Why does the stubble not grow, what are the reasons?

The facial hair of a man is a sign of masculinity, strength and good genetics. Many women note that it is precisely by the mustache and beard that they determine the firmness of character, brutality and charisma in a man. In addition, the latest fashion trends favor bearded men, as beards of all kinds and types are again popular. But what about men whose stubble does not grow evenly and thickly?

First, you need to consult a trichologist or endocrinologist. It is the medical specialist who will be able to accurately determine the reasons why the bristles on the cheeks and chin do not grow. Further, starting from the established factors, you can select suitable methods for enhancing the growth of facial hair. These can be folk recipes, home care or the use of cosmetic and medical products.

When does stubble start growing?

Psychologists and sociologists note that a man’s beard makes its owner sexy and attractive according to the opposite sex. Many people manage thanks to a thick beard or stubble to hide the flaws in appearance, some flaws and asymmetry of the face. But to grow a beard, many men have to put in a lot of effort and work to stimulate hair growth.

For all men, the period of the beginning of the growth of mustaches and beards begins at different ages. Someone is lucky, and the first fluff breaks through at the age of 16, others fail to grow a beard even at 30 years old. Much depends on the nationality of a man, genetic factors, lifestyle, as well as the course of puberty. It starts at the age of 14 and lasts up to 20 years, during this period of time the growth of facial hair may begin.

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Main Factors Affecting Bristle Growth

To predict the age when the stubble will start to grow or to establish why it does not grow, you need to pay attention to the influencing factors. Experts note several such reasons, it can be hereditary characteristics of a man’s body, his age, health status, lifestyle, hormonal and psycho-emotional background, and much more.

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If the bristles do not grow well, you must first analyze your nationality and what features are typical of it. For example, for men of oriental blood and type of appearance, there should be no problem with a beard and other vegetation on the body at all. These guys manage to grow mustaches and stubble as early as adolescence. But for northern peoples, Slavic nationalities, Chinese and Japanese, stubble and mustache are not at all typical, it can appear much later.

For reference! There are peoples whose bristles do not grow at all, for example, Indians, Asians and peoples of the far north.


Many men so want to grow a thick and courageous beard, but only a rare fluff grows. You need to pay attention to your genetics and heredity, since many features of appearance and character are passed down through the generations along the family branch. And if there were no men with a thick and long beard in the family, it is unlikely that a man will have the opportunity to change this trend.

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Lack of testosterone

If the beard does not grow well in places or even all over the face, a hormonal imbalance is most likely the cause. The sex hormone testosterone is responsible for facial and body hair. With its excess, men often begin to lose hair on their heads, forming bald patches, and with a hormone deficiency, stubble and mustache do not grow thickly and evenly. Excess weight, malnutrition, low mobility or exhausting workouts, as well as bad habits can affect testosterone levels.

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Young age

Many guys believe that a beard should already be actively growing at 18 years old. In fact, much depends on the period of puberty, the health of the young man and his hormonal levels. At the age of 14-18 years, the highest level of testosterone is observed, which is also not entirely beneficial for stubble growth. Therefore, in most men of Slavic nationality and type of appearance, the beard begins to grow after the end of puberty, that is, at the age of 18-20.

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Delayed puberty

For some men, due to heredity and genetic predisposition, puberty may begin a little later and be delayed. This is also facilitated by various diseases, chronic illnesses and other disorders in the body. Accordingly, due to the delay in the sexual development of the guy, the growth of the bristles is also delayed for some time.

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Wrong lifestyle

An important factor in why stubble does not grow on the cheeks is the lifestyle of a man. In this case, a man needs to reconsider his rhythm of life, habits, addictions, nutrition and much more. It is known that smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as excessive consumption of products containing caffeine can affect the hormonal background and testosterone levels. Particular attention should be paid to weight, as it also disrupts the balance of hormones. Learn more about proper nutrition for beard growth.

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Vitamin deficiency

Doctors note that for the full and timely growth of bristles, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet so that the body replenishes its reserves of resources. In addition to food, a vitamin-mineral complex or simple multivitamins from a pharmacy can become a source of the necessary vitamins. For bristle growth, you need:

  • vitamin A to moisturize hair follicles;
  • vitamin B3 to speed up blood flow;
  • vitamin B5 to improve metabolic processes;
  • vitamin E to saturate hair follicles and improve blood flow.

Also, vitamin B9 or folic acid helps hair grow faster and thicker, and biotin or vitamin B7 prevents baldness and hair loss. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C cleanses the body of toxins and harmful substances, protects blood vessels from fragility, promoting normal blood flow.

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Depressed psycho-emotional state, stress and neuroses have a negative impact on general well-being, immune system and health. The body spends more resources on recovery, leading to vitamin deficiency and deficiency of the necessary substances. All this causes hair loss, deterioration of a person’s external data, exacerbation of chronic diseases, which negatively affects the growth of a man’s bristles.

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Skin damage from improper shaving

Every man must be able to properly shave the stubble; otherwise it will negatively affect its further growth. Improper shaving damages the structure of the hairs, leading to the appearance of ingrown hairs. Over time, the beard will begin to grow unevenly, with rare patches with bald spots.

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What to do with poor growth?

In fact, there are only options for what to do lacking bristle growth — it is to be patient and wait until the age comes for the first facial hair to appear, as well as contacting a specialist in this field, that is, a trichologist. The doctor will conduct a diagnosis to exclude any internal disorders and diseases, after which the situation should change radically.

Particular attention should be paid to your lifestyle, which can delay the period of beard growth. Ideally, a man’s morning should begin with a charge, the food will be varied and balanced, walks in the fresh air are long and frequent, and there should be no place for bad habits and junk food. Physical activity speeds up blood flow, improves metabolic processes and increases testosterone levels.

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You can take care of your skin thanks to oils — castor and burdock, as well as esters. After mixing the components, the oil solution is heated with the palms of the hands and rubbed into the skin of the face along the growth line of the bristles. Wash off the mask after an hour with warm water and soap. Mustard powder, eucalyptus or pine needles oil, red pepper can be added to oils. Any medication should be prescribed only by a doctor.

For reference! Cosmetic products and preparations that contain the substance minoxidil can accelerate the growth of bristles. But you need to use them after the appointment of a doctor and for a long time to consolidate the results.

When should you start worrying?

The maturation of the male body falls on a period of 25 years, and if by this time the growth of bristles has not begun, it is worth visiting a doctor and undergoing a comprehensive examination in the clinic. Most likely, there are some internal disorders or genetic features that inhibit puberty and beard growth. In a healthy man at this age, the beard should grow evenly and thickly.

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Endocrinologist recommendations

Doctors advise all men to look at their fathers and grandfathers, at their facial hair, to understand what kind of stubble they themselves should have. And in order not to delay this moment, you need to avoid stress, insomnia, neuroses, poor nutrition and exhausting loads in the gym. Periodically, you have to take vitamins for the male body, as well as check the state of health in the clinic.

The hormonal background affects all the criteria of a man — fertility, sexual activity, appearance, weight, hair on the head and body, voice, strength and much more. Therefore, to normalize the level of sex hormones, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, maintain physical activity and regularly donate blood to determine the level of testosterone in the body.

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If the stubble on the face does not grow, although the age of the man implies a thick beard, mustache and sideburns, it is worth paying attention to the internal state of health and genetics. Someone along the family line should wait for the appearance of bristles much later, while someone simply does not have enough testosterone in the body or the necessary vitamins. A thick and long beard is primarily a sign of a healthy and strong man without bad habits and internal pathologies.

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