Straight razor shaving: technique and rules of use

Many representatives of the stronger sex use special shaving machines. Such devices are easy to use. It is almost impossible to injure yourself with a razor. Other men choose electric cars for themselves. Such devices shave off the stubble without affecting the top layer of the skin. At the same time, many men managed to appreciate the merits of such a device as a straight razor.

What is a straight razor?

Straight razors are made up of the following elements:

  • directly the blade;
  • the handle into which the blade enters.
Basic parts of a straight razor

Straight razors usually come with replaceable sharp blades. A man will also need the following accessories:

  • bristle shaving brush;
  • stone for sharpening the blade;
  • special belt. This element is necessary to correct the shape of the edge of the product;
  • shaving cream;
  • container for a brush.

In addition, a man using a straight razor will need a towel and a small bowl of boiled hot water.

Newbie tips on choosing a straight razor

Straight razors are quite expensive. But when choosing a product, it is necessary to focus, first, not on the cost of the device. A beginner should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • head shape;
  • razor width;
  • the material of which the straight razors are made.

It is recommended to purchase devices with replaceable practical blades, on the surface of which there are no pretentious patterns. Over time, such a product will lose its original attractiveness. If the hazard becomes stained due to oxidation, the use of abrasive products will be required. As a result, the gilded pattern on the item will fade, and the blade will take on an untidy look. The best option is a fear with an engraving and a stamp or a neat gilded pattern.

A beginner is advised to buy a round-headed beard. This razor is less likely to cause severe cuts. Round head attachments include the Thiers-Issard 6/8 shaver.

The material of the handle is also worth paying attention to. Straight razors with a plastic handle are the cheapest. There are also exclusive grips made from the following materials:

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The most expensive and unusual is the handle of the Dovo Mammut product. The handle of the device is made of mammoth ivory.

Varieties of such razors

High-quality fear is quite expensive (about 20 thousand rubles). A cheap fake from the original can be distinguished by the following features:

  • Low-quality fears are decorated with a drawing made using ordinary paint. Such an image is quickly erased upon contact with water, touching fingers.
  • There is no logo on the counterfeit dangerous razor blade.
  • The drawing on the canvas of the product looks a little curved in the plane.
  • There is a supply (space from sharpening) in the area of ​​the edge with which the straight blade is equipped. There is no such space in the area of ​​the back of the product.

Blade width

The blade of the appliance should be the optimum width for a beginner (5/8 to 6/8 «). If the blade is wider, the shave becomes less agile. When using a product with replaceable narrow blades, it is more difficult to maintain the correct shaving angle.

Blade concavity

How to choose a quality safety razor for such a parameter as concavity? There are several types of concavity:

A striking example of a product with a 1/1 concavity is the Dovo Bergischer Lowe razor, which is included in the rating of dangerous razors. A newbie should purchase razors with replaceable, fully concave blades.

Blade steel

How to choose the right product for the type of steel? In most cases, devices are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The best expensive straight razors are made from Damascus steel. Similar items are manufactured by Boker.

A dangerous product made of Damascus steel should be bought only if a man is 100% sure of the quality of the product. Otherwise, you can only get an expensive «souvenir» as a keepsake, with which it is impossible to shave.

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How do I use a straight razor?

The cautious shaving technique is quite simple:

  1. First, the face is lathered with a shaving brush with a brush. In parallel, the fear is placed in a glass filled with warm water.
  2. Lean the wide part of the straight razor against your face.
  3. The fear is raised at an angle of 40 degrees.
  4. The straight razor is moved in the direction of hair growth. In this case, the movements should be light and smooth. Do not press on the skin. Otherwise, cuts may remain on the face.

straight razor

The guard is made of steel. If not properly cared for, the instrument can rust. After shaving, it is recommended to wipe the fear with a napkin.

It is recommended to store the shaving unit in a special case made of thick material. The fear should be lubricated with machine oil (every 30 days). This is done so that rust does not appear on the product.

It is recommended to sharpen the fear regularly. A small block can be used for this purpose. The sharpener is pre-moistened with water. After that, they smoothly move along the stone, gently holding the blade.

Sharpening fears at home is also performed using sandpaper. However, this sharpening method should not be used if the straight razor is made of hardened steel.

Simple jeans are also used to care for caution. In this case, the process of sharpening the product looks like this:

  1. The trousers are turned inside out and spread out on a flat surface.
  2. You need to put a small block under the fabric.
  3. The fear is polished on the trousers (alternately in one direction or the other).

Corrections are made regularly. It represents the alignment of the edges of the fear. For straightening, a special belt and fabric made from flax are used. Ideally, the straightening strap should be wider than the bead length.

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Optional Accessories

The representative of the stronger sex is recommended to give preference to shaving strokes, the brushes of which are made from:

  • synthetics;
  • boar bristles;
  • badger fur.

How to shave using a shaving brushBoar bristled brushes prevent ingrown hairs. They prevent the onset of the inflammatory process. Boar bristle brush strokes are not recommended for men with sensitive skin. Coarse hairs on the hand can injure the face, resulting in discomfort. For men with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use shaving brushes from Balea men Professional Rasierpinsel. The products of this company are distinguished by their increased softness. These shaving brushes are ideal for sensitive skin.

The optimal length of the shaving brush (from the base to the tips) is about 10 cm. Large-sized products are quite difficult to use. It is difficult to apply lather to small areas of the face with these brushes.

When choosing a shaving brush, attention is also paid to such a criterion as the density of the knot. The knot density is understood as the amount of pile used in the manufacture of the brush.

A shaving brush with a synthetic bristle brush is quite cheap. It does not require as much care as products with natural brushes.

A man needs to follow certain recommendations for caring for a shaving brush:

  • before the first use, the product is immersed in a warm soapy solution for 2-3 minutes;
  • Before removing facial hair, the pile of the shaving brush is immersed in warm water. In this case, it will become softer;
  • after shaving, the shaving brush is placed on a special support with the pile down. The product should not be stored in a closed space, it should be allowed to dry;
  • to clean the pile, the brush does not use chemicals made from chemical components.

Straight razor shaving has both pros and cons. When using the device, the corresponding recommendations must be followed.

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