TOP 15 types of mustaches that every man should know about

Since mid-2005, the mustache, as part of the forgotten image of men, has gradually returned to fashion. A well-groomed face and a fashionable haircut in harmony with beautiful vegetation are signs of masculinity, attractiveness and success. The desire of the representatives of the stronger sex to look charismatic and boldly led to the opening of numerous barbershops, where masters help to choose their own style. But before experimenting, it does not hurt to find out what types of mustaches exist, why they are «turned on». What kind of care does a beard and mustache need?

Who and what mustache will suit

The task of the mustache and beard is to highlight certain areas or facial features, to give them contrast and expressiveness. They are often grown to mask oval imperfections or cosmetic skin defects such as scars. But becoming a barbel doesn’t mean giving up shaving your facial hair. This means familiarizing yourself with all styles of men’s mustache and finding the best option for yourself. Which is not easy, because different types of vegetation are suitable for different face shapes. There is no universal option even for men with the same facial contours. But since there are many styles, every man has a chance to find his own style and create an image.

An experienced barbershop master can tell which and to whom the mustache goes. Here the main selection criterion is the shape of the face:

  1. Square. For men with a square face, a mustache or beard with short hair or tied in a ponytail is suitable. Such a haircut will allow you to express the oval lines in the cheekbones, and a short-cropped mustache that makes a circle with a beard (bare cheeks) will allow you to lengthen the face. A mustache, together with vegetation on the chin, is perfect for such an oval. Gives masculinity to the cheekbones.
  2. Triangle. A thick man’s mustache, closing in line with the beard, will help to remove the imbalance between the top and bottom of the head. But it’s better to remove the sideburns and not cut your hair short.
  3. A circle. Shaved and short-cropped vegetation lines in the cheekbones and a thick, short-cropped mustache will help to make the face visually thinner and more elongated. A thick beard with an opening mustache is also a great option. There are no less requirements for a haircut. Combined with facial hair, it should be neat and short.
  4. Oval. A universal face shape that suits all types of vegetation above the upper lip. They can be paired with XNUMX-day stubble and even a beard.

The decision to grow a mustache means the man is willing to spend a certain amount of time grooming his hair. Otherwise, the image of an unkempt and disheveled caveman will become his hallmark. Fashion trends should not be overlooked either. If you want to look stylish and sophisticated, it is wiser to choose for yourself several types of trendy mustache and experiment.

TOP 15 most fashionable types of mustache

It will be quite difficult to list all types of mustaches, so it is wiser to focus on the most popular and fashionable options. It:


The vegetation is characterized by a wide and thick base that follows the curves of the male’s upper lip. They completely cover part of the upper lip, but do not go beyond the corners of the lips. This shape of the mustache gives the face a harsh masculinity, but requires regular and competent care, otherwise all beauty will turn into «thickets». I. Stalin wore them. This type of mustache is suitable for large and tall men with a square or oval face. Care: the chevron mustache must be combed and cut, styled in one direction.

mustache chevron
A Chevron mustache will give your face a harsh masculinity.


They are characterized by elongated thin ends and a wide base covering the upper lip. An elegant English mustache was fashioned by the British military. They are suitable for men of medium build and with large facial features and lips. The plump the lips, the better the curved «strings» look. If the facial hair is plentiful, then the English shape is given with a razor. The areas above the corners of the lips and on top are neatly trimmed.

english mustache
Elegant English mustache was fashioned by the British military.


Narrow and long whiskers sharply curled upwards. The ends end at the wings of the nose, but do not curl inward. This unusual shape was invented and worn by the artist S. Dali. The fashionable uniform was named in his honor. Its peculiarity is excellent compatibility with beards. Narrow lines on the cheekbones or goatee. The choice of option depends on the man’s preferred style and facial features.

The peculiarity of Dali’s mustache is an excellent match with beards.

Fu Manchu

This is a neat and stylish mustache with a medium base. Their main feature is that the hair grows downward in strands tapering downward. The grown vegetation follows the lines of the upper lip. To create the Fu Manchu type, the chin and cheeks are completely shaved, leaving only strips of hair growing perpendicular to the lip line. The beauty of the shape is in the length of the overgrown ends. This version of the male image was introduced into fashion in the first half of the XNUMXth century. After the release of The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu ”, in which the main character wore just such vegetation. Although it is noteworthy that the doctor did not have it in the classical work.

mustache Fu Manchu
The beauty of the shape of these mustaches in the length of the regrown ends.


This inverted horseshoe-like mustache is uniform across its length. Their base is wide and seems to frame the upper lip, going down to the chin. They are grown to the jaw line. This hair shape looks great on an oval to round face with medium to large features. The shape of the Horseshoe mustache also resembles the previous shape. They are recommended for men with abundant vegetation. The base should be lush and dense, neatly trimmed and with hairs laid in one direction.

mustache Horseshoe
The horseshoe is recommended for men with abundant vegetation.


The shape resembles a bicycle handlebar — the base grows over the middle of the upper lip, and the ends wind up. It is not easy to style hair naturally in this shape, which is why wax is often used. The mustache is elongated (the base extends beyond the corners of the lips and smoothly curls upward, without sharp twists) and short (the length does not go beyond the corners of the lips, the curvature is clearly distinguishable). Such a mustache does not look like a rarely growing hairline. The «bicycle handlebar» should be curvy and bouncy, but trimmed so that it doesn’t cover your lips.

mustache bicycle handlebar
Fitting the Bicycle Handlebar is not easy, so use wax.


Very original and small mustache (narrow and thin). To create a line above the upper lip that follows the contours of the smile, the hair is trimmed at both the top and bottom. The thickness of the base takes the form of a line drawn with a pencil on a sheet of paper. This form of vegetation on a man’s face was extremely popular in the early to mid-XNUMXth century. This beautiful mustache requires special care — daily haircuts and styling. The form is popular in Italy, Hungary, France and Spain. Depending on the shape of the face, it can be elongated, medium length and short.

mustache Pencil,
Unusually popular at the beginning of the XX century, the shape of the mustache.


Ideal for men with «poor» hair. The pyramidal shape is very similar to many varieties of mustaches, for example, it looks like a «rare» chevron. Its peculiarity is a narrow base at the nose and wide above the lip. Suitable for most men and is considered the most natural. At the same time, the pyramidal antennae look great both short-cropped and elongated.

mustache Pyramidal
The pyramidal shape of the mustache suits most men.


In America and Europe, this type of mustache was extremely popular at the end of the 18th century. — the beginning of the 19th century. After the Second World War, men stopped wearing the Brush mustache. This uniform has a minimalist style. Hair grows only over the central part of the upper lip. The width of the base is not more than 4 cm. The «Brush» shape looks like a dense growth of bristles. Hair should be of the same length and combed smoothly. Today, men’s mustache of this style is increasingly being looked at, because the great Ch. Chaplin also wore them.

mustache Toothbrush,
«Toothbrush» became popular thanks to Charlie Chaplin.


Feature — a lot of thick hair across the entire width of the mouth. The mustache goes around the corners of the lips, covering the upper lip. The mouth is often closed. This is the most voluminous and massive form. Such a mustache can be worn by large men with thick facial hair. History knows individuals who preferred this particular form — F. Nietzsche and M. Twain.

mustache walrus
Mustache «Walrus» is recommended for large men.


Suitable for men with thick facial hair. Create a voluminous base that tapers smoothly towards the ends. The classic Hungarian mustache is reminiscent of an overgrown walrus. But there are still differences. The hair of this form should be trimmed all the way through the same length (medium length) and combed on either side of the center of the upper lip. It is considered a sign of courageous nobility and courage, because it was worn by all the cowboys of the Wild West, sheriffs and the military.

mustache hungarian
Hungarian mustache worn by Wild West cowboys.


Italy has given modern men several forms. One of them, namely the Italian antennae, was very popular in the pre-war and post-war times. It resembles an «overgrown» pencil of medium length, starting from the base of the nose with a pyramid. The contours of the vegetation should follow the smile, but not go beyond the corners of the lips. Antennae neatly and shortly trimmed to the same length, look thick.

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There is also a second type of mustache — Balbo. They got their name in honor of the founder. Their feature is the presence of a beard. But at the same time, the mustache line does not close with the beard line, there are no sideburns. Hair length is the same in both types of vegetation. Beard style is selected separately. In the classic version, hair is grown on the cheekbones and chin (completely closed), and shaved off the cheeks, neck and under the lower lip. This form of vegetation perfectly lengthens the face, gives the cheekbones masculinity and expressiveness. It should also be borne in mind that the hair length should not exceed 0.4 cm.

mustache italian
The subtle sophistication of Italian tendrils.


Another kind of mustache Pencil. These are thin and graceful lines of vegetation above the upper lip, reaching the corners of the lips. The width of the base is thin and bulky. At the same time, the French mustache has a characteristic line — it starts almost perpendicular to the line of the lips, and then gradually breaks along.

mustache french
French mustache is suitable for men who have a round face and dark hair.


Very similar to the Handlebar shape, but with two differences — the ends are very narrowed, look up, but not twisted. The smoother the transition, the more graceful and elegant the shape looks. An excellent choice for men with a triangle face shape. Go well with a beard. They can be lush and thick.

mustache Imperial
An imperial mustache is a great choice for men with a triangular face shape.


A great option for young people with delicate features. In the classic version, the ends above the corners of the lips are grown so that they hang down to the chest in thinning strands. In the modern version, they are not. The difference in shape is a perfectly shaved face and an area under the nose (Filtrum column and Cupid’s arch). The mustache starts from an arc. The hair is combed on one side in two average line thicknesses.

mustache chinese
The difference in shape is a perfectly shaved face and an area under the nose.

There are other types of mustache that men wear with a beard, but they have not hit the trend. When choosing your type, you should rely not only on advice, but also on personal feelings. Therefore, those representatives of the stronger sex who decided to become a «barbel» should wish to be patient. After all, the choice of image is not an easy task.

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Services of barbershops masters: advantages and value

The barbershop master probably knows how to make the right mustache shape, to give the hair on a man’s face the right look. In addition, it is extremely difficult to take care of your hair on your own. It is just as difficult as cutting yourself yourself. Visits to the master are a guarantee that the hair on the face is styled correctly, looks neat and well-groomed.

master barbershop
The first point on the way to a stylish image is finding an experienced craftsman.

But if a man is really worried about how he looks, then a trip to the barbershop and the choice of a master should be made long before starting to grow facial hair. Why? It’s simple. The choice of the type of facial hair for each man is individual and consists not only in the correct determination of the face oval. Determining, they rely on the following factors:

  • Height. Men of medium and short stature are not suitable for voluminous and massive types of mustaches. Tall representatives of the stronger sex with large facial features are not suitable options in combination with a voluminous and thick beard.
  • How much does a man know about mustaches and caring for them, whether he can pay enough attention to them.
  • Naturalness of external data. Facial hair should look harmonious against the background of the hairstyle. Looking at a man with a barbel, one should not give the impression that something requires care — a hairdo or facial hair.
  • Do you need an adjustment to your appearance. The oval of the face was discussed above.
  • What type of hair, volume and color (we are talking about facial hair). Some forms are suitable for densely growing vegetation, rarely completely different ones. Light skin does not go well with a dense and thick dark mustache or beard. They give preference to shaved cheeks and graceful antennae. But in the presence of red or light brown hair, preference is given to density, volume.
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Cutting and styling facial hair is a serious and difficult undertaking. The general appearance depends on this. Therefore, trips to the barbershops master will be useful from the point of view of study. He will tell you what kind of comb a particular type of hair is styled, what scissors they use to cut. The requirements for facial hair care are so tedious and time-consuming that 8 out of 10 men are happy to entrust this occupation to a professional. Therefore, the first point on the way to a stylish image is finding an experienced craftsman and barbershop.

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