How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14

The holiday of all lovers is February 14, when a man can please his girlfriend with an original and romantic gift. Initially, this day began to be associated with hearts in love thanks to St. Valentine, who helped lovers to unite and paid for it with his life.

Today, February 14, is a special day for those who love and are loved, in addition to valentines with confessions, people often give gifts to their soul mates. In an abundance of different interesting ideas, you can get confused with the choice or even make a mistake in it. Therefore, we offer you top lists of fresh ideas on what to give a girl on February 14 in a practical, romantic, expensive or budget, humorous or original style.

The history of the holiday on February 14

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebration today not only in the USA and Europe, but also in Russia, Japan and other countries. The legislator of this holiday was the clergyman Valentine, who lived in the Roman city of Terni back in the 3rd century AD. In addition to the sacred service, he was engaged in healing, so people always turned to him.

Valentin's main patients are military legionnaires who suffered from wounds. Although the ruler, Emperor Claudius, forbade the military to marry and start families so that this would not become an obstacle in wars, the clergyman Valentine the military helped with their loved ones.

Valentine not only married the legionnaires with their girls, but in every possible way helped them to put up and solve family problems. He did this most often thanks to romantic notes, flowers and letters. In 269, the government found out about Valentine's deeds, detained him, and after a while executed him. But the memory of the man who connected hearts has survived until now.

For reference! The day that Valentine was executed coincided with the celebrations in the name of Juno, who was the wife of Jupiter. She was recognized as the patroness of love and family, so Christians began to celebrate this day in memory of St. Valentine.

How to give gifts to a girl on February 14?

Before thinking about what you can give a girl for Valentine's Day, a man must compare all the options with the character, age, lifestyle and hobbies of the girl. The gift must meet the following parameters:

  • original;
  • romantic;
  • up-to-date;
  • required;
  • stage appropriate of the relationship.

You need to make gifts in a style appropriate for the holiday, and in this case, it is sheer romance and love. Therefore, the design and presentation should be just like that. Do not forget about Valentine's Day and confession of feelings, attach a bouquet of red roses to any gift option as a symbol of passion and love.

Recommendations for choosing a gift

Choosing a gift is extremely difficult, but it's nice if you immediately have a list of interesting and suitable ideas. To narrow down your search, here are some tips for choosing a present:

Photo 2

  1. character. This is the first thing you need to build on when choosing a presentation. If a girl is mature and practical, she is unlikely to be happy with a teddy bear or figurine. And you can't give a dreamy person a pen with a notepad or a keychain.
  2. lifestyle. For active girls, gifts should be appropriate, if she is a student, you can give her something that is useful in her studies, a businesswoman is a thing for comfortable work, a housewife is something that will facilitate her household chores.
  3. age. Young ladies like what evokes vivid emotions and leaves impressions in memory, older women prefer useful and necessary items in life.
  4. The right moment and decoration. In the process of presenting a gift, do not be trite. You can simply complement the surprise with a valentine or his luxurious bouquet of flowers. Pay attention to what words you say to her at this moment.
  5. hobby. Her interests are the best source of inspiration in finding gifts. Sports, photography, cosmetics, pool, shopping? All this narrows the search for a gift.
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Select and search for a gift in advance, and not on the holiday itself, so as not to run into the fact that the best ideas have already been sold out, and sellers have made extra charges for the proposed product. It is good if you set a budget for yourself in advance. Since girls love acting, complement the gift with romance, such as bringing breakfast in bed.

What are the gifts for a girl on February 14?

In general, most gifts can be divided into thematic and style classifications. As for gifts for girls on Valentine's Day, they are:

  • romantic;
  • practical and useful;
  • budget;
  • expensive;
  • handmade;
  • original;
  • amazing surprises;
  • adventure gifts.

Less often, humorous and funny options are popular on such a holiday, since they do not quite correspond to the mood and nature of the holiday. You just have to decide on the choice of a suitable category, and then get acquainted with the top ideas in it.

TOP 10 standard gifts

If you still don't know the girl well enough or have no idea what she would be happy about, but you want to present such a gift for Valentine's Day, which will be winning in any case, we offer you the top 10 standard ideas :

Elite perfume - if you have an idea what flavor she likes, which company she prefers, this will always be a necessary and successful gift option.

Underwear — knowing what the girl's body parameters are, you can give her such a surprise. Such a gift is appropriate in a relationship that has moved to a serious level.

Photo 3

Subscription to SPA — in this place you can completely relax, restore strength and vitality, enjoy various procedures.

decorative little things - these can be different figurines and interior items in the appropriate style.

Kitchenware — such gifts are usually given to wives, depending on her needs, whether it be appliances or dishes.

Gadgets — any girl will be delighted with the new smartphone model, the main thing is that the man's budget does not contradict this.

Photo 4

Accessories — if a man does not know the size and parameters of a girl's figure, you can give a handbag, belt, stole, gloves and other accessories from well-known brand manufacturers.

Clothing — almost all girls love sweets, so along with a bouquet of flowers, you can present a box of chocolates, cakes, or you can give a personalized cake on order.

flower in a pot - it's one thing to give roses that will wither in a few days, another - a rose in a pot that will bloom and delight the eye for a long time.

Decoration — depending on the budget of a man, it can be either beautiful jewelry or jewelry.

Romantic Gifts

Valentine's Day is the most suitable holiday when a man can present a romantic present to his chosen one. For example:

  • flowers - the most ideal option is red roses, symbolizing passion and love;
  • flower decoration - it can be earrings, a headband or hair clips with fresh flowers;
  • erotic underwear - in a long relationship, such gifts will come in handy more than ever;
  • photo shoot - the best choice would be shooting in the style of "love story" remembering this day;
  • a limousine ride - what could be more beautiful than a city at night, except for the view from a luxurious limousine;
  • flying in a hot air balloon - but only if the weather conditions correspond to this, and the girl does not have a fear of heights;

Photo 5

  • renting a cinema hall - any romantic person dreams of watching a movie without strangers;
  • photo puzzle - take the most beautiful and full of memories joint photo, order a puzzle from it, and then put it together in a romantic setting;
  • a weekend trip abroad - in this case, Paris, Venice, Rome are considered the most romantic corners of the world, the choice is yours;
  • dinner at a restaurant - book a table in a good place, ask to decorate it romantically, give the girl flowers, order live music.
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original memorable gifts

If your girlfriend or wife is an extraordinary or creative person, you are unlikely to be able to surprise her with roses, perfumes or figurines. For such natures, it takes more time and imagination to choose a present. It could be:

  • portrait - take the most successful photograph of a girl, take it to the master to make a portrait with paints, oils or other materials, and then frame the work;
  • master class - find out what your girlfriend would like to learn, then give her a certificate for passing the master class;
  • horseback riding - horses are wonderful animals that give people many pleasant impressions, so you can bring a girl to the stable and teach horseback riding;Photo 7
  • erotic set - suitable for couples who are already bored with romance, and in a relationship there is not enough passion and fire;
  • tickets for a retro party - prepare costumes in advance, then invite a girl to such an evening, allowing you to plunge into past times and culture;
  • Kama Sutra sheet - it shows the prints of hands and feet, on which you can practice different poses in bed;
  • a picture of chocolate - you can make a custom-made portrait of a girl from chocolate, nuts, dried fruits and candied fruits;
  • a fondue set is a great gift for a wife who loves gourmet dishes and cooking;
  • board game "Alias ​​Party" - if you often spend time with friends, this will become a favorite collective activity;
  • extreme adventure - you can book a hot air balloon flight, parachute jump, sports car racing or a wind tunnel flight.

Gifts made by yourself

A gift that was made and prepared by oneself can truly surprise and please a girl. Thus, you will show that you are ready to spend your time and efforts on your chosen one, take a responsible approach to choosing a present. What could it be:

  • serenade - if you have vocal inclinations, you can sing a serenade yourself, and otherwise you can hire artists;
  • video congratulations - collect the best joint photos, arrange them in a video, overlay a romantic track on top and inscriptions;
  • poetry - try to compose a few lines in rhyming order, which will melt the heart of even the most conservative lady;
  • dinner - cook your own meals, decorate the kitchen romantically, buy wine, light candles;

Photo 8

  • photo collage - collect several photos, combine them into a collage, frame them and hang them on the wall;
  • a book about your love story - take a regular notebook, then add your photos, a description of those events, your feelings and emotions, tell your love story;
  • box - if you know how to work with wood, you can make a box for your chosen one, where she will store her jewelry;
  • chocolate bar - take your girlfriend's favorite chocolate, but use your joint photo as a wrapper, complete it with congratulations.

Surprises for a girl

If a girl likes surprises, try to choose something original and extraordinary to make the holiday memorable. For example:

  • Salute - prepare everything in advance to launch the fireworks, and then, under any pretext, take the girl outside.
  • Flowers - in order not to be banal, buy a bouquet of flowers and arrange with several people so that during the walk each passer-by gives her a flower, passing her words of love from you.
  • St. Valentine - order a person from an acting agency who will dress up as St. Valentine and play a scene with the presentation of a valentine and declarations of love.
  • Confession sweets - prepare beautiful colored paper for decorating gifts, write compliments and words of love on each piece, wrap sweets in them.
  • Jewelry - just a gift will take a woman's breath away, and if a box with jewelry is placed in the paws of a teddy bear, it will be original and romantic.Photo 9
  • Radio congratulations - order a girl's congratulations on a certain time, then turn on the receiver at the right time so that she hears the words.
  • Paris is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day, so you can make a surprise by asking the girl to pack for the trip.
  • Launching Chinese lanterns is a popular idea today, and to make it non-trivial, when launching each balloon, you can make wishes and set goals for a joint future.
  • High-Rise Dinner - Choose a building where you can have a romantic dinner while watching the stars in the sky and the view of the entire city.
  • Notes with confessions - while the girl is sleeping, you can write a huge number of notes why you love her, placing them in different rooms and places where she happens.
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Inexpensive but cute gifts

Even with a limited budget, you can please your soulmate with gifts for Valentine's Day. What could it be:

  • soft toy with a heart or confessions;
  • keychain in the shape of a heart, angels, Cupid with arrows, etc.;
  • flash drive in a romantic design;
  • sweet candy composition;
  • photo frame in the shape of a heart;
  • T-shirt with the image of a joint picture;
  • personalized phone case;
  • poster with photo collages;
  • original passport cover
  • handmade soap and scented candles.


Give the girl many pleasant impressions and memories so that there is something to tell children and grandchildren. To achieve this, on Valentine's Day, give her a whole adventure, for example:

  • couple photo session in the appropriate style;
  • tickets for a joint visit to the master class;
  • tickets to a concert of your favorite band or artist;
  • horseback riding;
  • watching a movie in a rented cinema only together;
  • a trip to another city or country;
  • certificate in SPA, shop, salon;
  • a trip to the nursery, where you will choose a kitten or puppy together;
  • tickets to the water park, zoo, museum and other interesting places;
  • Subscription for proper nutrition with delivery.

Style gifts

Stylish gifts will cost you a pretty penny, so make sure that the budget allows you to make such gifts. The top list of the most expensive gifts includes:

  • jewelry and various jewelry, whether it be a ring, earrings, a heart-shaped pendant, a bracelet, etc .;
  • latest smartphone model;
  • accessories from branded manufacturers;
  • luxury perfume;Photo 11
  • travel;
  • fur product;
  • antiques;
  • collector's edition of books;
  • equipment.

Useful gifts

If innately the girl is a conservative and practical person, try to find a useful present for her by beating it in a romantic format. These may be the following options:

  • Appliances;
  • manicure set;
  • handmade vase;
  • cooking utensils;Photo 13
  • warm clothes, for example, mittens, scarf, tippet;
  • sports equipment, if she plays sports;
  • certificate for advanced training in her specialty;
  • SPA program for two;
  • cosmetics organizer;
  • hair care products.

What should not be given on this day?

To avoid banal mistakes when choosing a gift for February 14, check out the list of gifts that you should not give. It included:

  • Least favorite flowers - if you are in a relationship, you should know what kind of flowers a girl likes.
  • The gift you wanted for yourself - you need to choose a gift based on the needs and interests of the girl.
  • Gifts that hint at her shortcomings - for example, scales, a gym membership, clothes or underwear that are smaller, an exercise machine, etc.
  • Formal gifts - socks, panties, deodorants, chocolates, flowers, etc. As if you did not bother with the choice or bought a gift at the last moment.
  • According to signs and superstitions, it is believed that you cannot give your beloved a watch, sharp objects, combs and mirrors. Also, do not take risks with linen and cosmetics if you do not know its parameters and tastes.


Valentine's Day is a holiday of all loving hearts, so choose a gift for your woman in the appropriate format. Even if this is a useful thing, complement it with flowers, a valentine with words of love. Organize a date for your beloved, try to make the gift memorable. And we will prompt with ideas and interesting options.

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