What is a Hollywood bear and how to make it

A beautiful, well-groomed beard today is a symbol of a confident and caring man. A popular haircut option is a Hollywood beard, it does not require a long regrowth, it is easy to take care of it and it suits any style of clothing. Brett has become an integral part of many overseas stars.

What does a Hollywood bear look like?

Hollywood or Brett's beard got its name from its popularity with film actors in the 30s of the twentieth century. She emphasized the masculinity of the main characters in films about gangsters, cowboys and police officers. Gradually, such heroes disappeared from television screens, they were replaced by smooth-shaven faces. The beard received a new round of popularity after 2016, when many media personalities acquired it.

what does a Hollywood bear look like

The Hollywood beard could be seen back in the 30s of the last century. It was usually worn by actors who played the real tough guys.

This model is distinguished by naturalness: a short beard and mustache are connected with jumpers on the sides of the mouth and pass into sideburns that grow from the temples down.

With its help, the image of a "real man" is created - with a heavy and wide lower jaw and dense facial hair. A wide mustache framing the lips, hair on the chin highlights or hides it and connects with the hair on the head.

A classic bretta is obtained when the following conditions are met:

  • The upper border is a clear, straight line with a smooth transition from the sideburns down. Hair covers the lower third of the face. Depending on the type of hair and the shape of the face, it can be wider or narrower, but should not cover more than half of the cheek.
  • Lower border - the hair completely covers the lower jaw and the upper part of the neck, not reaching the Adam's apple 2-2,5 cm. The lower line requires special attention, since too high will spoil the impression, giving the person a too tense and unnatural look. And if the border goes down to the middle of the neck or below, the image will turn out to be too sloppy and unkempt.
  • The length varies - someone chooses a long mustache and beard, and someone leaves 3-5 mm in length.

The option without sideburns is popular, the cheeks and whiskey are shaved smoothly, in this option the haircut looks well-groomed and stylish. In the classic version, it is also important to keep the rest of the face and neck clean, the growing stubble will completely ruin the impression of the image.

Who is Brett for?

Brett is a fairly versatile model, the abundance of haircut options makes it easy to choose the right one and with its help emphasize or "hide" certain features.

Who is Brett for?
The choice of a beard depends on a lot on the shape of the skull and the type of hair

A square beard makes the lower jaw heavier and visually enlarges, so it is suitable for men with a small, long or pointed chin, triangular or rectangular face.

This model should be discarded for men with square and round faces and heavy, protruding lower jaws, since with this frame the lower part of their face will look even more massive.

Brett can help: visually shrink a long chin, widen a narrow chin and enlarge a small, round chin.

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It is worth paying attention to the width of the mustache: thin, "clear" mustache will accentuate the lips, make them more expressive, and draw attention to them.

A thick mustache hiding the lips will help to emphasize the upper part of the face, visually make the eyes larger and more expressive.

Short stubble looks great on narrow faces. A beard longer than 3-5 mm is more demanding on the overall look - massive, tall men with large faces look harmoniously and naturally with them.

It is possible to understand whether such a model is suitable or not with the help of computer modeling — to "try on" various options for the face: to change the length, width of the mustache or the density.

How to make a beard

A Hollywood beard is made in the salon or on its own, but preliminary preparation is needed to obtain it.

How to make a beard
One to one and a half months, facial hair should grow the way she wants it.

How to make a Hollywood beard:

  • Prepare your face
  • Grow within 1-1,5 months
  • Form a haircut yourself or with the help of a master.

preparation of the face

Before you start growing any beard, you need to make sure your face is free of breakouts, acne, blackheads, or any other sign of an acute illness. Don't try to cover them up - growing hair will irritate inflamed skin and it will become much more difficult to care for breakouts in vegetation. Don't forget about aesthetics - no beard will look beautiful surrounded by inflamed skin, pimples or blackheads. If there are rashes on the face, you need to get rid of them and only then grow your hair.

Growing a beard

For one to one and a half months, facial hair should grow the way she wants it. It does not always look pretty, but this is the only way to grow a sufficient length and width of hair on the cheeks, chin and neck. Natural regrowth will make it possible to understand how hair grows, its density, color, uniformity and other nuances. Sometimes it is better to immediately abandon the idea of ​​growing a beard, for example, with too thin hair, a lot of gray hair or growing uneven patches of vegetation.

This time can be quite difficult - growing hair pricks the skin, causes irritation, and sticking out "shreds" look untidy and ugly.

Step by step guide

To make a Hollywood beard yourself, you need to prepare a hair clipper, trimmer or electric razor, a straight razor, scissors, shaving gel and a good mirror.

Cutting your beard yourself is difficult. There is always a danger of cutting it asymmetrically or shaving a large piece, so it is better to shave in small sections, strictly from the outer borders inward.

  1. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo and blow-dry your hair - do not neglect this step, well washed hair is easier to cut. It is important to dry them well before cutting, damp hair can curl, do not fit properly and after drying everything will look different.
  2. Comb according to hair growth.
  3. Determine where the upper border will pass - when designing a Hollywood beard, it is better to make the border 2-3 cm below the cheekbone line, parallel to the growth of facial hair.
  4. To make even borders with a clipper, trimmer or razor - to do this, apply shaving foam to the skin and shave the hair horizontally along the upper border.
  5. Determine where the lower border will pass - it is recommended to do it 2-3 cm above the middle of the neck. To shave hair below the border, you can use a trimmer, razor, or clipper. The bottom hairline should be straight and neat.
  6. Shave the cheekbones - after shaving the lower border, shave the cheekbones one by one. If the beard is connected with sideburns to the hair at the temples, make the connection lines straight and not too wide.
  7. To trim the mustache - Hold the trimmer upright and guide it around the edges of the mustache. This will shave off hair that is sticking out of the border. The mustache should frame the lips with a straight line of hair, going down from the middle of the lips.
  8. Make the upper border of the mustache—the upper border of the mustache should be even, start 2-3 mm from the junction of the nose and upper lip and end a few mm from the upper lip.
  9. Choose the desired length - with a classic Hollywood beard, the hair length is 3-5 mm, if desired, it can be increased. This haircut implies that the length of the hair is gradually increased - from short mustaches to long enough chin hair. When cutting, it is necessary to take this nuance into account, leaving longer hair in the beard.
  10. You can remove excess length using a trimmer or scissors. It is easier to do this on your own using a trimmer with an attachment of a suitable length. In this case, it is enough to set the desired length and guide the beard trimmer vertically. To avoid bald spots, you need to drive the trimmer smoothly, without lingering in one place and without increasing the pressure. Cutting your hair with scissors is more difficult. To do this, it is recommended to take a comb with frequent teeth and, holding it near the skin, at a distance of 5-6 mm, cut along the comb.
  11. Adjust Thickness - You can reduce the density using a trimmer. It will help you cut off excess hair and "smooth" your beard.
  12. After trimming, carefully comb your beard and once again remove any hairs that are knocked out of the beard and mustache.
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General Tips

When cutting, keep your head straight, do not pull it into your shoulders or tilt it to the sides or forward. This will help avoid distortions in the haircut and make the lines smoother and more symmetrical.

If you are not experienced in trimming a beard, it is best to trim the hair gradually, starting at the longest trimmer length and gradually reducing it. Using the trimmer with the shortest length can shorten the hair too much or create “bald spots” on the skin.

For a haircut, you need to choose the right tools. Their quality determines how quickly and accurately you can perform a haircut and how the beard will look. You can make a neat haircut with a machine under the nozzle, but this requires experience and the ability to immediately cut "clean".

When choosing a trimmer, preference should be given to models with several attachments of different lengths. Even trimming a beard of the same length requires multiple attachments—for beards, mustaches, trimming borders, and so on. Trimmers with one blade length can be used to trim a finished beard that has been trimmed in the salon, but they cannot be used to complete a full trim.

For a haircut, you need special hairdressing scissors - tailor's or stationery will not work. The scissors should be sharp, clean and well lubricated.

Is it hard to keep an eye on the beard

To make a Hollywood beard look stylish and tidy, you need to take care of it. The care depends on the color and thickness of the hair. Light and thin ones are less noticeable against the background of the skin, they do not stand out and such a beard can be leveled and adjusted less often. Dark and thick hair looks more masculine and brutal, but requires constant care.

Is it hard to keep an eye on the beard
Caring for a Bretta may seem daunting, but paying little attention to her is enough.
  • Trim the beard and mustache every 5-7 days - during this time the hair grows 2-3 mm. With the help of a trimmer or scissors, it is necessary to "level" the beard, preventing it from becoming too long and thick.
  • Every day or every 2 days to level the borders - the bristles below and above the hairline must be controlled. Even a short stubble will make your look look messy and unkempt.
  • Wash at least every morning and every evening—do not use soap or shampoo. They can severely dry out the skin of the face and hair, it is better to purchase a washing gel or a special product with a neutral pH.
  • In the morning and during the day, comb - if the length is more than 3-5 mm, this must be done several times a day. Then the hair will look more well-groomed and grow better.
  • Use special care products - wax or special oil is used to style it. A few drops of oil applied to the hair will provide nourishment to the bulbs, relieve dandruff and dry skin. The amount of oil depends on the length and thickness of the hair - it should not look greasy and shiny. Wax is used to style the hair in one direction and even out the line.
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Caring for a Bretta may seem daunting, but it is enough to give her a minimum of attention - combing, removing excess hair and trimming once a week and the beard will look great.

If you don't want to look after Bretta yourself, just visit the salon once every two weeks and shave off excess hair as it grows.

Bretta requires men to be especially careful when eating - pieces of food or drops easily get stuck in it.

Celebrities with Bretta

The Hollywood beard remains a fashion trend for many celebrities. Someone "takes" her from the cinema screens into real life, while others she helps to correct facial features or emphasize their masculinity and originality. Let's note the most popular styles of "wearing" such beards.

celebrities with bretta
Hugh Jackman is one of the lucky owners of Brett

Among the lucky "owners" of the Brett are Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Jude Law and many others.

Ryan Reynolds the beard helped to mask the pointed chin and accentuate the upper part of the face.

Justin Timberlake with the help of a bretta, on the contrary, he hid the heavy lower part of his face, making it softer and more romantic.

Jude Law with her help, he completely changed his image - from a romantic hero to a confident, charismatic man.

A Hollywood beard is a great way to change your look, highlight or hide your chin, and personalize yourself.

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