Hair system for men with an active lifestyle

Well-groomed appearance, healthy hair - the image of a modern man often determines his success. The problem of thinning strands is familiar to many, and care, separation treatment does not always bring the desired result. The hair system for men is a non-surgical method for restoring strands. Consists of a base - thin silicone or mesh and natural hair. Replacement is a comfortable type of wig that radically changes its appearance.

How to choose the right system

The basis of the hair replacement system for bald patches in men is a thin, durable mesh cap. The silicone patch is fixed directly to the scalp. The strands on the system are fastened manually, using special knots.

They are made according to individual measurements, you can pick up finished products.

False hair is used for men with alopecia. It is used during the treatment period until the restoration of natural strands or mask baldness that cannot be corrected. The replacement system visually hides thinning areas, adds density to the hair. When choosing overhead replicas, it is important to consider a number of factors:

  1. Most systems cover the center and crown. Used for androgenic, focal, cicatricial alopecia, if thinning is observed on the vertex.
  2. The bald spot can cover the frontal, temporal and parietal regions, less often the back of the head. For correction, overlays are used that cover the entire scalp.
  3. Not only color is taken into account, but also the density, structure, density of the strands. To achieve a natural result, the material of the overlay system must match in all characteristics with the man's natural hair.
  4. The shade of the parting, the silicone base of the replacement system, must duplicate the skin color.
  5. Natural strands look natural in on lays, but yak hair systems are distinguished by a long service life.
  6. Mesh bases of overhead strands are suitable for owners of sensitive skin prone to irritation and dandruff.
  7. Silicone systems are distinguished by reliable fixation and long service life. But the material does not allow air to pass through, which affects the condition of the scalp.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Hair Replacement System

The use of hair replacement patches for alopecia in men does not fundamentally solve the problem. Before ordering a product, it is worth evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the method.


  • perfect masking of baldness, it looks natural, there are no boundaries between the transitions between the patch system and the hairline;
  • makes you look younger and more attractive;
  • a safe alternative to surgery, there are no risks and contraindications;
  • the procedure does not take much time, the result is noticeable immediately;
  • unlike wigs, the overhead system does not need to be removed, fixed on a daily basis, and is designed for continuous use;
  • mesh replenishment does not affect hair growth, oxygen respiration of the scalp, is well ventilated, does not cause discomfort;
  • you can lead an active lifestyle, play sports, take a shower, maintain a position for the entire period of operation;
  • allows you to regularly experiment with the image, false hair can be dyed, curled, styled, does not limit the choice of hairstyles.


  • it takes about 3 months to make a delivery system for men;
  • the adhesive base under intense exposure to water, detergents, mechanical impact loses its fixing properties, requires frequent correction;
  • periodically, the replenishment must be changed, the service life depends on the base material, hair length, on average it will last from several months to 2 years;
  • you need to shape the growing strands, you can only entrust the hairstyle to an experienced master in order to avoid pronounced boundaries;
  • pads for men with a mesh structure allow the skin to breathe, bases with silicone pads disrupt oxygen exchange, cause irritation, itching of the scalp;
  • high cost of replacement, the quality of the base, the length and density of the strands, as well as the size of the system affect the price formation.
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Is an active lifestyle possible

The hair system for men is fixed with glue, followed by correction in a month. Unlike a wig, which requires to be worn on a daily basis and adjusted regularly, an overlay provides a secure fit to the base. You can lead an active lifestyle - go in for sports, visit the sauna, steam bath, solarium, take a shower, the position of the replay will not change. Allows you to regularly experiment with the image, dye strands, use styling and thermo devices.

What are the alternatives

In addition to the overhead hair system, there are other methods of dealing with thinning strands. A simple and affordable way is to purchase a man's wig. Everyone can afford the budget option. Products made from natural hair are distinguished by their high cost. Still, a wig for men cannot compete with systems in creating a natural effect. Also, they do not differ in reliable fixation, they are easily displaced with vigorous physical activity.

Hair transplant is a radical solution to the problem of alopecia. Modern techniques allow you to restore the growth and density of the strands:

  1. Seamless transplantation — the minimally invasive procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Areas of skin with a diameter of 2-5 mm with living follicles are excised from the donor area using a special machine. Small scars of a rounded shape remain, the tissues quickly recover after the procedure. Incisions are made in the area of ​​correction with a scalpel, and grafts are inserted with tweezers. The period of complete healing lasts 4-5 weeks, the procedure can be performed only once. There are risks of tissue scarring, and the transplanted strands will not differ in density.
  2. flap transplant, considered a classic transplant method. It can be carried out up to 4 times, the recovery period is 1-3 months. The size of the donor site is up to 5 cm, general or local anesthesia is used. The outdated technique is not popular due to prolonged painful sensations during the recovery period, low density of the transplanted strands.
  3. non-surgical, the method allows you to achieve the desired effect—restoring the growth and density of the strands. Follicular units consisting of 1-3 bulbs are taken from the donor area using needles. The placement of the graft is carried out with a guide needle, which allows you to adjust the depth without preliminary punctures. The advantages of the procedure include painlessness, short rehabilitation (up to 14 days). Differs in high efficiency, does not leave scars and other tissue damage. The technique does not limit the choice of hairstyle, it is even possible to shave your head.

Hairstyle options using the hair system
Hairstyle options using the hair system
The false hair system for men allows you to hide the problem of thinning strands. The use of natural materials, as well as reliable fixation, are the main advantages of the technology. When choosing products, the peculiarities of the hair structure are taken into account. You can order a customized delivery system.

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