What is a royal shave and how is it done

Regardless of how good razors and electric razors are, many men often experience dry, tight skin, irritation, minor cuts and other discomfort while shaving. Therefore, recently, royal shaving has become popular in barbershops.

What is a royal shave?

A royal shave is the removal of facial hair with a straight razor. A well-forgotten method of hair removal has become popular with modern men due to a number of advantages, including:

  • The skin is perfectly smooth and soft without irritation.
  • The dead skin layer is removed along with the hair.
  • Facial skin looks bright and healthy.
  • The neat appearance remains longer.

The very term «Royal Shave» owes its origin to William Trufito, who, in 1805, opened the barber shop Truefitt & Hill in London. The institution has received an excellent reputation due to the fact that it was visited by the highest aristocracy of Great Britain, including representatives of the royal family.

Mandatory attributes of a royal shave

royal shaving toolsAll you need for a royal shave is a small set of cosmetics and accessories. The standard list includes:

  • Straight razor.
  • A natural bristle brush for foaming the product and applying it to the face.
  • Cream.
  • Container for foaming the product.
  • Leather belt and paste for the correction of the «fear» cutting edge.
  • Soothing cream.

The first experience of using a straight razor, as a rule, is accompanied by cuts, and therefore it is important for a beginner to additionally buy disinfectants, as well as special wound-healing alum.

How is the process going?

Before you start shaving, you must first steam the skin. To do this, take a damp hot towel and apply it to your face for 2-3 minutes. At home, such a compress can be replaced by washing under hot water for several minutes.

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For a mustache and beard, step-by-step instructions are a special algorithm of actions. A royal shave includes:

  • Using a shaving brush, apply whipped foam or cream to your face in a circular motion.
  • Then, using a straight razor, you need to cut the hair along the line of its growth.
  • Further, shaving must be repeated only against the hairline.
  • It is necessary to hold the «fear» with the whole hand, while the thumb should be located on the handle, the index and middle are placed on the opposite side. The little and ring fingers should be gripping the handle of the razor.
  • The cutting edge of the straight razor should be at an angle of 30 degrees to your face.
  • When cutting with the other hand, it is necessary to maintain tension on the skin.
  • After the passage of the blade over the skin has been completed, it is necessary to remove the hairs from the working part, and also treat it with an antiseptic.

At the end of the procedure, you need to soak a towel in cold water, squeeze it out, and then apply it to your face for 3-4 minutes. The cold compress has a tonic effect, tightens the pores, and also eliminates the feeling of irritation. After that, a moisturizer or aftershave gel should be applied to the washed face.

Royal shave in salons

Today barbershops are very popular in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities. In the modern barber shop, the royal shave is a whole ritual and requires the highest level of customer service. Depending on the establishment, the price of such a service may vary.

Royal shave in salons

Royal shaves are best done in special barbers.

The royal shaving technique in barbershops is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • First, the barbers apply a special oil that softens the skin and bristles.
  • Next, a hot towel is applied to the face to steam the skin and soften the hair.
  • After that, a scrub is applied with massage movements, and then a steaming towel is reapplied.
  • Next, shaving foam or cream is applied and hair is removed in two steps using a straight razor.
  • Then a cold compress is applied.
  • If the skin is too sensitive, a special mask is applied, and then a cold compress is applied again.
  • The final step is to apply an aftershave lotion (alcohol-free) and a moisturizer.

The hand of the master in combination with professional means will pleasantly surprise and allow you to be convinced of the benefits of the «Royal Shave», which stands out favorably against the background of hair removal with a conventional machine or electric razor.

Safety measures

Safety measuresA straight razor is as sharp as a surgical scalpel. Based on this, men who are starting to use this tool should definitely remember the following safety measures:

  • If the instrument accidentally falls out of your hands, do not catch it under any circumstances.
  • It is only necessary to carry the instrument from one hand to the other when it is closed.
  • If your hands are shaking a lot, it is better to use a conventional machine.
  • A straight razor should not be used for hair removal if there are various injuries to the skin.
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Until the man gains enough experience, the tool must be used with the utmost care. The first royal shave for a man should be tried in a barbershop. This will allow you to better understand the technique of the procedure, so that later you can perform it already at home.

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