Pigtails on the beard: types and methods of weaving

Recently, on the street you can find young guys and middle-aged men not only with a well-groomed hairstyle, but also with a spectacular composition below the chin. A strong half of humanity is actively experimenting with appearance, like women. As a result, they grow long hair, cut mohawks, or braid their beards. The chin hairstyle design is distinguished by a wide variety of weaving options, the number of braids, their length and hair color.

Are braids in a beard fashionable?

Fashion is a volatile concept, but following its trends, men experiment with their appearance. Today, style icons are athletes, showmen - in most cases they are men with an oriental appearance: football players, tennis players and rock musicians of African origin. Their colorful appearance easily withstands any experiments:

  • dreadlocks;
  • pigtail on the beard;
  • creative haircuts - mohawks;
  • Afro-braids.

african-americanThe external features of the southerners' face are heavy eyelids, protruding eyes, a wide eyebrow line, hypertrophied plump lips and a widening nose with wide nostrils. The body of the representatives of the peoples of Africa is also very embossed, so their images look very harmonious with sloppy, slightly hooligan dreadlocks, tight braids of unruly curly hair. Due to the elasticity and stiffness of the hair, the strands turn out to be convex, and the necessary relief is created. The harmonious image could not go unnoticed and there are more and more people who want to make dreadlocks on the beard.

There is a version that the fashion for braids began with the appearance of European TV series ("The Lord of the Rings", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and others), where the main characters are Vikings or simply ancient warriors. For color, they are presented in bright, harsh images. In the subconsciousness of the fans, the brutal appearance of a strong man with an untidy beard and braided braids was deposited. Gradually, experiments passed into the society of ordinary people - now you can find on the street a stylized image of a rock musician and a pirate, an unkempt hippie with dreadlocks, as well as hooligan and sports options.

In modern life, braids on a beard are found in men of different ages and nationalities. They take good care of their hairstyle, go to specialists and look neat. This type of care is very relevant today. A braid on a beard is an upward trend in modern fashion, in the next few years you can grow lush hair below the chin, it will need to be carefully looked after:

  • regularly cut brittle ends;
  • maintain the shape of the haircut;
  • use oils, caring creams for softness and hair growth;
  • follow fashion trends;
  • periodically visit barbershop specialists.

What hairstyle will suit this beard style

Just growing a beard and braiding a braid is no longer relevant today. The fashion industry does not stand still - stylists come up with different looks. Therefore, it is almost impossible to choose your own hair color, beard length, braiding options. Barbers have studied and developed this topic so deeply that they recommend contacting specialists for a harmonious silhouette. When developing an image, they take into account the following factors:

  • client's occupation and lifestyle;
  • parameters of his figure;
  • natural color type;
  • belonging to a certain archetype;
  • the ratio of the geometric parameters of the figure (full height and length of the neck, head, type and width of the face oval, and others);
  • preferred options and colors of the suit.

style beard pigtail

Viking braids. In this case, a brutal, courageous and strong man appears at once, for example, a rocker, informal, a lover of heavy music and motorcycles.

After that, an individual map is drawn up with a hairstyle suitable exclusively for one person within the specified initial parameters and, corresponding to him, a beard with pigtails.

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The sophisticated chin hairstyle goes well with long hair that is neatly tied into a ponytail. Many models show a bald head combo to balance the lost brutality in the weave strands. In recent years, a hairstyle with shaved hair in the temporal part of the head has become very popular—this is how the silhouette of the head looks elongated, and the jawline is enhanced. Due to the high hairstyle, neatly styled on one side, an asymmetry of the image is achieved. The contrast of a long beard with a pigtail shaved at the temples and powerful hair in the parietal part demonstrates strength, adds to the image of the masculinity that men so lack today.

How to wave yourself

To braid your beard yourself:

  1. you need to comb your hair with a thin comb;
  2. divide your hair into three equal strands;
  3. if there are several braids, then you need to divide the bundle at the rate of three strands per one braid;
  4. start weaving, shifting one to the other, gradually lowering and finishing weaving with an invisible thin elastic band.

It is not recommended to sit in front of a mirror - as the reflection will be opposite and you will get confused in the sequence of rearranging the strands. The pigtail can turn out to be one-sided, slightly twisted to the side with a clear violation of the weaving order.

Viking braids

viking braidsA distinctive feature of the braids in the beard in the tradition of the Vikings is the weaving of thin options up to 20 cm long. The Scandinavian warriors wore heavy helmets, so stylistically they could afford a little "prank" in the form of a thin braid protruding from the beard around the chin or cheek. Elastic bristly hair was braided into braids, and the warriors used metal rings as decoration. Today, their style was picked up by a fashionable trend: men are actively braiding thin pigtails — sometimes several pieces against the background of hair sticking out in different directions.

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The Scandinavian style is a slight negligence, tangledness, different lengths of "rat" pigtails, as well as red or gray-gray hair color. The braided beard, while complimenting the medieval image of the Vikings - the ancestors of modern Scandinavian peoples - is successfully combined with loose, medium-length hair.


dreadlocksWeaving dreadlocks is a lengthy process. The barbershop will make a neat composition - even long matted curls will be attached to a short beard. So that they do not unravel, they are fixed with wax or filled with varnish. Dreadlocks cannot be unraveled, as soon as a man loses interest and refuses to wear an exotic hairstyle, in a barbershop the old curls are neatly cut off. This is not to say that this is a historically formed image. Dreadlocks braided in a beard show rather a hooligan image of a pirate-robber, evil magician or sorcerer.

Dreadlocks are chosen by rappers, lovers of heavy music and hip-hop. These guys get tattoos, piercings and other ways to show their taste. Bikers, informals and rockers wear mohawks neatly gathered in a bun at the top of their head. A thick braid braided over the beard will look like a bald head. Thin Viking braids are braided by overweight men who have a rounded face. The contrast of thin Scandinavian braids lengthens the silhouette of the look, lengthening the face. Thick hair, neatly bordering the oval, hides the second chin, the width of the cheeky face. Men's fashion involves contouring the appearance in order to hide flaws, make a man more brutal and charismatic, and emphasize his strengths.

A little about leaving

Dreadlocks made from your own hair, Afro-braids and Scandinavian braids woven into beards require careful maintenance. The hairstyle is right in the place where it can get dirty at the time of eating, the braids wrinkle in a dream. If ordinary hairstyles can be unraveled, combed and washed at least every day, then styled again, then afrokos and dreadlocks are a long-term styling option, fixed with wax. They can be worn until new hair grows back - about two to three months. The care option for them consists of the following steps:

  • in the first month they are gently rinsed with water;
  • after drying, the loose hair is rolled into strands and attached to the main "sausages" with the help of wax;
  • then it is recommended to wash with regular shampoo, and roll the overgrown roots into dreadlocks.
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Caring for locks consists of regular shampooing, as well as dreadlocks. In case of mechanical damage, the curl is restored and fixed with wax or varnish.

Historical prerequisites for the emergence of a unique style

In ancient times, braids were braided solely for hygienic reasons, so that bouncy hair did not interfere with the meal. Today braids, dreadlocks are a fashionable trend that young people in different countries of the world are not indifferent to. Everyone chooses their own unique style to emphasize their individuality, to try to express their attitude to fashion. To form an exceptionally solid, unified image, a man can turn to a specialist barber and get a detailed analysis of his appearance with about the variability of hairstyles recommendations on the hair of the chin.

historical backgroundThe era of the Middle Ages is gone, the modern need in society to braid braids in a beard is needed rather as an element of decorative adornment. From the point of view of psychology, there are different opinions. The desire to express themselves, to become noticed drives the young generation, makes them experiment with their appearance. If imitation of football players, actors or musicians is used as a motivation, then it is rather a search for your own "I". Until it is found, then the person will repeat after the style icons. When he understands the purpose of his stay on the planet, he will not need the expediency of using other people's methods of attracting attention. But you need to go through this path of experimentation, trial and error, especially at a young age.

Weaving braids on the beard has many opponents. They believe that this is a sign of lack of masculinity and brutality. The fact is that male charisma with pigtails in a beard is expressed even more vividly, the images look extraordinary, there is no aggressiveness and vulgarity. It is known that in the historical past there were examples of wearing such hairstyles — they were brave brave Vikings, Tibetan monks, Chinese courageous kung fu warriors, yoga masters and male hunters of African tribes. They are the strongest and most courageous representatives of different cultures and nationalities, so many want to be like them.

Braiding beard

Pigtails in a beard are the latest squeak of men's fashion around the world, so experts and stylists advise all men to experiment with their looks by weaving braids.

Today, the most famous successful personalities show such weaving options in their photos on social networks, in commercials. Of course, the new trend has fans and opponents, but there are much more positive reviews. In large cities, barbershops have appeared everywhere, where specialists work, polish the skill of creating neat stylish braids on the chin within the framework of a modern fashionable silhouette.

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