Hair bleaching for creative men

Hair coloring is chosen by creative, creative individuals, as well as media people. Helps to hide gray hair, change the image, create a vivid image. Hair bleaching has become a topical trend in men, it does not limit experiments with the image. Fashion trends allow you to change regularly while maintaining the strength and shine of your hair.

Who is blonde hair suitable for?

Blond is one of the most capricious shades that requires careful maintenance and regular correction. It is important to choose the right tone that emphasizes natural data. They are chosen by men who carefully monitor their image, are open to experiments with their appearance. Not the best option for correction, a bright color attracts attention, emphasizes the originality of the personality.

Who is lightening suitable for:

  • men with a flawless complexion - pale porcelain or dark olive skin tone;
  • natural blondes, brown-haired people can choose bright hair color, looks extravagant on brunettes, focusing on the contrasts of appearance and hair;
  • lightening is used for different haircuts - laconic military, elegant Canada and shocking Pompadour;
  • on long hair below the shoulders, you can experiment with fashionable shatush, ombre techniques, including partial lightening of the strands;
  • it is optimal to choose a bright blond up to 40 years old, but representatives of creative professions look organically with discolored strands even at a more mature age;
  • allows you to experiment with different styles, harmonious combination with a business suit, practical casual, not recommended for men who prefer a conservative image;
  • are chosen by representatives of various professions - athletes, media persons, creative personalities, the only limitation will be the civil service or the position of the head;
  • suits slender, athletic guys, hair color attracts attention, it is worth considering the image to the smallest detail;
  • will be an excellent solution for owners of oily hair, bleaching allows you to keep a neat well-groomed look longer.
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It is necessary to take into account the disadvantages of lightening, blond gives off redness, rosacea, an unhealthy, tired complexion, wrinkles. Hair in men for bleaching must be healthy. In the presence of dandruff, seborrhea, brittleness, dryness, an aggressive procedure will only aggravate the problem.

How to choose a shade

Variations of a blonde can emphasize individuality, make an image memorable. When choosing a tone for men, you need to take into account the features of appearance, the natural shade of the hair, the structure of the strands, and the length. You can use a natural palette, and for fans of creative ideas, futuristic ideas are suitable.

Men with bleached hair

Variations of a blonde can emphasize individuality, make an image memorable.

Features of choice:

  1. Blonde guys can afford warm shades of wheat as well as Nordic ash. To preserve the shine of the strands, use partial lightening. The highlighting technique allows you to correct the appearance, to give the hair density, volume.
  2. Light-brown men are recommended to lighten the strands by no more than 2-3 tones. It is optimal to choose honey, amber, sandy shades, as well as an ash palette. It will be possible to achieve a natural color, refresh the complexion, emphasize the texture of the hairstyle.
  3. For men with dark hair and dark skin, you can use a snow-white blond, which will emphasize the contrast of appearance. Those wishing to create a more conservative look are better off choosing warm shades of wheat, nutty and cognac.
  4. Ginger guys are encouraged to stay in a warm honey palette, using partial or full lightening. The transition to cold shades of pearl blond is possible after aggressive discoloration.
  5. For long hair, it is better to choose dyeing techniques with a transition - shatush, balayage, ombre. For short hair, you can use full lightening or zoning of individual areas - the central part, the temples. The average length does not limit experiments with bleaching, toning of strands.
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How and what to lighten at home

For discoloration of the strands, aggressive dyes are used that destroy pigmentation in the stem structures. To obtain an even shade without yellowness and transitions, colorists will use toning dyes. You can choose any color - pearl, honey, cognac, silver.

Hair lightening options

Light-brown men are recommended to lighten the strands by no more than 2-3 tones.

What do you need to bleach your hair:

  • powder for clarification - ammonia products are not recommended, it is better to use professional products;
  • oxidizing agent - for natural blondes and light blond guys, you can use 3%, for redheads, brown-haired people - 6% or 9%, for brunettes - 9%;
  • a hat with holes - owners of dark strands are recommended to step-by-step dyeing, with the help of highlighting it will be possible to go into blond, while maintaining healthy strong curls;
  • gloves;
  • mixing brush;
  • comb for even distribution along the entire length.

How to lighten hair:

  1. Wear gloves, stir the oxidizing agent with the bleaching powder in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer.
  2. Test - Apply the mixture to the crook of the elbow. If there is an allergic reaction, a burning sensation will appear within half an hour.
  3. Distribute the composition on the strands with a brush, apply to the root area, then move on to the ends.
  4. After processing along the entire length, calculate with a comb.
  5. To withstand the composition for 20 to 45 minutes, the exposure time depends on the original color, as well as on the structure of the hair. The bleaching process should be checked periodically.
  6. Wash off the clarifier with cool water and shampoo, evaluate the result after drying. Toning may be required to obtain an even shade.
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Duration of the result

After lightening, the resulting shade will last from 3 to 5 weeks. As the hair grows back, the roots will be visible, requiring dyeing. Clarification should be carried out regularly, at intervals - once a month. Only growing roots are allowed for coloring. Application along the entire length leads to weakening, sectioning, dryness of the strands. If the blond gets bored, you can return to the natural color with a short haircut or toning procedure.

What to do and how to care after staining

After completing the staining procedure, the main task is to preserve the resulting shade. Bleached blond hair needs special care:

  • to prevent yellowness, wash the curls in cool water, apply a thermal protective agent to the strands before laying with a hairdryer;
  • choose a series of professional care for bleached hair, shampoo, conditioner are used for regular cleansing, a mask must be applied once a week;
  • in the season of solar activity, it is recommended to use balms, serums with UV filters, they will help to preserve not only Nordic ash, but also no less capricious warm shades of pearlescent, sand;
  • complete staining requires regular correction, lightening of regrown roots;
  • Techniques are considered more practical - highlighting, shatush, balayage, they look stylish even a few months after the procedure.

Hair lightening options

Hair bleaching in men can radically change the image. A new look requires careful maintenance and regular correction. The lightening procedure can be entrusted to a colorist or carried out at home.

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