What is the Difference Between a Trimmer and a Hair Clipper

A trimmer is a device that is used to correct the shape of embossed haircuts and sideburns. It is used primarily for hair styling. The hair clipper allows you to shorten the hair to the desired length. A man is advised to purchase products that do not require special hairdressing skills to use.

It should be noted that hair clippers can be vibrating, rechargeable and rotary. Rotary instruments have a built-in motor. The vibration devices are equipped with a special coil. Such devices have non-removable blades, which complicates the maintenance of the device. Battery products are compact and easy to use. The question of how the trimmer differs from the well-known hair clipper deserves special attention.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a typewriter

What is the difference between a trimmer and a hair clipper? The trimmer can have a variety of additional functions. There are devices equipped with special lighting. The main disadvantage of the device is its relatively high cost. It costs much more than a hair clipper.

The trimmer lasts longer without a charge than a traditional hair clipper. This is due to the fact that it consumes relatively little electricity.

How the trimmer differs from the unwanted hair clipper is shown in the corresponding table.

Quality Description
Hair removal in hard-to-reach places The trimmer is mobile. With this tool, you can trim sideburns, shave whiskey.
Product dimensions The trimmer is lighter than a hair clipper. As a result, there is no difficulty in choosing a storage location for the device.
Sounds emitted by products during operation No vibration is generated during trimmer operation. The product is slightly quieter than the typewriter.
Ease of care The product does not require careful maintenance. Simply rinse the trimmer heads with plenty of water. To remove unwanted hairs, the blades of the clipper should be regularly lubricated with oil. Otherwise, you may experience pain while shaving.
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What is the difference between a trimmer and an electric shaver

electric shaver

Trimmer or electric shaver: which is better? When answering this question, it is worth mentioning that there are many models of electric shavers. Mesh products are equipped with rotating blades, which are protected from extraneous influence by a metal mesh. This electric shaver cuts hairs regardless of their length and stiffness. Mesh devices are ideal for the stronger sex with sensitive skin. Some of the most famous manufacturers of such products are companies:

Some models of electric shavers are equipped with a wet shaving function. The cost of such products is slightly higher compared to classic electric shavers. Wet shaving does not irritate the face.

More expensive models of electric shavers have a sensor that indicates the need to clean the device. More budgetary appliances need to be cleaned after each use.

The main difference between the razor and the trimmer is that the latter device is used mainly for haircuts of the hairs on the face. The product can be used to correct the shape of the eyebrows. The miniature trimmer is handy for the delicate bikini area. It is difficult to use an electric shaver for this purpose. It serves to shave all hair from the face and cannot correct its length.

The trimmer can also be used to create intimate haircuts in the bikini area. Due to the presence of many various attachments and the absence of pain when correcting the shape of hairs in the intimate area, the product compares favorably with a depilatory.

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Which is better to choose

A man is recommended to give preference to universal devices «2 in 1». Similar devices are intended for masters who are engaged in the creation of haircuts professionally.

The versatile 2-in-1 device helps to quickly remove hairs from certain areas of the body. The device does not damage the skin surface. The likelihood of irritation after using such a product is minimized.

The 2-in-1 device is versatile. With the help of such a device, hair removal, correction and modeling are performed.

The device «2 in 1» has a compact size. Unlike classic hair clippers, such a device does not take up much space in the bag.

The device has several convenient attachments and blades. They are designed to remove hair from various parts of the body.

Oils to be used when caring for clipper blades

The oil used to care for the unwanted hair removal machine has the following functions:

  • eliminates pollution;
  • helps to reduce the force of friction in knives;
  • allows you to protect knives from dullness;
  • reduces the heating of the knife body;
  • helps to extend the life of the appliance.

A man needs to give preference to specialized products. Such oils are made from crude oil that is pre-refined. The product is a liquid of a greasy consistency, devoid of a specific odor.

electric shaver care

Mineral oils with a low viscosity level can also be used for cleaning the machines.

Mineral oils with a low viscosity can also be used to clean the clippers. The cost of such materials is quite affordable. The representative of the stronger sex can also use the Silicon-electric OIL lubricant, made on the basis of silicone.

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It is not recommended lubricating the surface of products with ordinary vegetable oil. This could result in further damage to the product. In some cases, Johnson Baby oil is used at home.

Caring for the machine is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. After completing the haircut, you need to clean the knife block from the hair. For this purpose, use a brush with a hard bristle.
  2. All details of the product are wiped with an antibacterial napkin.
  3. A few drops of cleansing oil should be applied to the appliance.
  4. It is necessary to turn on the device for 2-3 seconds. In this case, the oil droplets will be evenly distributed over its surface.

Men who prefer a close shave should opt for a compact electric shaver. Men who love «light unshaven» are advised to use a trimmer.

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