Crop haircut for strong-willed guys and brutal men

While trying to keep up with fashion trends, guys nevertheless prefer haircuts that require a minimum of maintenance and styling. Under these parameters, the men’s haircut Crop is suitable. It stands out for its informal style, linear clarity combined with casualness. It gives a challenge and cannot fail to attract attention.

What does a haircut look like?

Crop’s trademark is a type of fillet hair on the crown and back of the head. The inter-row difference between short and long strands adds style, embedding the hairstyle in both a comfortable casual and a strict business image.

Crop haircut is essentially a distant relative of such haircuts as boxing and semi-boxing, but differing in original style and versatility. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the short-shaven sides and back of the head, coupled with long hair stretching to the forehead from the crown.

Attention is given to the bangs, or rather to the choice of size. The crop hairstyle allows three variations:

The hair on the crown is a field for imagination, which comes according to the mood and situation. They are laid evenly, combing them on the forehead, or they are chaotically tousled.

Cropp Variations

Variability is a feature of this hairstyle. In this case, you need to carefully select your option. Otherwise, there is a high risk of protruding outward flaws, rather than smoothing out. Not always men, for example, like very bare temples, the back of the head, elongated parietal strands.

Crop haircut options
There are many options for the length of the Crop haircut, from «no bunch» to elongated

Therefore, everyone chooses the option who suits the most, based on personal ambitions, image and wardrobe:

  1. Crop classic. Everything classic is fashionable. This option is a combination of hairstyles with business attire. This is indicated by the neat smoothness of the strands, when from the general refinement, a slight protrusion of the ends of the bangs is possible.
  2. French crop. Draws attention with top milled strands. They have sufficient elongation and a ragged edge. Laying bangs — to the side or back. Male style for serious rebels who prefer not to show a cool temper ahead of time.
  3. Bristle-free crop. Brutal style. «No bangs» — sounds like restrained and strict guys. The hairstyle’s line coincides with the frontal line, and the absolute absence of frivolous «bells and whistles» like bangs. The picture is stunning!
  4. Fade crop. They are used more often by chubby men who want to get not only a hairstyle with charm, but also visually achieve lengthening of the face shapes. The variation of the fade haircut is characterized by a blurred border separating shaved areas and long strands.
  5. Ultra-crop. It is assumed that the length of the upper hairs is slightly longer than the temporal ones — by 1-2 millimeters. That is, this is a sporty haircut style, characterized by short top strands.
  6. Extra long crop. It is considered a complicated male styling. Long hair left on the crown expands the range for experimenting with images. You can create original styling, «customize» the hairstyle for clothes.
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When making a choice of haircuts, it is advisable to imagine how you will look from different angles, and not just from the front.

To whom does

Despite its versatility and popularity, the hairstyle is not for everyone. A harmonious combination of face and hair type is required.

Face shape

Professionals believe that the crop hairstyle is better suited for skinny men with a facial shape:

  • square;
  • roundish (not round);
  • oval;
  • triangular

The haircut is really versatile, thanks to the free variation in the length of the upper hair and the folding of the transition to short:

  1. With an oval face, the upper row is of medium length, and the descent to the back of the head and the shaved temporal part is steep.
  2. Chubby — it is advisable to leave the upper part of the strands shorter, and make the transition smooth.
  3. If the face is square, you need to go to the shaved area in a contrasting way while maintaining a small length of the upper strands.
  4. It is important for a triangular face to balance proportions: a short top and a sharp transition to the temporal part.

Stylists assure that the cropp haircut adapts to any male face contour, without breaking the harmony of styles and forming the right images.

hair type

Thick strands are ideal for creating a classic haircut. Although rare-haired by nature, you should not be upset: an experienced hairdresser, through the classic forward combing and thinning, will be able to crop. It will also look on curls, that is, curly hair — you just need to choose the right length and styling of the strands.

Looks good on long hair, you just need to choose the right styling of the strands. The crop also goes well with the beard

This is the advantage of the hairstyle — it is not enslaved by some kind of absolute, there are always ways to maneuver.

Hair length before going to the salon 3-6 centimeters will allow the master to make a «classic» or an elongated crop. According to professionals, male haircuts are used more often by clients with straight, manageable hair. But even a naughty curl has control when choosing the right strategy.

For strong-willed guys and brutal men

Crop is suitable for everyone, without intruding on age and stylistic harmony, it will correct external characteristics. It can suit not only a tough guy, a representative of industrial subcultures, a man, but also a romantic boy.

Crop haircut options
The Crop haircut is suitable for both a brutal man and a romantic young man.

A short hairstyle is successfully combined with clothes for going out, and for celebrations or business meetings. With a men’s haircut Crop Cut, glasses are worn, piercings, tattoos do not look like an excess. It can be successfully combined with a beard.

Self haircut technology

If desired, without resorting to the services of a professional master, the hairstyle is done at home. To achieve the desired result, you need to perform the technique step by step. Study the technology thoroughly in advance, be able to handle devices, stock up on a set of tools:

  • a hair clipper (with a set of attachments);
  • sharp scissors;
  • a comb with fine, frequent teeth.
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Before starting work, you need to be aware of the fact that lack of experience often leads to the wrong result that you would like. After all, it is possible to eliminate the resulting blemishes only by shortening the length of the hair. As a result, the crop cut ends with a haircut to zero. Isn’t it better to go to a hairdresser, to a master who will do the job professionally for a reasonable fee?

But for those who, nevertheless, are confident in their strength and intend to make a haircut on their own, there is a scheme of work that will have to be adhered to.

Method of work

So, after the preparatory procedure, having scissors and a clipper at hand, we begin a haircut. In order not to screw up, the following instruction will serve as an assistant in this matter:

  1. We divide the working area into sections. We mark by means of devices the lines vertically to the back of the head from the forehead. We divide the crawl and the crown with horizontal lines.
  2. We conduct a haircut from the crown. We comb the first strand with a parting horizontally. We grab part of the hair with our fingers with a perpendicular brace upward relative to the head. Cut exactly. According to the control haircut, we also carry out the rest of the area — to the crown.
  3. Reduce the length of the hair in the next section to form an even transition between the sections. For this we use a clipper or scissors.
  4. We shave off the top of the nape with a machine using a lowered nozzle.
  5. We expose the terminal occipital part near the neck to zero.

If necessary, we finish the design of the strands by carrying out the graduation, changing the line of the bangs. As an additional touch, a temporal design is allowed: shaving of schemes, sketches. Final styling is optional.

Haircut criteria

The history of the French crop, as is commonly believed, originates in the French city quarters, even in the Middle Ages, they wore similar hairstyles there. Then a new wave swept through the twentieth century. The French crop (the name comes from the place of birth) has characteristic features. Therefore, even not for a specialist, marriage immediately catches the eye.

The Crop haircut originated in the Middle Ages and has changed somewhat over the centuries of its existence.

But the details are also important, which are not always noticeable at first glance. To assess the completed men’s haircut, first of all, we look at the following points:

  • the connectivity of the transition between the sections: there should be no empty stripes in these places, everything should look smooth and perfect;
  • accuracy of edging — they must be absolutely straightened, as they are a very important component of the hairstyle;
  • the compatibility of the silhouette of the hairstyle and the facial form.
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If the technique is followed, all the points are made flawlessly, we can say that the haircut was a success.

Styling and care options

The crop can be varied indefinitely. An individual styling method is selected for different styles of clothing. The hairstyle will smoothly fit into a youth bow, organically merge with a business suit.

Here are some popular variations that are convenient for occasions — from office work to parties.


We use a fixing gel. Apply a little to the root part and blow dry the hair. We dry the strands, directing the device to the forehead from the crown, ruffling the hair with our fingers.


The restrained style is complemented by a smooth transition of an even bang to the edges of the crown. Suitable for those with oval or square faces with smooth and straight hair. For those with an oval face, asymmetrical bangs can be used for a neat adjustment. Apply the gel all over the strand and comb through the bottom with a hair brush, style the hair with a hair dryer. To maintain the effect, you can use varnish.


Differs in multi-layer strands hanging over one another, torn thinning. Naturalness is created from randomness. Structural heterogeneity of the bangs is characteristic, while it is usually wavy.

After drying the hair, apply a little special wax warmed up with your fingers to their ends to create a voluminous haircut.


Combination of variations. We cut the crown part with a ladder to give the strands the appearance of laid feathers. We achieve smoothness by neatly cutting off the edges. We pay special attention to shaving the stripes on the temples and the back of the head.

When it comes to styling your bangs, there are also ways to create a unique look. It can be done:

  • straight;
  • torn long (below the middle of the forehead);
  • asymmetrical.

As mentioned above, there is a variety of Crop where the bangs are missing.


Who does not want to burden themselves with various styling, a haircut allows such freedom. It is this dignity — unpretentiousness — that Crop is good at. To create a daily hairstyle, you just need to wash your hair, and then do a comb to the forehead from the top of the head. Well, who wants to give himself a certain image, he can do hair styling, using all his imagination.

Crop is an amazing and versatile hairstyle. A skilled craftsman will guide her to almost any boy and man. And neither the type of face, nor the style of clothing will be a hindrance here. The haircut does not lose its relevance, join the fashion trend without delay!

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