How to choose a shirt to fit

The subtleties of correctly sizing men's shirts are well known to sellers working in stores with men's clothing. Problems arise from ignorance of what kind of style the accessory is required, incorrect advice from home or store consultants, and discrepancies that different manufacturers may admit.

How to find out your size

Earlier, when this item of men's wardrobe was in demand as an integral attribute of business style, the difficulty in determining the size of a men's shirt fitted in measuring the neck and knowing one's own height. One could be guided by the data indicated on the tag under the hard collar - for example, 39, 170-176, always meant that the shirt was sewn for the owner of a neck with a volume of 39 cm and a height of no more than 176 cm. On the back of an envelope or gift box it was indicated a table in which dimensional data were given for small and medium growth. You could see the length of the sleeve, the length of the product and the volume of the product.

The sizes of shirts could differ in the parameters on a plastic envelope or other packaging, so consumers always preferred products from a trusted manufacturer, where all the data remained unchanged. The collar length of the average person usually matches their clothing size. Starting from collar 39, size 46, and up to 44 (strong build man, size 56), 45 and 46 (58 and 60, already very close to the fat man).

Men's Short Sleeve Shirts Size Chart.

If a person buys a shirt for the first time on his own (when changing the optional status — a new job, marriage, and before everything was bought by his mother), he may not take into account some features or confuse dimensional concepts:

  • instead of the shirt parameter on the collar, he indicates the size of the clothes (and instead of 39 he receives 46 collars from the seller, who is sure that the man clearly knows what he wants);
  • when measuring the neck, it is often forgotten that there are non-standard people and not a glamorous stalwart who visits the rocking chair, who gets the right collar, but a huge volume and length up to the knees;
  • overweight men cannot pick up a shirt because of the protruding part of the body (different firms can arbitrarily remove a few centimeters in width of a large size, and there are not enough of them to fasten the buttons);
  • non-standard people may have disproportionately long or short arms, a small torso and long legs, a thin neck with a large size of clothing, and other troubles.
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All these concerns things of a classic cut, in which there are usually relatively standard parameters. But there are also fitted ones, in which the problem of how to choose a shirt for a man with a nice tummy or pumped up biceps turns into a real problem. If only because only XS, S, M, L, XL, XXl (2XL) or 3Xl can be indicated on the collar.


With the advent of the fitted style, the common measurement system in size has somewhat changed, both in designs and in parameters. The manufacturer is not particularly concerned with matching on the collar, therefore, more often indicates the letter designs XS, S, ML, XL, 2XL (XXL). The collar, if indicated, then in the double version - 39-40, 41-42. The seller will not always pick up the right thing if, in addition to this value, there is not one more, preferably chest volume and sleeve length, and in the absence of a flat stomach and a thin waist — also the size in centimeters of the protruding place itself.

How to measure the collar of a shirt correctly.

Measurement with a centimeter of the required volume is performed below the Adam's apple so that the index finger fits tightly between the neck and the measuring tape.

You should not be guided by the advice of incompetent experts, "it is better to take 1-2 cm more so as not to squeeze your throat." 1-2 cm plus are two additional sizes. The button on the collar is not sewn close to the edge, and if it squeezes, it is better to alter it by half a centimeter than to wear a model that resembles a nightgown. The correct measurement with a centimeter of the required volume is made below the Adam's apple, so that the index finger fits tightly between the neck and the measuring tape. In the double digits indicated by the manufacturer, it is better to focus on the first rather than the second digit. Buying by letter designation requires exact knowledge of the correspondence:

  • M - this is 39-40 (or 46-48 for clothes)
  • L - 40-42 or 41-42 (but more often 50-52 than 48-50, so it is difficult to determine where the manufacturer loses sight of this size)
  • XL — 41-42 or 42-23 on goal, and it is here that other necessary parameters come into the arena;
  • 2XL and 3XL — this is the hypothetical Russian size in which fitting or knowledge of the exact centimeter girth is required (we choose, not forgetting that for normal buttoning, at least 4 cm must be added to it so that they do not fly off when they first sit down).
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There is an important nuance here for those with a thin neck. Adult size 36 on the collar (or XS), does not match the child at all. What they have in common is only the size of the neck in girth - 37-38 cm. Everything else - sleeves, length, shoulder width sometimes differ drastically. An unscrupulous seller often manages to convince an inexperienced buyer and sell him a children's size, due to the lack of one in a standard adult size.

By shoulders and height

Height is a parameter that is not always indicated in the dimensional grid. In classic models, European manufacturers have developed a ratio between shoulder width and sleeve length, which will suit almost any man. Where there are broad shoulders and short arms, long arms and narrow shoulders, this anatomical relationship allows you to compensate for the features of the figure. But there are also options for which you need an individual size. Knowing the width of the shoulders and the length of the sleeves in medium sizes, you can solve the problem, but provided that the man is relatively standard. If instead of 62 cm sleeves at collar 39 he has 70 cm, from ordinary men's shirts the choice for him is limited to the point of impossibility.

Correct measurement requires knowledge of two parameters. The shoulders are measured from the protruding tubercle of the joint, the sleeve - from this point to the beginning of the fingers). In some sources, you can find recommendations to measure the hand from the elbow to the wrist in a bent state (this is called the size of the sleeve), but in practice this knowledge is of little use.

How not to make a mistake with the size

Ideally, just show up in person and try on the necessary thing. In practice, women are often engaged in the selection of men's wardrobe, confident in the accuracy of their own knowledge of size and height. They do not take into account the difference that may be from different manufacturers, nor the factor of human variability. The man has lost weight or gained weight, but the numbers are called the same. Blame the manufacturers who sew undersized shirts.

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Measure your chest at its widest point. Round up the resulting size. Measure the circumference of your neck where you usually button the shirt collar. When measuring your waist, do not pull or loosen the tape measure. Determine your size according to the table.

The numerical designation can also be difficult - Russia and Europe use numbers in centimeters, England and America - in inches. In an ideal store, the consultant knows how to convert inches to centimeters without hesitation. But it is still better to know the necessary parameters - shoulder width, sleeve length, waist and neck, in order to avoid mistakes. As a last resort, when going shopping, take with you a shirt that is good at the moment and is worn constantly.

Men's Shirts Size Chart

The ideal size for a classic shirt looks like this:

collar size Product width (full) Shoulder width cm Sleeve length, cm
39 112 см 51 62
40 116 см 52 63
41 120 см 63 64
42 126 см 54 65
43 131 см 55 66
44 136 см 56 67
45 138 см 57 68
46 140 см 58 69

Other designs may also be encountered. In this case, there are only three possible methods of how to determine the size of the shirt — knowing the basic parameters, clothing size and height, or fitting by the client. Practical women do not hesitate to bring with them a shirt that has already come up and apply it to the chosen one. Those with the means purchase items from a reputable brand manufacturer.

Custom sizes

This is everything that is not included in the size range from 39 (sometimes from 38) gates to 46. By the size of clothes, a man is considered a standard, from 44 clothing sizes to 60. Anything larger than 46 gates is called a battle size, they are up to 70 gates, but are less common than usual. There are specialty shops, but sometimes they are also in simple retail stores, but in a small assortment. Those who are short can look for special tailoring, but the standard is sewn from a height of 160 cm. The tall ones are more fortunate, now some manufacturers sew up to a height of 182-190

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