What are razor blades: top 5 best manufacturers

The ideal appearance of a man consists of several components. One of them is a well-groomed shaved face. A flawless result is guaranteed by the correct choice of tool.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of shaving razors:

  • disposable;
  • machines with removable cartridges;
  • t — shaped razors.

Recently, T-shaped machines have become in demand among men. The classic way of shaving is stylish, high quality, economical. You need to purchase a safe machine once. Then systematically change the removable double-sided shaving blades.

Razor blades

Learning to use

It is difficult to choose razor blades for a novice user. A hygienic facial treatment with the classic T-bar machine requires experience and skill. Please be patient while learning a new hair removal technique. You can avoid cuts, achieve a clean-shaven chin if you get acquainted with the advice of the masters of their craft:

  • Step one. Soak a shaving brush in warm water. He will become gentle and obedient.
  • Step two. Remove excess water from the shaving brush and apply shaving agent.
  • Step Three. Lather your face thoroughly in a circular motion. Try to keep the foam covering your skin in a continuous layer.
  • Step Four. Run the loom down your cheek several times. Once in the opposite direction. This method will get rid of ingrown hairs. The angle of inclination of the machine, the force of pressing, choose yourself, slowly changing the position of the hand.

After learning how to handle the machine, pick up the blades.

What you need to know when choosing blades

The razor accessory market offers various brands of blades for t-razors. They are made from steel. The nature (softness, aggressiveness, neutrality) of the blade impact depends on the processing method.

To find the ideal option, consider the type of machine, your preferences

For the production of plates used:

  • carbon steel;
  • stainless steel;
  • carbon.

The outer coating is different:

  • chrome;
  • teflon;
  • platinum;
  • ceramic;
  • tungsten;
  • mixed coating (chrome, platinum);
  • teflon;
  • without cover.

razor bladesThe material affects the cost of the product. To find the perfect option, consider the type of machine, your preferences. Having tried several brands in action, you can make your choice.

The sharpest blades are considered to be of the following brands:

  • Polsilver;
  • Feather;
  • Astra;
  • Personna lsrael;
  • Personna USA.

Several factors affect the quality of the procedure:

  • consumer experience;
  • compliance with safety regulations;
  • shaving product (soap, cream);
  • machine (comb type);
  • shaving blades.

Gaining experience, following all the rules is a simple task. It remains to buy a machine, shaving product, blades. These three components should complement each other. The most difficult part is choosing an insert. Razor blades can easily slip, scratch, injure, leave behind a smooth surface or stubble and cuts. Sometimes they shave gently, sometimes aggressively. In some cases, they do not cope with the regrown bristles at all.

It’s trial and error that helps you get a comfortable close shave. You need to buy several different packages of blades at once, two or three razors. Then experiment. The statement: «The sharper the blade, the better it is,» is not true. You should not be guided by the cost of the product. Even an expensive brand-name blade behaves differently. Suitable for someone ideally, for someone it causes irritation on the skin.

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The search process can be long. Simple tips will help you decide faster:

  1. Purchase sample bags from online stores. This will save you time and money.
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions. Sometimes razor blades are defective, try using the same brand several times.
  3. Change the type of machine. The quality of the procedure often depends on it.
  4. Do not throw away packaging. Make notes on how you feel. This will help you not to get confused if the choice is delayed.
  5. Take your time with a decision. Use your favorite pen during the week. A sharp blade can be appreciated by mastering the technique of shaving.
  6. Start your search by purchasing products from trusted manufacturers.
  7. Learn the necessary foam-making skills. Determine a comfortable tilt angle for the machine. Change your shaving soap and cream.

Having gained experience, having filled your hand, you can decide on the final choice. When making a purchase, take into account the structure of the hair, the individual characteristics of the skin. The hairs are thin, the skin is delicate, sensitive, the plates should be soft, elastic. The bristles are thick, hard, the skin is oily or normal — «feathers» are elastic, sharp.

It is better to purchase shaving plates yourself. We decided to switch to the classic method — study advertising offers, listen to the advice of friends, start experimenting. Search until you find the one that’s right for you.

Top 5 ranking of the best razor blades

You can quickly find blades that suit you by looking at products from popular manufacturers. Men prefer to use blades from Gillette, Merkur, Scick, Muhle, Feather, Astra. These versatile double-sided blades will fit any type of machine. 5 best blades for t-razors:

Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum

Country of origin — Japan. The double-sided nibs of this brand are very sharp, so they should be used by an experienced fan of the T-shaped loom. A beginner can seriously injure his face.

Astra Superior Platinum

Ideal for men with tough, dense facial hair. The sharp, durable blade can handle any task with ease. Not suitable for delicate sensitive skin prone to irritation.

Polsiver Super lridium

Produced by Gillette. Time-tested products, since its production began during the existence of the USSR. The high cost is justified by the excellent quality. The blades easily cope with stiff bristles, shaving off the beard and mustache without causing any discomfort. They are not as sharp as the previous brand, but they are durable. The only drawback: hard to reach. They are hard to find on store shelves.

Wilkinson Sword

A rare visitor to our market, as it is produced in Germany. Differs from other brands in appearance. It is noticeable that the plate is thin and sharp. Shaving with these blades is a pleasant experience. The machine easily removes bristles without causing irritation or discomfort. The result of smooth sliding is achieved thanks to a special (polymer) coating applied to the steel plate.

A man who prefers the classic method of facial care should make a rating of the blades for himself. The choice of the blade is an individual matter. Determine your skin type, analyze the condition of facial hair, take into account the tendency to allergic reactions and go in search. Razor and blade manufacturers have taken care of a wide range of products. With patience, you can find the perfect shave for your classic shave.

How to care for your razor blades

Experienced connoisseurs of the classic method of shaving understand how important it is to find your favorite blade, to learn how to keep it in working order.

We store

razor blade storageMetal plates deteriorate over time. Humid environments are corrosive. Dirt and dust make them dull. To extend the life of a product, you need to know how to store it:

The main storage conditions are dry and clean. Therefore, thoroughly rinse the machine and blades with hot running water after each use. Remove residual detergent, cut hairs, skin particles. Contamination dulls the edges and affects the condition of the wearer’s skin.

Dry thoroughly (you can blot with a clean soft cloth). This will prevent oxidation processes, the appearance of rust, and increase the service life.

Treat a dry blade with a disinfectant solution (cologne, lotion, alcohol) to kill germs. When the plate is reused, they can cause infectious skin diseases, irritation, and rashes.

It is equally important to know how the blade should be stored. The place must be dry, clean, closed. A container with a tight lid is suitable for this purpose.

Use special oil during long-term storage. Alternatively, children’s or broadcast is suitable. It will create a protective binding film on the metal surface, preventing the corrosion process. A few drops of the product are enough to keep it working for a long time.

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Do not remove the packaging from the spare blades. Do not keep them in a damp place. Replace «feathers» in time. Typical life: three to four shaves. The fact that the plate has served its life is indicated by the colored stripe. I changed the thickness and color — it’s time to change the product to a new one. Worn too quickly — not provided with proper care.

Observe the rules of blade care and storage, take care of your health and save money.


If there is no way to change a blunt plate, sharpen it at home yourself. Then the reusable blade will last a long time.

sharpening blades

The metal «pen» for shaving may deteriorate after the first use or be sharp for three to four procedures.

The tips of the shaving plate are sharp teeth. Over time, they wear off, deform, bend. The blade stops gently cutting off the hairs, begins to scrape the skin. It can hardly cope with its functions. The reason is the deformation of the jagged edges. The sharpening process returns the teeth to their original position, straightens them, makes them sharp again. A simple and effective procedure will help you out in an unforeseen situation. There are several simple ways to sharpen a dull plate:

  1. With the help of professional equipment. For this purpose, you can purchase a special Danish device, the «RazorPit» sharpener. It will help keep the blades in good working order. There is a cheap Ukrainian analogue «Zattoch», which also copes well with the task. The device is a plate made of leather with diamond chips. The surface is lubricated with shaving gel. The machine is carried out on the crumb in the opposite direction twenty to thirty times.
  2. Folk sharpening methods are effective. They are time-tested and do not require additional material costs. Available materials are used as a sharpener:
  • denim (sharpen by placing a hard object);
  • leather belt (seamy side);
  • foil;
  • wet sandpaper;
  • flat stone (the surface is wetted with water).

Do not use improvised means constantly. If you decide to systematically sharpen the plates, buy a professional sharpener.

After sharpening, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the plate, dry it, and put it in a closed storage place.

A metal «pen» for shaving can deteriorate after the first use or be sharp for three to four procedures. Proper care will extend the life of the product and keep it healthy.

Blades for classic shaving with a T-razor are a part of hygienic care for a man’s face. An attractive appearance, well-being, and a positive mood of a person depend on its quality. Take your choice seriously and responsibly. Don’t be tempted by cheap products. Sometimes they turn out to be a fake of a well-known brand. Remember, «The miser pays twice.» Focus on your feelings. Keep the plates clean by timely replacement. Then the classic shaving procedure will become pleasant and useful.

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