Vitamins for fast beard growth that really help

A beard is what gives a man masculinity and makes him brutal. A lot of guys want to make it an element of their image, but not everyone has it growing so well. In some men, hair grows very slowly, intermittently and fails to give the desired beauty. The solution to this problem is the use of vitamins for beard growth. Such products make the hair follicle stronger, revitalize hair growth and increase density. The use of vitamins is one of the prerequisites for the growth of facial hair.

Causes of slow facial hair growth

Limited beard growth is triggered by a number of factors. Some of these root causes can be corrected, so the difficulty of modest facial hair growth will be resolved. The main root causes are:

  1. The first main reason is low amount of vitamins and trace elements, which is very harmful to the beard. This factor negatively affects not only the quality of the hair, but also its growth. What vitamins are needed for beard growth? This can be purchased drugs or the use of natural substances contained in products.
  2. Improper diet… Eating too fatty foods, fast food, fried foods impairs metabolism. For this reason, the hair follicle is practically not fed.
  3. Hormonal problems… A decrease in testosterone levels causes inhibition of hair growth.
  4. Suspension of puberty… If this pathology is observed after 25 years, then it can cause a violation of puberty.
  5. Young man’s age… In young men, the appearance of facial hair indicates hormonal changes.
  6. Heredity… Genes are the root cause of a lean beard.
  7. Illiterate dermis care… Skin cells die off over time and can clog pores, sebaceous and sweat glands. This becomes the cause of the acute inflammatory process. At the same time, the follicle dies off.
  8. Frequent stress and fatigue. Stressful situations have a negative effect not only on hair growth, but also on the general condition of a man.
  9. Bad manners… Alcohol and nicotine have a negative effect on the metabolism, therefore natural hair growth is disrupted.
  10. Illiterate shaving process… In the process of shaving hairs, the bulb may be affected.

Cancer diseases that disrupt metabolic processes and the functioning of internal organs can also contribute to poor hair growth.

Diet recommendations

The main source of vitamins is food. To compensate for the deficiency of elements in the body for the normal appearance of hairs on the cheeks and beard, it is necessary to diversify the diet with foods that include all the required substances. No fortified mixes will have any effect until nutrition is established.

diet for beard growth

Diversify your diet to keep your beard growing.

Foods have a beneficial effect on hair growth, so it is recommended to consume more of the following foods:

  • cow products;
  • low-fat varieties of meat products;
  • fish and other seafood;
  • fruits and vegetables of light green color;
  • sunflower seeds and nuts;
  • garlic and onions;
  • cereal porridge;
  • tomatoes, beets, cucumbers;
  • beans;
  • chicken eggs;
  • offal.

Using healthy products improves the appearance of hairs not only on the beard, but also on the head. So, for example, the source thiamine the following products act:

  • peanut;
  • cottage cheese;
  • wholemeal flour;
  • yeast;
  • buckwheat and oatmeal.
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niacin is in such products:

  • nuts;
  • cow’s liver;
  • semolina;
  • potato;
  • seafood;
  • tomatoes;
  • Fig.

The following foods are saturated pantothenic acid:

  • sprouted grains;
  • caviar of sea fish;
  • beef;
  • chicken meat;
  • beans.

Vitamin B6 is in:

  • spinach;
  • walnuts;
  • bananas.

Vitamin A rich in such products:

  • carrot;
  • apricots;
  • parsley and dill;
  • papaya;
  • cheese;
  • milk;
  • cream;
  • mango.

Ascorbic acid found in:

  • black currant;
  • rose hips;
  • gooseberry;
  • sorrel.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the most invaluable base of minerals and vitamins, which are important for the appearance of live and strong hair. They ideally fill the body with vitamins, since they do not need heat treatment. Pay attention to protein foods. You will also need to drink at least two liters of liquid per day.

It is important to cross out sugar and salt from the diet, as well as preservatives. Any additives have an undesirable effect on the body and on the perception of trace elements and vitamins. Eat food in small portions about 5 times a day. Obesity is the enemy of facial hair growth. Extra pounds lead to a decrease in testosterone levels, so it is important to observe the measure in everything.

Vitamin complexes from the pharmacy

Before using any mix to establish beard hair growth, you will need to get a doctor’s recommendation. Fortified preparations are divided into strengthening in general and those that are needed specifically to resolve all difficulties with the scalp. There are various forms of vitamin release: tablets, capsules, spray, cream and ointment, pills.

vitamin complexes from the pharmacy for beard growth

It is necessary to resort to the use of any drug only after talking with a doctor.

The composition can contain just vitamins or a combination of minerals and vitamins. There are also one-component products that contain only one specific vitamin. These are often indispensable in the production of a healing mask.

There are a number of vitamin complexes, thanks to which we can say that a thick beard is real. Effective drugs are:

  1. Fitoval. This is a herbal remedy, the action of which is aimed at strengthening the hair root. In order to expect the desired result, you will need to complete the entire course within 12 weeks. For therapy, you will need to take a capsule three times a day for the first 30 days. Afterwards, take a capsule every day until the end of the healing period. It is forbidden to use the remedy for patients with renal insufficiency and with severe kidney damage. If while taking the fortified mix there is a need to use antibiotics, then the first will need to be postponed. Antibacterial drugs reduce their effectiveness.
  2. Selencin. This is a product of natural origin, which differs from analogues in its pleasant price. When taking the complex, you can forget about too thin hairs. Also, the bulbs will stop falling out. To get such an effect is possible only if you follow all the instructions of the instructions. The course can last from 4 to 8 weeks. Take 24 tablets in 3 hours. In the fourth week, take a break for a week, and then continue therapy in the same mode.
  3. Biotin. It vitamin pills, which are highly effective in lowered immunity. The drug affects not only the hairs themselves, but also the entire body as a whole. To grow a lush beard, you will need to consume 5-10 mg of the active substance daily, regardless of food intake. The duration of the cure is one month. Sometimes after taking the complex, rashes and headaches may occur.
  4. Pantogar. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the natural growth of hair. The drug is well accepted by the body, has no prohibitions on admission and side reactions. In very rare cases, sweating may increase, heartbeat accelerate, and dizziness may appear. Drink one tablet three times in 24 hours. The course of therapy lasts up to six months. If there is a good absorption of nutrients, then you can cut the course to 12 weeks.
  5. NUTRICAP. This vitamin mix is ​​aimed at delaying hair loss. Hair growth is noted several times faster. This effect can only be achieved if you follow a strict correct diet. To obtain a high and lasting effect, you will need to take 2 capsules for 8 weeks. It is possible to drink capsules in the morning and in the evening, or at the same time during the day during meals. Capsules must be taken with liquid.
  6. BioSil The mix is ​​designed to revive hairs, including those on the face. When taken, there is a good absorption of nutrients and minerals. Allergic reactions are not observed during therapy. When using a vitamin preparation for men, rashes may rarely occur. Such a reaction takes place after the use of antihistamines and the withdrawal of the complex. It is recommended to drink one tablet at a time with meals. This drug is a zinc and silicon base. Doctors recommend treatment for 30 days.
  7. Perfectil. Thanks to the components, not only a beautiful and well-groomed beard is provided, but also the circulation of blood in the epidermis is normalized. This will slow down the wilting process. When using a vitamin mix, an increased nutrition of the hair roots is noted. After treatment, the metabolism and blood supply are returned to normal. For the rapid growth of facial hair, take one tablet at lunchtime or in the morning. The duration of therapy is up to two months.
  8. Revalid. The composition contains vitamins and minerals, which are important for the strengthening and growth of hair. The auxiliary substances are medicinal yeast, millet and wheat germ extracts. The drug helps to enhance hair growth and normalize their appearance. Typically, the course of therapy lasts up to three weeks. Take a tablet three times in 24 hours.
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It is necessary to resort to the use of any drug only after talking with a doctor. An excess of any resources and vitamins will have a negative effect on the beard. It is much safer to eat healthy foods.

Only an appointment as prescribed by a doctor can help to cope with this situation. It is equally important to choose the right products for hair cleansing. Only have a beard trimmed by specialist craftsmen. When using purchased drugs, after one course of therapy, a good result will be noticeable. If you adhere to the recommendations, then it will be possible to save it for a long time.

Hormonal therapy

The hormonal background is responsible for the growth of the beard in the male half. Of particular importance is the hormone testosterone. It is necessary to pay attention to its level if the beard began to grow slowly, and the hair began to crumble, break and grow unevenly. To determine the level of the hormone, it is necessary to pass an analysis, the decoding of which will be done by a trichologist or endocrinologist.

Hormonal agents for rapid hair growth are rarely prescribed. Only the attending physician can prescribe after examining the patient. Uncontrolled intake of hormonal drugs can cause serious consequences, and sometimes even irreparable consequences. This group of drugs is usually prescribed for male pattern baldness of an autoimmune and genetic nature due to its antiandrogenic effect. Most often, testosterone injections are given.

Recipes of traditional medicine

There are many beard growth products that can be easily prepared at home. Drying oils have a good effect on hairs. Natural growth and density can be expected when using compresses with added oils. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Mix in equal proportions burdock и castor oil.
  2. Before the procedure, cleanse your face well with a tonic.
  3. Heat the mixture of drying oils to 35 degrees.
  4. Take a napkin and moisten it in the composition. Apply napkins to cheeks and beard.
  5. Fix everything on top with polyethylene and an elastic bandage.
  6. Apply a compress for a couple of hours.
  7. After a specified period of time, remove wipes and excess drying oil using a special tool. Wash with water at room temperature.

traditional medicine recipes for beard growth

Facial hair growth product can be successfully prepared at home.

To expect a lasting result, you can steam the dermis before the session. The temperature of the perspiration should not be more than 50 degrees. Conduct sessions about three times in 7 days for 30 days. A mask with cognac will have a good effect. Prescription requires:

  • a large spoonful of thistle drying oil;
  • 5 drops of tocopherol;
  • a teaspoon of brandy.
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Mix all ingredients thoroughly and spread on the area where it is important to accelerate hair growth. Leave the mask for 45-50 minutes. Then wash the remaining mask with a face cleansing agent and wash with cool water. To enhance the effect of drying oil, you can add ground hot pepper. It increases hair growth. According to the recipe you need:

  • a large spoonful of burdock drying oil;
  • a large spoonful of castor oil;
  • half a teaspoon of pepper.

Warm up oils to 37 degrees before use. Then pepper is added. Before applying the mask, steam your face. Then apply the product to the place where the hairs grow sparsely. Gently lay polyethylene on top and cover with a cloth. After half an hour, wash off everything with warm water. Pepper has a very active effect, so it can provoke dryness of the dermis. After removing the product, it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream that will moisturize the dermis. Make a session twice in 7 days during a month.

The most important thing is not to use complexes without a doctor’s prescription. If, after all the actions taken, the appearance of hairs has not increased, as well as the quality of the hair has not improved, then the entire body will need to be examined. Diseases may progress that slow down the appearance of the bulbs. Until a man can cope with them, no fortified mixes will help. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately visit a doctor for advice and only then take action.

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