Stubble care: creating a light unshaven face

Nowadays, stubble in men is not a sign of neglect. Light unshavenness in combination with stylish accessories and expensive things gives masculinity and sexuality to the image of a representative of the stronger sex.

Light unshaven: is it fashionable?

What is stubble in men? If a representative of the stronger sex has light unshaven hair, the length of the hairs is no more than 5 mm.

The stubble on the face helps to correct the shape of the chin, visually making it more voluminous. It makes cosmetic blemishes such as scars and uneven skin less noticeable.

Men’s neat bristles protect the skin from UV radiation and the influence of substances that provoke the occurrence of an allergic reaction. This is especially true for the stronger sex with sensitive, delicate skin.

Stubble or beard

Beard or stubble? The answer to this question largely depends on the personal preference of the man. When making the right choice, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • Brutal neat bristles suit almost any type of appearance. It goes well with any outfit;
  • you can easily take care of the bristles yourself. If you have a beard, you will have to spend extra money on visiting specialized salons for men.

stubble or beard

Weekly bristles require careful maintenance. Otherwise, the man will look like a drunk plumber. Light, noble unshaven has one more significant drawback. Short, sharp hairs can injure a girl’s skin when kissing.

Stubble shaping and care

bristle formationTrimmers are actively used to correct the shape of the hairs. The frequency of using the device depends on the individual. Most often, their shape is corrected once a week. Some trimmer models are mains powered. Others have a powerful battery. The products have blades that are positioned at the desired angle for shaving. These blades are made of quality material. They look sharp enough.

There are products with additional functions:

  • the presence of a variety of attachments;
  • the ability to change the angle of inclination of the head of the product.

You can also find products with a vacuum system on sale. Such devices easily remove cut hairs.

In some cases, facial hairs grow unevenly. The reasons for this condition are listed below:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • deficiency of vitamins in the body;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • insufficiently high levels of testosterone in the body.
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It is worth knowing how to make unevenly growing bristles more neat. A man is advised to adjust his diet and additionally take the appropriate vitamin and mineral complexes.

There are special products that help accelerate the growth of facial hair. A man is encouraged to include the following foods in his diet:

  • food that contains a sufficient amount of protein: seafood, meat, legumes;
  • cold pressed unrefined oils. They are used for dressing cold snacks or a variety of salads;
  • vegetables: broccoli, carrots, pumpkin. Especially useful for hair growth;
  • fruits. A man should include apples, citrus fruits in his diet.

beard diet

In order for a representative of the stronger sex to have a well-groomed, beautiful beard, it is recommended to take vitamins belonging to group B. Such substances have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, help to normalize blood circulation and activate the growth process of facial hair.

The man is encouraged to exercise regularly. With physical exertion, against the background of activation of blood microcirculation through the vessels, the condition of the hair follicles improves: they receive more oxygen.

Hair care is carried out using various essential oils. Aromatic oils of lavender, pine, rosemary, patchouli are especially effective. Various peels are also used to care for facial hair. In this case, you can use the recipe below:

  1. 10 grams of sea salt is mixed with 4 drops of pine essential oil.
  2. After that, add about 10 ml of base oil to the product.

Such a nutritious peeling mixture should be evenly distributed over the appropriate areas of the face. It is recommended to leave the product on the skin for 4 minutes. After this time, the nutrient oil mixture should be washed off with sufficient water.

How else can you care for your stubble with essential oils? A man can be regularly massaged to activate blood circulation in the face.

Bristles of different lengths

There are different types (types) of bristles. A three-day one can often be seen on the faces of many Hollywood celebrities, for a solid one is characterized by a short or medium length.

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The fluffy bristles should look nearly perfect. Therefore, a man will have to carefully look after her.

The goatee grows under the nose and on the chin. In this case, the cheeks are left cleanly shaven. If not properly cared for, a goatee can look sloppy and messy.

XX week old stubble looks thick and slightly sloppy. In this case, the length of the hairs is not recommended to frequently be corrected.

The following types of bristles should be distinguished, depending on the location of the hairs on the face:


Its shape resembles the anchor of a ship. Above the upper lip there is a thin strip, which is divided in the middle by a perpendicular strip. At the same time, there is a neat short beard at the bottom of the chin.


In this case, the hair grows evenly all over the man’s chin, and not just in his lower region.


This style of bristle is characterized by the fact that the hairs also cover the lower part of the jaw.


Men with this type of stubble additionally have sideburns.

The balbo version is especially suitable for medium hair lengths. A distinctive feature of this type of bristle is the sharpness of the line. Sharp-angled balbo fragments have a well-defined border.

How to properly maintain a well-groomed stubble

How to make beautiful, well-groomed stubble? Ideally, its length should be at least 3-4 mm. Do not use a shaving razor to correct hair shape. They should not be cut with scissors. Such tools can only be used by specialists.

How to make your hairs softer

How to soften hard bristles? To do this, you must follow these recommendations:

  • a man needs to stop using cold water when shaving;
  • to soften hairs, it is recommended to regularly use burdock oil;
  • Before shaving, apply a softening cream to your face.

Burr oilHow to make naughty bristles softer with burdock oil? The tool can be used to make a variety of nutritional mixtures.

Burdock oil contains the following ingredients:

  • Inulin… This component of burdock oil provides the hair roots with nutrients;
  • stearic acid… The product helps to protect hair from the harmful effects of environmental factors;
  • vitamin complex… Vitamin A and ascorbic acid included in burdock oil prevent excessive skin dryness and irritation.
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Application of «Minoxidil»

minoxidilHow to make even, beautiful stubble is no big deal. A man requires controlling the level of testosterone in the body. Shown and the use of a variety of tools that activate the growth of hairs. For example, the drug «Minoxidil» helps to improve blood circulation. The drug activates blood flow to the hair follicles. In some cases, when using «Minoxidil» for the care of stubble on the face, there are such side reactions as reddening of the skin and the appearance of a burning sensation. When using the medication, there may be a peeling feeling. Discomfort occurs due to the fact that alcohol is present in the solution from slow hair growth. In this case, you should use «Minoxidil», made in the form of a cream. There is no alcohol in the composition of such a medicine, so the likelihood of irritation when using this remedy is quite small.

The tool is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components. The use of the medication should be discarded if scalp dermatosis is present. Minoxidil tablets are not recommended for use in the presence of severe hypertension or pheochromocytoma.

Before using a medicine that activates the process of hair growth, you should consult a doctor. Before using Minoxidil, it is recommended to carry out a sensitivity test: in this case, a small amount of the product is applied to the elbow bend area.

With slow hair growth, the following forms of medicine are used:

  • Solution. The drug is recommended to be applied to previously cleansed skin twice a day. The break between application of the product is at least four hours;
  • shampoo. It is not recommended using the product more than once a day;
  • a preparation made in the form of a foam. The medicine is applied to thoroughly cleansed skin twice a day. After complete drying, «Minoxidil» is recommended to be washed off with sufficient amount of water.
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