What is a trimmer and what is it for?

Beard fashion is back, and now every second man is experimenting with looks and styles of facial hair. Some prefer to visit barbers and, under the strict guidance of a professional, model and care for mustaches and beards. Others are closer to the same tasks, but performed with their own hands at home using a set of tools and appliances.

Having tried the trimmer, what it is and what functions it implies, you can make sure that a fashionable and stylish beard can turn out on your own without the help of a specialist. The trimmer is a universal and multifunctional electric device, thanks to which you can model, shave, cut and trim your beard, as well as remove unwanted hairs even in hard-to-reach places.

What is a trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a cross between a clipper and an electric razor. The device can work from the mains and autonomously from the battery, performing a variety of options and tasks thanks to the presence of shaving knives and nozzles for even cutting of hairs. And if earlier men had to use scissors and razors, today a trimmer will quickly and accurately cope with all tasks.

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This device was created specifically for working with mustaches and beards, and the whole process takes only a few minutes. The trimmers are compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic shape and a comfortable package for ease of use. Differing only in functions and additional features, the instructions for its use for all models and brands are approximately the same.


For many men, a beard trimmer may seem like an unnecessary tool, the functions of which are easily handled by a sharp razor, clipper or scissors in tandem with a comb. But for those men whose beard is a matter of pride and a fashion accessory, you will need the right device for the most accurate and even modeling and care of facial hair.

The functions of the trimmer are as follows:

  • shaving off excess vegetation;
  • haircut;
  • removal of excess length and density of the beard (thinning);
  • facial hair modeling (shaping);
  • cutting off excess hairs in the nose and ears;
  • beard trim.

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Due to the presence of different nozzles and levels, the device helps to cut an overgrown beard to a certain length in just a few minutes, thereby trimming its shape and size. The small size and weight of the device make it easy to cope with even the smallest forms of mustaches and beards, take care of mustaches, sideburns and even eyebrows, cutting off excess vegetation.

The most famous manufacturers today are the companies:

  • Gillette;
  • Braun;
  • Philips;
  • Moser.

How the trimmer works and how it works

A beard and mustache trimmer should be the same device as a regular clipper, but differ in nozzles, size and be used for trimming and modeling a beard. But in addition to the standard functions, a classic trimmer should include a groomer function, that is, it should be used in hard-to-reach places, for example, to work with hair on the eyebrows, in the ears and nose.

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The principle of operation of the trimmer is the relative movement of two knives with nozzles that set a certain length to the hairs. The package will include the device itself, a charger, attachments, accessories for care and storage, as well as a number of additional functions (a nozzle for a smooth shave, replaceable blades, a vacuum system, laser indicators, lights, and much more).

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How is it different from a clipper?

Initially, many models of electric shavers included a trimmer attachment in their package, it happened that a trimmer comb was also included in the set of clippers. Today, a trimmer is an independent tool with a multifunctional purpose that can replace razors and clippers. The fundamental difference between a trimmer and a clipper is size and functionality.

The difference between a trimmer and a machine is the following features:

  1. Tooth pitch. If in the machine it is 3-4 mm, then in the trimmer a much smaller step is 0,2-1,0 mm.
  2. Weight and size. The trimmer is much lighter and more compact than the machine. Thanks to this, the trimmer is easy to use, it is easier to hold it in your hand, modeling a beard and mustache.
  3. Food. Almost all machines are mains powered, while trimmers imply a combined type of power supply, that is, from the mains and autonomously from the battery.
  4. Functional. Trimmers have a large list of options and additional features for removing hairs on the beard, mustache, eyebrows, sideburns, nose and ears, on the body and even in intimate places.
  5. Noise and vibration. The trimmer is much quieter, emitting a low level of vibration, unlike a clipper.

Thanks to a trimmer, you can create different patterns and clear lines, while no newfangled clipper can cope with such tasks. Today, the trimmer is the only multifunctional electrical appliance that no other tool can handle.

Varieties, their advantages and disadvantages

To decide on the choice of a beard and mustache trimmer, a man must know how the device works, what functions it has, what is included in the kit. It is by such criteria that most often experts classify trimmers into types and types. Each type has its pros and cons, thanks to which you can significantly narrow the circle and choose the best option.

By type of food

Trimmers are the first electrical shaving and hair cutting appliances that can accommodate multiple power options at once. Manufacturers offer two types of trimmers according to the type of food:

  1. Rechargeable. In this case, the device can work autonomously due to the presence of a rechargeable battery inside. Pros — the ability to use anywhere outside the home, there is no need to find a place near the outlet. Cons — many trimmers run on a battery that lasts about 30-40 minutes, which may not be enough, in addition, charging for many lasts for several hours.
  2. Networked. Such trimmers operate exclusively from the electrical network, respectively, their advantage is uninterrupted operation during the time that a man needs to take care of his hair. And the minus of the device is the fact that it cannot be used outside the home, many models come with a short cord.
  3. Combined. This is the best option for beard and mustache trimmers, as it contains all the advantages of the first two types of trimmers according to the type of food. You can use it both from the network and autonomously, which covers all the shortcomings of the network and battery trimmer.
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From the listed types of device, according to the type of power supply, we can conclude that the best machine for correcting a beard and mustache, which involves a combined power supply system from both electricity and battery.

By configuration

The complete set of trimmers is the main criterion for choosing a device according to the needs of a man. In fact, a trimmer is a regular beard machine, but with additional options in the package. We are talking about attachments that allow you to cut hairs of a certain length and density, shave your mustache, beard, sideburns, remove hairs in hard-to-reach places and on the body.

According to the configuration, there are several types of trimmers:

  • Groomers — devices for removing hairs in hard-to-reach places;
  • trimmers for cutting excess length and density of hair on the eyebrows, temples, nose and ears;
  • trimmers with nozzles for working with hair on the beard, mustache and body;
  • universal trimmers with all the above options.

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Thanks to the attachments with a different number of levels, modes and step sizes, the functionality of the trimmer increases. The advantages of each option can be considered narrow-profile precise work with certain areas on the body, the minus is the impossibility of working with other areas. And only universal models cope with all the tasks, without any disadvantages as such.

How to shave

Since many trimmers are intended not only for cutting, but also for shaving extra hairs, manufacturers offer several types of devices according to the shaving method. Namely:

  1. Dry trimmers. This device replaces an electric shaver with its functions, many modern models even include floating knives for a perfect shave. The advantage of such a tool is a quick result without the use of cosmetics. Cons — insufficiently smooth shave, dry skin and the risk of irritation.
  2. Wet trimmers. In this case, we are talking about devices with a waterproof case, and you can cut and shave right in the shower using cosmetics. Pluses — a smooth shave and moisturizing of the skin, which prevents irritation and dryness, easy cleaning of the blades under running water. Cons — the need for the use of water and cosmetics.

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Most modern advanced trimmer models today include two types of shaving in functionality at once — wet and dry. This allows you to combine the advantages of the two types, while eliminating their shortcomings and weaknesses.

Blade material

Any beard trimmer can be judged by one more criterion — the blade material. It directly depends on the materials how easily, quickly and accurately the trimmer will handle the hairs of the beard and mustache. Most often, trimmer blades can be made of different metals:

  • stainless steel (standard option with acceptable features);
  • titanium (super strong and durable option);
  • made of metal with ceramic coating (super sharp and durable option).
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The first option has a significant advantage — an inexpensive price for the device. In the case of titanium alloy blades, the device will last much longer, retaining its cutting ability, and titanium is three times stronger than steel. If the metal of the blades is covered with a ceramic coating, they will not need to be lubricated and sharpened as often as metal blades.

Important! For home use, experts advise using trimmers with stainless steel blades. But for professional use in salons, trimmers with titanium or ceramic-coated blades are better suited.

With vacuum system

Recently, all trimmers from well-known brands have been equipped with a vacuum system, thanks to which the issue of trimmer cleaning has been resolved. Thanks to this ability, the vacuum trimmer sucks all the cut hairs into a special container, thereby protecting the space from blockages. The advantages of such a trimmer are obvious — there is no need to clean both the device and the room. In addition, you can shave with such a device in clothes, and the only drawback can be considered a high price.

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Another newfangled additional feature of the trimmer is the backlight, which will help create additional chiseled illumination of the treated area for the face in the dark. The advantages of a trimmer with this function are obvious — this is the ability to see all the hairs that will be cut off, as well as the possibility of the most even and clear-cutting of facial hair. The downside can be considered the fact that not all men will need such an option, for which the manufacturer raises the price of the trimmer.

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Mini trimmers

Another type of mustache and beard trimmer is a mini trimmer with a compact size and weight. Such devices were created for men who are often on the road and travel. The advantages of such trimmers can be considered their small weight and size, which simplifies operation and makes them mobile and ergonomic, in addition, a small beard trimmer will cost much less than models with great functionality.

The disadvantages of a small device for working with mustaches and beards can be considered as battery operation, which does not have enough power for long work. Accordingly, the tool will often be discharged and require recharging, which lasts several hours. Insufficient power will not allow the device to cope with hard, thick hairs. Therefore, the mini trimmer is only suitable for facial hair of small or medium length and density.


Different manufacturers offer customers trimmers of various models with different equipment, functionality and additional features. Today, you can even find a trimmer with a laser pointer, which will allow you to create the most even and clear lines of your beard and mustache. A man needs to choose solely based on personal needs and requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each type of device, as well as financial capabilities.

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