Goatee: how to grow, cut and groom

Previously, the "goatee" beard was associated with villains. She made people subconsciously perceive such an image as non-standard, ominous, or threatening. Today it has become an element of style and fashion, it helps to emphasize individuality, create an image of a daring, brutal, confident guy, and visually change facial features.

looks like

what does a goatee look likeGoatee or, in translation from English, goat beard, has a wedge-shaped shape. The vegetation under the lower lip is similar to the letter U. As a rule, it covers the entire width of the chin. The length and density can be different. The rest of the face is clean-shaven. Looks very neat and aesthetically pleasing, helps to visually "stretch" the face. It can be an independent accessory of the image or be combined with a mustache, sideburns. Also, popular is the combination of a goatee in men with a goatee. In this case, the semicircle around the chin has a smooth transition in length.

Unlike other types of vegetation, it suits absolutely everyone, regardless of the shape of the face. But this option looks especially good on a round face, since it visually lengthens it and brings it closer to the ideal oval shape.

How to: step by step instructions

A goat beard requires a lot of effort and time in growing, styling, grooming, but the end result is worth it.

How to grow from scratch

To begin with, a man needs to shave his face smoothly and decide on the desired shape of future vegetation (whether there will be a beard with a mustache, no mustache, length, etc.). Further, actions for modeling the form will depend on this.

van dyck
The short stubble on the chin is called Van Dyck.

You require growing your hair until it reaches the required length. Moreover, their density should be uniform, without bald spots, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve the desired result. This can take more than one month, so if a man wants to speed up the growth process, it is recommended to use special cosmetics, for example, castor or burdock oil. A man requires being patient, because during this period the vegetation will have a far from ideal appearance.

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After the beard has grown to its optimal length, you can start modeling it. For this you will need:

  • razor — helps to achieve perfect smoothness around vegetation;
  • trimmer - helps to quickly and efficiently create a contour;
  • scissors - help to give the already formed vegetation the optimal length, align, remove excess hairs. It is necessary to carefully combine the hair with a comb according to its growth and trim the hair, moving from the neck to the chin.

The borders of the beard should be symmetrical. The width is no greater than the lip line. Particular attention should be paid to the neck - it must be shaved smoothly from below to the jawline.

How to shape from an existing beard

If a man already has a beard, then he does not need to wait until the facial hair acquires the optimal length. The main task is to model the required shape. The most convenient tool for this is a trimmer. These devices are lightweight and compact. Removing excess hair is absolutely safe - the likelihood of injury, damage to the integrity of the skin is minimal, due to the fact that the blades of the devices do not come into contact with the epidermis.

Any trimmer will greatly help with modeling a beard.

If a man doubts that he can create an even beard, then he requires paying attention to devices that are equipped with laser guidance. The laser beam indicates the trajectory along which you require to move the device, so that the man does not shave off excess hairs and gets the perfect result without making any special efforts. Scissors will help to make a short or long version, as well as remove protruding hairs.

It is recommended to thoroughly wash and dry the vegetation before shaving. To prevent skin irritation or dryness, you need to use special cosmetics for and after shaving. And to keep the hair manageable and smooth, you can use conditioners, rinses or balms. Keep your scissors or trimmer clean to help prevent infection.

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beard care

A goat beard looks quite impressive for every man. In order for her to look neat, several care rules must be followed.

Hair should be thoroughly washed. It is better to repeat the procedure daily. Use special shampoos for this - they contain less aggressive chemicals, so they do not dry the hairs, and provide gentle care. In addition to shampoo, it is recommended to acquire a line of hair care products after washing (oils, balms, lotions, etc.). They will help to preserve the shine of the vegetation, make it soft and docile.

how to care for a beard

Mustache and goatee go well. This option will add brutality to the image. This image has been used by the famous actor Johnny Depp for many years.

You can dry your beard with a towel (movements should not be chaotic, so as not to damage the hair structure) or a hair dryer (at a low blowing speed and at a low temperature).

You also need to comb your hair every day. It is recommended to purchase a fine-toothed comb separately for the beard. It is better to choose a wooden one, such an accessory does not harm hair, does not cause allergic reactions, since it is made of environmentally friendly material. Moreover, it is suitable for all hair types.

Maintaining shape is another important step in vegetation care. You require correcting the hairline and hair length as required, since each person's hair grows at a different rate.

Goat beard is associated with brutality, confidence, masculinity. In order to maintain the image and not cause a back reaction of rejection or even disgust, compulsory comprehensive care is required, starting with daily hygiene procedures, and ending with regular shape correction.

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