls over the forehead. An excellent option for curly strands, a practical hairstyle does not require frequent correction, styling takes a minimum amount of time.

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For guys with thin, straight strands, a stepped haircut option is recommended. The bangs act as an accent, the volume smoothly passes from the crown to the growth line of the parietal zone. The elongated strands of the central area, as well as the transition, are served with careful thinning. Graduation emphasizes the effect of carelessness, adds volume to fine hair.

The asymmetrical version includes a fluffy crown and contrasting lengths at the temples. The bangs merge with the lateral zone, covering the ear. The short part is cut neatly under scissors with a smooth transition.

To whom does

The Voyage men's haircut is considered the prerogative of young guys, but mature men can also emphasize the individuality of the style by choosing an elegant hairstyle. It has a number of restrictions for implementation - thinning hair, as well as coarse, curly strands, is difficult to give a characteristic shape. Does not match with a mustache, beard, but looks harmonious with a three-day stubble

mens haircut voyage asymmetryIt is recommended to choose a hairstyle for tall, slender guys. She is preferred by representatives of creative professions, show business, entrepreneurs, office workers. Not suitable for fans of sports and military style, as well as overweight men.

For guys with an oval face shape, you can choose any modification of the Voyage haircut. For an elongated oval, it is worth choosing a model with short strands in the central area, without pronounced volume at the crown and elongation in the temple area. Holders of a triangular oval - a hairstyle with extended bangs and a stepped thinning of the crown.

Chubby ones, on the contrary, need to create maximum volume in the central zone, cut their temples short, and asymmetrical bangs will help to narrow a wide face. Men with pronounced cheekbones are advised to opt for an asymmetric haircut with maximum elongation in the temples and bangs.

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Thanks to a variety of techniques, the Voyage men's haircut allows you to correct a high forehead, protruding ears, and asymmetry of features.

Self haircut technology

The Voyage hairstyle is performed at medium length, depending on the hair structure, the master selects the optimal technique.

Does not require frequent correction, the regrown strands emphasize dynamism, elegance, allowing you to create many original styling.

To create a hairstyle, you will need a standard set of tools: a comb, classic and thinning scissors, clips.

Technical performance:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner, comb thoroughly.
  2. Divide the zones with a horizontal parting from temple to temple, capturing the upper part of the back of the head. The strands of the central area are fixed with clamps.
  3. Start cutting from the bottom of the back of the head, conventionally dividing the area with horizontal parting.
  4. Select a control strand, about 1 centimeter long. Trim the rest of the hair to the desired level.
  5. Gradually moving up to the crown, select the control strand with an extension of 2 mm. Whiskey is made out in the same way, then to create a smooth edging.
  6. Then the crown and the crown of the head are trimmed. The control strand is highlighted, the entire central region is formed according to a given length.
  7. The hair is thoroughly combined again, length differences are eliminated.
  8. At the final stage, thinning is carried out. Thin strands are worked out only in the area of ​​the crown, crown.

Styling and care options

The hairstyle does not require frequent correction, it is enough to visit the master once every 4-6 weeks to keep in shape. It is important to monitor the condition of the strands, the haircut is performed on medium hair. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that matches your scalp or hair structure. Once a week, it is recommended to use masks, the formulations nourish, betray the healthy shine of the hair.

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Regardless of the choice of styling, you will need a standard set of devices - a hairdryer, a brushing comb. To add volume, foam, mousse is used, to create sharp, graphic lines, choose wax, texturing clay.

Styling options:

  1. Classic Voyage suggests volume in the central area. To give a characteristic shape, you need to apply mousse to wet strands. Dry with a brush, curling the ends forward. Select individual strands with wax.
  2. Sloppy option performed both on straight and curly hair. When styling with a hairdryer, you need to lift the hair in the root area to create maximum volume. Distribute a small amount of wax in the palms, form a chaotic hairstyle, setting the desired direction with your hands.
  3. The effect of wet hair suitable for thick straight or curly strands. You can slick your hair back to highlight the elegance of the hairstyle. The option with the division of the mop with an uneven parting also looks great.

The Voyage haircut is the optimal model for men who prefer non-standard hairstyles. Medium length does not limit styling options. Emphasizes romance, elegance, often chosen by representatives of creative professions. It does not require frequent correction, a practical haircut is suitable for handsome-looking guys. Stepped Voyage with an abrupt transition is the best option for brutal men.

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