A pompadour haircut is a timeless classic for a bright image of a modern man

Stylish men's haircuts allow you to look elegant, emphasize the individuality of the image. Extravagant models stand out from the crowd, make them turn around after them. Pompadour haircut - an elegant men's hairstyle looks bright and extraordinary. Includes classic elements and modern trends. The model is chosen by young people who are ready to experiment with their own image. Mature men also create a vivid image, embodying non-standard ideas.

What a haircut looks like: options

suitable for business styleHigh hairstyles have become the hallmark of the favorite of the French king - Madame de Pompadour. Complex frame structures have found a response in men's fashion as well. The work of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, conquered millions, and his high-cocked hairstyle became the property of 60s fashion.

Modern haircuts are simpler and more practical. New techniques, a variety of styling products make styling and maintenance easier. Pompadour is considered a universal solution for different age categories, and has no restrictions on stylistic preferences.

Pompadour - this is a model haircut, it implies a voluminous central area laid back. The temporal zones are cut short, a smooth transition is maintained without sharp contrasting transitions. With the help of styling products, the bulk of the hair is styled back or to one side. The strands are given a pronounced volume, it is possible to use bouffant to create a characteristic shape.

Pompadour options:

  • Pompadour with Undercut elements

mens hair cut pompadourLooks bright, extravagant. The bulk of the hair is left at least 10 cm long, laying on one side, highlighting the parting. The area of ​​the temples is cut contrastingly short or shaved. The transition begins at the temples, emphasizing the volume of the hair in the parietal zone. The hairstyle requires regular correction from the master, the use of styling products. A stylish look can be complemented with a beard or mustache.




mens hair cut pompadourThere is no sharp, contrasting transition. On the back of the head and temples, a length of up to 3 cm is preserved; sideburns often complement the haircut. The styling does not imply a pronounced volume, the bangs look natural due to the light wave passing into the parietal region.

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  • Pompadour with Feyd elements

mens hair cut pompadourAllows you to create an original shape. The temples are cut from the bottom to the top, the master creates a smoky transition, emphasizing the contrast of lengths. To create maximum volume, the strands are processed with lengthening from the crown to the forehead line.






  • Combination of Undercut with Fade

mens hair cut pompadourSuitable for fans of experimentation. The hairstyle includes the characteristic features of popular hairstyles, the model version looks bright and creative. It involves shaving the temples and the back of the head, a gradual transition is shifted up to the central region. The parting is created at the level of the upper point of the eyebrows; to enhance the contrast, the line can be shaved. A popular option is to duplicate the parting in the temporal region. The elongated strands of the central zone are preserved, forming a voluminous crest.

To whom does

Men's pompadour haircut has no age restrictions, suitable for young guys, as well as mature men. Has corrective properties, the model hairstyle allows you to harmonize the oval, facial features. Assumes implementation on medium hair length, it is possible to create on the basis of Fade, undercut or a male square.

To suit:

  • variety of pompadoursfor a wide round face to select options that include a voluminous central area, it is not recommended shaving off the temporal strands, neat sideburns will help to give the correct oval shape;
  • haircuts with a parting and shaved temples are suitable for a triangular face, you should not create a voluminous crest, emphasize the disharmony of proportions;
  • owners of a square face and expressive cheekbones can use the classic pompadour, Fade's variation will be a failure, you can complement the haircut with sideburns or a beard;
  • Pompadour is combined with modern styles and trends, chosen by hipsters, fans of classic elegance, grunge, casual;
  • performed on straight and slightly curly thick hair, it is difficult to give a characteristic shape to rare, thin strands.
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Self haircut technology

Stylish, modern hairstyles require the selection of an experienced hairstyle. The pompadour can be daring, elegant, dynamic with a touch of casualness. The technology can also be mastered by non-professionals; a number of tools will be required to complete it:

  • Tools required for a haircutthin comb;
  • clamps;
  • machine;
  • trimmer;
  • universal scissors.

High-quality performance is distinguished by symmetry of shape, smooth, blurred transition. The characteristic volumetric shape is retained, even with sudden head movements. Current trends allow the use of new techniques and devices to create the perfect haircut.

How to do it yourself:

  1. Moisturize, comb hair. Separate the temporal areas from the crown and crown with a parting. Fix the central part of the hair with clips.
  2. how to cut pompadourStart cutting from the temples, adjusting the length with a comb. You can use scissors or a clipper. The direction of movement is from bottom to top.
  3. The location, as well as the width of the transition, depends on the shape of the face. It is possible to move it closer to the center, opening the whiskey as much as possible. Or perform a smooth transition without pronounced boundaries. The scheme can be adjusted, depending on the characteristics of the appearance, structure, hair density.
  4. When decorating the back of the head, the hair is conventionally separated by horizontal parting. Starting from the neckline, the length increases towards the crown. The technology allows you to achieve the correct shape without a sharp, stepwise transition from a bulky head to short strands of the back of the head.
  5. The hair of the crown is combed back. Separated by vertical parting. Each level is trimmed with an extension from the back of the head to the forehead line.
  6. Then trim the temples using the trimmer.

Styling and care options

pompadour hairstyleFor men with thick, manageable hair, the classic version is suitable. The strands are treated with foam, with the help of a brush, brushing is laid back. Hair at the forehead line is twisted on a round brush, dried with a pull-up. As a result, it is possible to create a pronounced volume and a smooth wave of transition to the back of the head.

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Styling looks stylish with a division into parting, it is possible to perform on strands longer than 8 cm. To give side volume, you can use styling powder, and set the direction of the strands with your hands. Short temples accentuate the contrast of long coca strands. A casual option is combined with a beard and mustache.

The wet effect of the laid-back strands is achieved with a textured wax. Apply after blow-drying your hair. Emphasizes a neat shape, suitable for owners of thick straight or slightly curly hair. You can part with a parting or comb your hair straight back in the center.

care rules:

  • before styling, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply the latter to the middle of the length and ends;
  • how to style pompadourfor oily hair, choose a shampoo that regulates the secretion of sebum, otherwise the styling will lose its shape by the end of the day;
  • to add volume and dynamics to the hairstyle, partial lightening is recommended, creating the effect of burnt hair;
  • when styling wavy curls, you need to take into account the direction of movement of the wave, the haircut will look elegant with notes of slight negligence;
  • Pompadour with shaved temples requires more frequent correction than the classic version;
  • hairstyle involves the use of styling, it is optimal to apply no more than 2 products to the hair, using a minimum amount.

Pompadour - a stylish men's haircut will be a good complement to the look. Modern ideas and classic options will allow you to choose the best option for brutal men and fans of restrained elegance. The hairstyle has corrective properties, ie Requires careful care does not limit styling variations.

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