How easy it is to get a Tony Stark beard

Iron Man is not just a movie hero, but a cult figure for his contemporaries. There is no limit to the popularity of the actor who played this role. Children buy toys with their favorite hero, teenagers try to behave like him, and golden youth grow Tony Stark's beard.

To be honest, kids and teens do better than young people. Not everyone knows how to make a beard like that of Tony Stark. And the point here is not only to gently shave, but to grow it. Facial hair appears unevenly, making it difficult to create.

How to promote stubble growth on your face

Facial hair growth accelerates during adolescence, when boys reach the age of 14. During this period, active production of testosterone begins. It depends on this substance how quickly the beard will grow, and what density it will have. At first glance, it is impossible to influence this factor, but it is not.

Factors contributing to the appearance of uniform and dense facial hair:

  • Proper nutrition. An increase in protein, which is found in lean meat, cottage cheese and eggs, as well as the consumption of foods with vitamins B3, B6, B12, A, C, E, D, biotin and iron, will lead to an increase in testosterone.
  • sports activities. No matter how silly it may sound, but physical activity affects the increase in testosterone in the body of a teenager. Athletes who play basketball, swimming or weightlifting look more masculine than passive teenagers. They better produce the coveted substance.
  • Using hair growth products. These include burdock and castor oil. You can buy them at the pharmacy. Only alternate and daily use of the oils will have a real effect. Using a massage brush will make the procedure easier. When rubbing burdock or castor oil, there is a rush of blood to the face, and therefore of nutrients that have a positive effect on the growth of facial hair.
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How to grow a Tony Stark beard

The process of growing Tony Stark's beard can be divided into several stages. The first step is preparation. The second stage is growing to a length of 3 cm. The third stage is leveling. The fourth stage is leaving.

Iron Man's Beard
Iron Man's beard differs slightly in different parts of the film.

You need to take care of your beard with the help of:

  • trimmer;
  • electric shavers;
  • razor;
  • cars;
  • hairdressing scissors.

To make a beard like that of Robert Downey Jr., after the appearance of stubble, you do not need to begin to level it or shave off certain vegetation. This will not allow you to take into account the peculiarities of the appearance of facial hair and make the most suitable option. The hero of the film "Iron Man" is slightly different in different parts. His beard has various shapes.

How to make a suitable beard shape

When the vegetation grows 3-5 cm, it will be clearly visible in which places it grows better and in which it is worse. The shape of the beard is approximately the same for all men. The main thing, given the uniformity, is to make the shape most optimal for your face.

Instructions on how to make a Tony Stark beard:

  1. Using a machine (it is better to use a small clipper) for a haircut, you should begin to separate the outline of the mustache from the vegetation that is on the cheeks.
  2. Extend the line down the contour of the vegetation that defines the mustache to the chin and further down to the end of the beard. Perform this operation on both sides.
  3. Determine the bottom border, which should end just 1 cm below the edge of the chin. At the same time, it should go around the contour of the chin, and not be straight.
  4. Once the boundaries have been established, you can use a razor or other tool that will easily shave off any vegetation that is away from the whiskers. The outer part is ready, you can move on to the inner.
  5. Using a trimmer, clipper or disposable razor, gently shape the vegetation under your lower lip. Make it in the shape of a trapezoid, where the top is a whole and the bottom is 1/3 of a whole.
  6. From the corner of the bottom, the vegetation should be shaved to the chin at an angle of 45 degrees.
Robert Downey Jr.
A recognizable image of Robert Downey Jr. with a beard.

After the form is ready, you need to level the vegetation every day with a clipper with a 3-5 mm setting. The rest of the face should be completely shaved. Using oil will help increase the thickening.

The popularity of Tony Stark's beard stems from the fact that he emphasizes his personality. Therefore, you should take into account the characteristics of your face and vegetation so that the shape turns out to be natural and attractive.

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