A beard without a mustache - its features, types and shapes

The mustache-less beard is becoming more popular. We invite you to learn more about the distinctive features of this type of beard, the secrets of fame, connection with the general style, character.

Popularity and fashion trends

A beard without a mustache looks original, which denotes the individuality of the men wearing it. People with a similar beard stand out from the rest of the people around them. Another plus: ease of care. You just need to trim the hairs from time to time.

Do not think that the choice of a suitable style is limited: different types of beards can be cut without antennae. For example, such well-known ones as balbo, Hollywood, goatee and Spanish look good.

The most popular forms of a beard without a mustache

There are two types of beard without a mustache: complete and incomplete. In the first case, the hair remains on the entire area of ​​the face, and in the second, it is shaved off on the cheeks. The most famous is the short beard due to the fact that it suits almost all men.

Short beard styles without a mustache have changed and supplemented over the years. Today there are many popular forms. This variety helps to choose the right look for any person, regardless of preference. Consider the popular most design options:

  • Russian short beard without mustache.
  • Goatee.
  • Skipper's beard.
  • Egyptian.
  • Goatee.


Many men with beards without mustaches of this kind look like ladies' men. Other men are protesting with a beard. But let's not forget, for most, this is just a convenient form.

Goatee without mustache

To avoid tangling hair, cut from the bottom up. Move towards the chin from the neck and leave the length at the edge of the chin: usually it is at least 1,5 centimeters. Be sure to remove hairs that stick out on the sides.

A trimmer is useful for decoration. With its help, it will turn out to make an even edge of the beard without a mustache. The mini trimmer will remove hairs from your cheeks and ears. If you did it right, the shape will resemble the silhouette of an eagle under the lips.

This style is the easiest to create and maintain the correct shape. The beard should be trimmed weekly or more often, and the cheeks and neck should be shaved regularly.

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Egyptian beard

The next popular mustache-less beard style is associated with the ancient pharaohs. In reality, the representatives of the royal family wore fake metal ones, but such uniforms are still called Egyptian.

It looks like a goatee with a long and sharp tip. The edges are located at eye level and resemble a triangle that elongates near the chin. Unfortunately, to trim a beard like this will take over a year to grow out.

Types of Egyptian beard
Egyptian beard

For decoration, remove the hairs on the chin and cheeks until you reach an invisible point in the middle of the eye line. Remove the mustache, leaving the beard connection at the very bottom. Then tilt the beard slightly on each side, but keep it straight for a sharp tip. It should be long: ten centimeters from the chin.

Please note that this form requires careful maintenance. Due to the length, the hair dries out, as it is far from the skin. To avoid this, use the right products regularly.

Norwegian skipper

Beard without mustache Norwegian skipper
Norwegian skipper

Unlike the previous version, this is a short goatee. Some people imaginatively say that it looks like an inverted blob. This shape is only 2,5 centimeters below the chin, and the rest of the face is smooth.

To create the correct shape, shave off the neck and cheeks, remove the hair on the face, excluding the area under the lips. Cut off the rest of the hairs that extend beyond the wings of the nose. Get rid of the tendrils. Then form the hairs in a rectangle with rounded edges, getting longer under the chin.

How to choose a beard?

There are principles according to which men choose haircuts of a certain shape without a mustache. First, it is, of course, the shape of the face. Find a style that enhances your facial features. Then it is important to pay attention to the person's style. It is important that the goatee matches it. Some believe that the choice of form also depends on the character. Let's consider the options in more detail.

face shape selection

The easiest way to choose the right shape for a suitable beard without a mustache is to go to the hairdresser. You can bring photos of what you want to see, but the master will decide how good this view will look on you. Each person has individual characteristics.

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It is worth learning some of the secrets to helping men find the right mustache-free beard style. So, for example, the "goatee" is complete. It lengthens the face and makes it longer than it actually is.

A skipper's goatee looks good on men with a trapezoid-like face, while those with a rectangular look are preferable to opting for puffy sideburns. People with a triangular shape should choose a square beard or a horseshoe-like beard. For men with an elongated and long face, a square one is suitable. Please note that it is not recommended to cut a horse or goatee: they significantly lengthen the face. These options are best used with a round face.

Shaving a bear without a mustache
Not all men are suitable for specific types of beards - you should experiment with a few.

People with an oval face suit almost all beard options, which opens up a lot of room for experimentation.

Also, the preferred hairstyles depend on the height. Tall men should consider voluminous and fluffy, and short, on the contrary, short.

Unfortunately, not all men are suitable for specific bears. Therefore, you may have to experiment with several species.

Dress style and beard shape

fashion style

Follow the trend in combining style with a beard

Be sure to consider your clothing style. Most often, it is associated with the occupation and individual preferences of a particular person.

So, for example, an elongated version and a square are more suitable for business people. In the event that you adhere to the image of a courageous intellectual, then you should choose a goatee.

Initially, the Russian version of the beard without a mustache was worn by clergymen or villagers, today this style is becoming popular, regardless of occupation or status of a person.

Clothing style is also important for a person who has already found his own beard shape. Consider a few basic rules for how men's clothing is combined with different haircuts:

  1. Most of the youth adhere to a sporty style. Sneakers and sneakers, jeans with T-shirts, jumpers and parkas - finding the right clothes will not be difficult. Men who love this style often prefer to cut their hair under a boxing or semi-boxing, sometimes under a hedgehog or a Canadian. A goatee with stubble that covers the cheekbones will suit them. Let go of your chin hair or grow sideburns if desired.
  2. Business style is no less common. Largely due to the fact that you have to wear shirts, suits, ties and shoes according to the office dress code. In this case, the location of the boss and the reaction of clients depend on the correct choice of a beard for men. Choose a short, neat shape that doesn't cover your face. For example, a goatee or an anchor.
  3. The casual style combines the features of the first two styles of clothing. Fashionable jeans with shirts and sneakers, jackets and sweatshirts, shoes or army boots - all this creates a calm, independent image. There are no restrictions when choosing a goatee. But remember, a long and thick beard adds five to seven years.
  4. Bohemian style is most often loved by creative people. They do not adhere to banality and sophistication in appearance. What kind of beard to grow depends on the character and hobbies of the man.
  5. The image of a brutal man, a biker will be complemented by a brutal, thick and long beard. Hair can be braided in braids and other hairstyles, decorated with ribbons, skulls and other decorations. But remember to regularly wash, comb, and oil to keep your hair soft.
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Beard and character

The shape of the beard says a lot about the person wearing it. There are several striking stereotypes that need to be examined more closely.

For example, Muslim, long and soft, is typical for confident and reasonable men. And people with a tapered beard, dyed black, easily attract the opposite sex. The goatee is most often worn by the courageous and intelligent.

Fashionable beard styling without a mustache
bearded decoration

Let's consider in more detail the main features of a beard without a mustache of different shapes and what they say about a person:

  • Rarely prefer gentle and romantic natures. In situations that need to be taken under control, such men prefer to give way to stronger people.
  • Men with reddish-brown bears are friendly. They are courteous, quickly find a common language, they can speak beautifully. But most often they have a bright temperament and easily succumb to anger.
  • Chestnut color is preferred by men who are constant in their predilections. Such people are brave and responsible.
  • Thick and dark is usually grown by balanced people, moderately temperamental.
  • Bristles are common among creative men free from social rules and norms. They combine brutality and romance, some toughness and softness.
  • A well-groomed and bushy beard, similar to the one worn by Ernest Hemingway, is considered classic. Men grow it while immersed in philosophy. Most often, people with such a beard become or work as scientists, writers, researchers. They consider themselves strong, courageous.
  • The wide is worn by peaceful and calm people. They are fond of introspection, spiritual activities.
  • Long and curly characterize gay men. Such people are sociable, like to be at the center of any company.
  • Sharp beards without a mustache are preferred by neat and pedantic men. A neat, beautiful beard is an image that lasts for a long time.
  • Sideburns are worn by few men. But most often they are preferred by dreamy, creative people. Despite their romanticism, in difficult situations such men show steadfastness and loyalty to their principles.

Now that you know many of the features, making a beard of various shapes and without a mustache is easy. Experiment, look for new shapes that suit you and create a unique image!

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