The main reasons why mustaches do not grow and what to do?

For many men, a beard is an opportunity to realize their creative ideas and desires, change their image and appearance, and attract attention from the opposite sex. It is known that the fashion for a beard has been going on for several years, and it has swept the whole world. Many famous personalities have covered their chins with thick stubble and mustaches. But what about men whose stubble and mustache do not grow at all?

You can determine exactly why the mustache does not grow thanks to specialists, most often these can be trichologists or endocrinologists. And only after accurately identifying the causes of this phenomenon, a man will be able to find the best methods for stimulating mustache growth. If the question of why the mustache does not grow under the nose is asked by young teenage guys, then you just need to be patient and wait.

Cause of weak mustache growth

If a man is already well over 20 years old, and his mustache and beard do not grow at all or grow poorly and slowly, most likely this is the result of the negative impact of certain factors. The reasons for this may be:

  1. Genetic predisposition. In this case, it is possible to judge what kind of facial hair a man will have in the future if you look at relatives and their beard and mustache. If the father, grandfather and other male family members had a beard and mustache that grew slowly, unevenly and rarely, the likelihood of their participation being repeated is quite high.
  2. Lack of testosterone in the body. All the signs of a man’s masculinity directly depend on this sex hormone — his figure, muscular body, density and growth of hair on the body and head, sexual activity and fertility. A decrease in testosterone levels leads to the fact that there is no beard and mustache, or it grows very slowly and unevenly.
  3. Bad habits. Smoking in general has an extremely negative effect on the condition of the skin and hair, since nicotine lowers testosterone levels, and also disrupts metabolic processes. The same can be said about the use of alcoholic beverages.
  4. Unbalanced nutrition. Due to the deficiency of useful vitamins and resources in the body, metabolism and other processes are disrupted. Over time, vitamin deficiency leads to hair loss, suppression of the immune system and other disorders. Therefore, it is critical to eat different natural products.
  5. Depressed psycho-emotional state. Frequent stress, lack of sleep, moral and physical overwork affect the state of health, testosterone levels, and hence the growth of mustaches and beards.
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In the case when the mustache does not grow in the middle, stubble and sideburns, most likely, there are serious violations and malfunctions inside the body. Experts advise contacting the clinic for a complete examination, which will show exactly the reasons for the slow growth of facial hair or its absolute absence.

What to do?

If a man has determined why the mustache and beard do not grow or grow, but extremely slowly and unevenly, you can choose a method to correct this situation. You need to start with a change in lifestyle, increasing the degree of mobility, changing the diet, giving up bad habits. If this was not enough, you can use the help of medications and traditional medicine.

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Folk remedies

Non-traditional conservative methods suggest that a man has to start with taking multivitamins and a complex of vitamin and mineral preparations. Pharmacology offers many of these vitamins specifically to stimulate the growth of mustaches and beards. You also need to consume as much water as possible, on which blood circulation, metabolic processes and metabolism depend.

Traditional medicine recipes are as follows:

  1. Ginseng tincture. A natural resource in the form of a tincture is sold in pharmacies, if taken according to the instructions, a man will naturally increase testosterone levels, immunity, strength and health.
  2. Nuts and seeds. These products are rich in vitamins E, as well as healthy acids and fats, thanks to which mustaches and beards grow better in men. You need to use them often, but in small portions.
  3. Oils. To accelerate the growth of the mustache, castor and burdock oil are used, they are mixed, heated with palms and rubbed into the skin of the face. Wash off the oil mask after 1 hour. The procedure is repeated 3 times a week for 3-6 months.
  4. Scrub. They take any base oil, mix it with finely ground coffee, and then use it as a scrub to speed up blood circulation. The procedure is carried out 1 time per week.
  5. Physical exercise. Thanks to strength training, a man can increase testosterone levels naturally.

Important! All of these methods guarantee high performance indicators if they are applied comprehensively, regularly and systematically.

Medical supplies

Minoxidil is the only recognized drug that can cause mustache and beard growth and accelerate it. This component dilates blood vessels, accelerating blood circulation, which awakens dormant hair follicles and stimulates the appearance of new follicles. Minoxidil can be in the form of tablets, it is important to choose the right dosage so as not to provoke side effects.

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Experts advise using drugs with a low percentage of minoxidil, since such products are much safer. These can be ointments, creams, balms, lotions and sprays. Pharmaceutical companies produce a variety of preparations with a solution of minoxidil. They need to be applied for a long time to fix the result. Otherwise, new hairs will fall out.

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Doctor’s recommendations

To start the fight for the growth of a beard, doctors advise with a complete examination in the clinic. A man can consult such specialists as a trichologist and an endocrinologist. Next, you need to radically change your lifestyle, giving up bad habits and food addictions. The diet should consist mainly of protein foods, complex carbohydrates and fats. In parallel, you can take special vitamins for the growth of mustaches and beards.

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If a man does not have a beard and mustache, and age already implies the presence of facial hair, most likely there are internal malfunctions in the body. Only by establishing the causes of such problems with the stubble, you can find the best methods for treating mustaches and beards. It is better to start with a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and drinking pure natural water. All kinds of folk remedies and recipes will also be useful. But medications should be resorted to as a last resort and only after the approval of the doctor.

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