Top 10 best beard shampoos

Washing your beard is one of the most important steps in facial hair care. To make your hair beautiful and manageable, you need to have a beard shampoo in your arsenal. Why conventional shampoos are not suitable for facial hair care and how to choose the right cosmetic product for yourself, read on.

Why you need shampoo for a beard and mustache

The hair on the beard is much stiffer than on the head. If you use regular shampoo, the vegetation will soon become unruly and dry. The condition of the skin on the face will also quickly cease to please, since it is delicate and requires delicate care. Many men note that after long-term washing of the beard with ordinary shampoos, the epidermis begins to peel off and becomes irritated.

This is all due to the presence of a large amount of SLS in the composition of conventional hair care products. These substances create a thick, abundant foam, thanks to which the vegetation and skin on the head are quickly and efficiently cleansed. But SLS has one huge drawback — they destroy the natural protective barrier of hair and skin and dry them. Because of this, many have peeling, itching, sensitivity of the epidermis, vegetation becomes brittle, dry and prickly.

Shampoos for beards and mustaches cleanse gently as they contain fewer of these components. They maintain the natural PH balance and act as a more conditioner for tough vegetation because:

  • envelop the hair shaft;
  • covered with a protective film;
  • smooth out the structure.

In addition, such products are richer in vitamin composition. They contain many different oils, natural extracts that soften the hair, restore its structure and prevent dryness. Together, this allows the beard to look healthy and beautiful.

How to choose the right shampoo

They can have different consistencies. There are:

  • solid (in the form of soap);
  • liquid;
  • in the form of a cream, foam, gel.

Before buying any product, you should pay attention to what type of beard hair it is intended for. There are universal ones, and there are ones specially designed for a specific type of vegetation: dry, normal or oily.

How to choose the right shampoo

It is recommended to buy funds from well-known manufacturers that have proven themselves on the positive side.

Then you should carefully study the composition. The product should contain oils, plant extracts and other useful components that contribute to normal growth, prevent splitting, dryness and loss. If there are a large number of chemical additives, then it is better to refuse such a remedy and opt for a more natural composition.

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It is recommended to buy funds from well-known manufacturers that have proven themselves on the positive side. It is better to overpay a little, but buy a product that meets the declared qualities.

How to properly wash your beard

Shampoo is very easy to use. First, moisten your beard with plenty of water. Then either squeeze a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand if it is a liquid form, or lather a bar generously in your hands if it is a solid form. Apply to damp beard and massage into a thick lather. After a few minutes, rinse off and apply a beard oil or conditioner to your hair.

Top 10 beard shampoos

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The arsenal of this Russian brand includes a whole line of beard care products. But the company became famous more due to solid shampoos with an unusual pleasant smell. Namely:

  • Fresh mint — has a mint smell and a slight cooling effect. It contains only natural ingredients: vegetable detergent base, burdock oil, menthol, mint hydrolat. There are no harmful chemicals that dry out the skin and hair. Suitable for all hair types.
  • Forest — has a cedar aroma. The shampoo contains: mild surfactant obtained from coconut oil, burdock oil, evaporated extracts of lemon balm, rosemary, vitamin B, aromatic composition. Suitable for oily and normal vegetation. The product strengthens hair, prevents hair loss.
  • Green tea — there is a delicate aroma of green tea. Contains: surfactant from coconut oil, evaporated extracts of rosemary, burdock oil, vitamin E, aromatic composition. Normalizes sebum secretion, makes hair soft and manageable.

Solid shampoos are ideal for travel and commuting. They never spill, are economical and take up little space. This brand has its own recognizable design. The funds are made in the form of a round bar neatly wrapped in paper with a corporate logo. Tied at the top with twine bearing a red wax seal with the word Borodist.


This Italian brand makes premium liquid natural beard and mustache shampoos:

  • Wood & Spice — has a fresh scent of cedar in combination with cistus. Perfectly cleans hairs from dirt, dandruff, neutralizes unpleasant odors. Smoothes vegetation, reduces inflammation on the skin.rn
  • Azur Lime — has a delicate lime aroma combined with citrus fruits. Has a softening and moisturizing effect on the hair. Seals split ends, restores smoothness to hair.
  • Cypress & Vetyver — has the scent of vetiver combined with cypress. Provides effective and at the same time delicate care for the beard and face. It makes hairs manageable and shiny.
    These products do not create too thick foam due to their natural composition. Suitable for everyday use on all hair types. Available in a 200 ml bottle with a dispenser.
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Edwin Jagger

This British brand produces several varieties of beard shampoos: lime and pomegranate; sandalwood. They are suitable for different types of vegetation. Thoroughly cleanse and moisturize. The recipe formula is based on a combination of natural ingredients, supplemented with natural flavors, oils, plant extracts. Available in a 200 ml bottle in liquid form.


This is a Russian brand that produces products for the care of a beard, mustache, and men’s skin. The company produces shampoos in the form of a cream: «Ice mint», «Siberian forest».

The products of this brand are of high quality. The products have a soft, pleasant to the touch consistency. Creates lather and cleanses hair well. After rinsing, a protective film is left on the hair, which prevents splitting, and plant oils soothe irritated skin, relieve itching, and give a soothing light chill. Shampoos are available in a small aluminum can (50 ml). Despite the small volume, such a jar lasts for a long time. Its design is discreet and at the same time premium, perfect for a gift.


Country of origin South Korea. The brand produces 1 type of beard shampoo and it belongs to medicinal cosmetics. At the base: natural oils and Tibetan herbs. The product cleanses the scalp and at the same time cares for the skin — eliminates flaking, itching, relieves inflammation. After application, it leaves a feeling of moisturized skin, pleasant freshness and comfort. Available in the form of foam in a bottle of 300 ml.

The bearded man company

This is a luxury brand of handmade cosmetics for men from Great Britain. Before launching the products on the market, the manufacturer carefully analyzed the problems faced by men with a beard. As a result, he created products for facial hair care based on natural ingredients. The company’s assortment includes only one shampoo, which simultaneously functions as a conditioner. It is great even for sensitive skin and damaged, weakened vegetation. It effectively restores the hair structure, leaves a feeling of softness and pleasant aroma. Available in a 100 ml bottle with a dispenser. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.


The washing base of this Ukrainian natural shampoo is soap root. Also in the composition of the product there are: licorice extract, moringa, D-panthenol, allantoin, proteins, etc. In the complex, these substances provide gentle cleansing, create a thin film on the hairs, remove inflammation from the skin, condition and retain moisture. It is recommended to use the product 1-2 p. per week, but can be used every day if necessary. It is produced in liquid form in a bottle with a dispenser (200 ml).

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This Italian moisturizing shampoo is formulated with mild surfactants. It delicately cleanses the hairline and helps maintain the water-lipid balance of the skin, prevents dryness. The composition also contains: mint essential oil — refreshes and tones; aloe extract — strengthens, restores, promotes the active growth of new hairs; pantothenic acid (or vitamin B5) — retains moisture in the hair, making it more elastic, silky and shiny.

Suitable for daily use. Available in liquid form, in a 250 ml bottle.

Dear beard

It is an Italian brand that produces products for the care of the beard and skin. In total, the company’s assortment includes 3 types of products for washing the hair on the face:

  • Disinfectant gel. The aromatic composition of the product is based on notes of orange, menthol and tangerine. Eliminates redness, dryness, restores the Ph-balance of the skin. Available in a 150 ml bottle.
  • A firming shampoo. Has a scent of eucalyptus and menthol. Suitable for weak, thin, damaged hair. It has a filling, strengthening effect. As a result, the hair structure is leveled and visibly thickened. Available in a 250 ml bottle.
  • Multi-active shampoo. Aromatic composition — tea tree, lemongrass. Effectively removes excess fat, impurities, deeply moisturizes. Suitable for all types of vegetation. Available in a 250 ml bottle.

All these products do not have a thick foaming effect, since there are no SLES, SLS, parabens in the composition. They contain only natural substances, vegetable oils, extracts, plant extracts. They can also be used as a wash gel. After application, they soothe and soften the skin, leaving a barely perceptible fresh scent and healthy shine on the hair.

Colonel Ichabod Conk

This American brand produces 3 types of conditioner shampoos:

  • unscented — has a neutral aroma that does not overload the olfactory receptors. Restores the obedience and smoothness of the hairline.
  • Southwestern Sun — has the aroma of bergamot, lime, orange. Eliminates dryness and stiffness, moisturizes the roots, strengthens the hair shaft, and prevents hair loss.
  • Rio grande lavender — has a scent of cedar and lavender. Provides perfect cleanliness, gently cares for hair that has lost shine, and helps restore smoothness.

Unlike the previous products, these contain a little chemistry. The composition contains preservatives. But shampoos are also enriched with vegetable oils, herbal extracts that prevent dry, brittle hair. Available in liquid form in a 180 ml bottle.

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