Hairstyle "Hitler Youth" - a new breath of haircuts with a century of history

The «Hitler Youth» hairstyle gained wide popularity in Germany in the late 20s. The haircut was named after the eponymous military Union of Young Nazis. The members of this organization were only men. Smoothly combed hair with a perfectly even parting favorably complemented the strict and restrained image of a German officer.

The second peak of fashion came in the 80s of the last century. Then successful American businessmen began to cut their whiskey short and comb their bangs back, and soon the trend spread to all segments of the population. The provocative name did not stop the «Hitler Youth» haircut from winning the recognition of men of different ages and generations. It is relevant to this day. To avoid an involuntary reference to the past of Nazi Germany, the Americans began to call the hairstyle Preppy, and the Slavs mean it much more simply — «under the Fritz».

What a haircut looks like: options

Distinctive details of the «Hitler Youth» haircut are the elongated bangs and hair on the crown. In this case, the temples and the area from the neck to the back of the head should be shaved or trimmed as short as possible. There must be a smooth transition between areas with long and short hair.

Fritz hairstyle can be presented in 3 different forms:

  1. Classic «Hitler Youth»… In this variant, the long part of the hair (at least 10 cm) is combed back. The structure of the bangs should be flat and smooth. And the volume is reduced with the help of gel, mousse or wax.
  2. side parting… In this case, the master makes an even parting on the left or right. The long hair zone is conventionally determined by the outer edge of the eyebrows.
  3. Parting in the middle… In this version, the bangs are combed to the back of the head. But at the same time, a straight parting in the center of the crown should be clearly marked.

The length at the temples and the back of the head can be 1-3 cm.But in fact, the greater the difference between the long and short zones, the more spectacular the hairstyle looks. The «Hitler Youth» haircut does not accept sloppiness and protruding eddies. Only straight lines, perfectly combed smooth hair, and flawless transitions from long sections to shaved temples.

How not to be confused with similar haircuts

There is a male hairstyle model called Undercut. Outwardly, she looks like «Hitler Youth» — shaved whiskey and long hair on the top of her head. But there is a main feature that helps to distinguish them. In the Undercut there is no smooth transition (or visor), the section with long hair begins immediately after the short or shaved area of ​​the head.

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The Undercut hairstyle allows for some liberties in style. This is the coloring of individual strands, shaving stripes or a pattern on the temples or the back of the head. The «Hitler Youth» haircut does not accept such options. It should have clear shapes and lines of the classic model, without a hint of underground. It is enough for a professional hairdresser to say the name of the hairstyle, and he will correctly determine the task.

To whom does

Fritz-style haircut is almost universal. She looks great on an elongated face with a firm chin. Also suitable for those with an oval face with a low forehead line. The «Hitler Youth» hairstyle looks great with clean-shaven cheekbones. But also perfectly complements the image with hairstyle hitler youth optionsa well-groomed beard or stylish mustache.

This hairstyle is out of age. It can be worn by both young guys and mature men from 35 and older. The ideal style of clothing for her is classic, but the haircut fits into fashionable bows of a freer style. If there are tattoos on the body, «Hitler Youth» will add determination and brutality to the look.

This hairstyle is not recommended only for men with a round face and thick cheeks. With this shape, «Hitler Youth» will only highlight the flaws that can be ironed out with a different haircut. It is also problematic to do Fritz-style hairstyles for people with coarse and curly hair. For this type of hair, you will need a special flattening iron, and daily styling with a lot of wax, gel and varnish.

Self haircut technology

To create a man’s haircut in the «Hitler Youth» style, the length of the bangs and hair at the crown should be 10 cm or more. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired shape. In the process, you will need the following set of accessories:

  • comb with fine teeth;
  • a hair clipper with a set of attachments;
  • electric shaver (or shaving machine);
  • straight, well-sharpened scissors.

Before starting, you need to wash your hair and dry it slightly. Hair should be damp, but not wet. This is necessary in order to make it easier to control the desired length. A haircut consists of several stages:

  1. men's haircutUsing a comb, you require to immediately separate part of the hair on the crown and back of the head, which will remain long. Secure them with an elastic band or hair clip.
  2. Set the nozzle “under zero” on the typewriter and remove all hair to the temples with it.
  3. Change the zero size of the nozzle to «1» and continue cutting upwards by 1,5-2,5 cm, controlling the lifting height.
  4. Having got 3-4 cm to the border with long hair, you require making a smooth transition. For this, a nozzle of the desired length is used; during execution, the angle of inclination of the blade is adjusted.
  5. packing the Hitler YouthThe back of the head should be trimmed in the same way. But at the same time, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the length at the back is in harmony with the side zones.
  6. Correctly defined contours at the temples and in the neck area are created using a razor or machine.
  7. The area with long hair should be cut with scissors. The bangs should be slightly shorter than the area at the back of the head. Thanks to this difference in combed appearance, it will not fall on the eyes, and the shape of the hairstyle will look flawless.
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Very thick and voluminous hair must be profiled to achieve the perfect look. The final stage is styling using special products. If a straight or asymmetrical parting is provided, then it should be perfectly even.

Styling and care options

For a «Hitler Youth» hairstyle to look impeccable, the temples and the back of the head must not be neglected. To maintain shape, you must regularly visit a hairdresser or carry out correction yourself.

hairstyle hitler youth for straight hairStyling is done every day, because a Fritz-style haircut does not tolerate sloppiness and mess on the head.

There are several options for styling haircuts, which are selected based on the characteristics of the hairstyle and hair structure:

  • owners of thin and straight hair are advised not to part, but to comb the bangs back and lightly fix with varnish (the gel in this case should not be used, it will visually make the hair less frequent and thinner);
  • it is better to apply gel or wax of strong fixation on a too thick mop, it is advisable to part the parting on the side — in this version, the hairstyle will keep its neat shape for a long time;
  • for hard and thick hair, the «wet» effect is great — to create it, you should wet the head, dry it slightly, treat it generously with gel and comb the bangs back with or without parting, as desired;
  • hairstyle hitler youth for wavy hairif your hair is curly and unruly, but you want «Hitler Youth», then you need to devote more time to styling. First, straighten the long hair area with a special iron and straighteners, then use gel or wax. Then comb in the desired direction and additionally fix the strands with varnish;
  • for wavy hair with a fine structure, it is not necessary to use many products. It is enough to align the bangs and hair on the crown, and then comb and sprinkle with strong fixation varnish (thin hair is more obedient and keeps its shape perfectly);
  • the owner of straight hair of medium density can choose any version of the «Hitler Youth» model, and use a minimum of means for fixing — the hair of such a structure is pliable and quickly «gets used» to the slope of the comb.
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The ends should not be glued together, otherwise it will not work to create a smooth line to the back of the head, and the haircut will look sloppy. It is important to understand that the real version of the «Hitler Youth» hairstyle is perfectly shaved temples with a clear outline, and a smooth combing of hair to hair. Therefore, when choosing this haircut model, it is necessary to regularly carry out shape correction and daily styling, using high-quality fixing products.

Female version of the «Hitler Youth» hairstyle

female version of the Hitler Youth hairstyleInitially, the Fritz-style haircut was considered exclusively for men, but since the 80s of the last century, women have also begun to wear it. The «Hitler Youth» hairstyle perfectly suits the business style of successful businesswomen, and no less harmoniously fits into the bold image of modern young girls.

This haircut is perfect for a face with the right features, and favorably emphasizes the beauty of the neck, which long hair usually conceals. The technology of the female version of the hairstyle almost does not differ from the male type. The only difference is that women prefer to keep their bangs longer than the hair at the back of their heads.

This detail allows you to experiment with styling — you can comb it back smoothly or let the hair fall carelessly asymmetrically on the forehead. Girls actively use two or more shades in their hairstyle, when the short zones are made in a dark tone, and the bangs are dyed white, platinum or red.

The «Hitler Youth» haircut is a timeless and ageless hairstyle. It goes well with the classic style of clothing and complements the image of a determined and self-confident man. Young guys with Fritz hairstyle can afford free style in any form — and will look harmonious and attractive. Owners of such a haircut attract special attention and will never get lost in the crowd.

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